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11 Ultimate Funny Ways To Answer The Phone

Life is full of worries. Everyone seems to be having some kind of juggle going in their heads all the time. Some are worried about their upcoming exams, some are thinking about their office presentation due tomorrow, some people are tense about their health, some have financial issues, and some are facing love life issues. All these worries and tensions are not going anywhere, so why not pause them for a while and have some fun? Funny ways to answer the phone can be one of those lightweight moments you can have in your life with your loved ones.

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone

Just imagine someone is having a bad day and they are feeling low and sad. You pick up your phone and give them a call. You start a conversation in such a humorous and enthusiastic way that your call brings a smile to their face, and they get to laugh out loud as well.

Be a day changer for someone 🙂 

Now let’s see what are the ways to answer the phone in a funny tone.

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Let’s break it down into categories.

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone to Family Members

1- Ahaan! I Got a Call From a Girl:

This could be the funniest way to answer your mother’s call. She will laugh out loud and will be happy with you calling her a “girl” instead of a “woman”:). She will also make fun of you for throwing such a lame joke and that’s how you both will have a pleasant talk and a big smile for the rest of your day. 

2- A Fun Call to Ask Your Sibling to Join You for Dinner:

You come the home and the dinner is ready. Your parents were waiting for you to come home and your sibling to come downstairs from his/her room. Now as you have come and your sibling is the one being late you make a call to them and say. “Will you please bring your fat ass downstairs so we could have some dinner…?” Everyone listening will have a great laugh and you all will have great mealtime. PS: don’t eat too much on happiness 😉

3- Attend the Call and BURP:

With your siblings, you share a very special yet very annoying bond at the same time. You never leave a chance to tease each other. To make them super annoying you can always do something stupid and funny whenever you receive or give them a call. By doing this they will look forward to something funny coming their way, whenever you both exchange a call.

So yes we were talking about another way to answer the phone funnily and that was a BURP. LOL. They are going to get super annoyed by this behavior of yours’ but it’s okay to have some fun.

Note: you can use this way of answering the phone with your friends as well. Even all the ways I will share about doing with your siblings can go to your friends as well.

4- Hey! The Work is Done, Where to Bury The Body?

Late at night when your sibling is sleeping, make a call and say in a trembling voice “The work is done, where to bury the body?” they are going to have some shaky thrills for sure for a few seconds. They may kill you in the morning for such a bad prank but no worries, you got them bad. LOL.

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone to Your Friends

Friends are like buddies with whom you can be extremely crazy and still they will not judge you. With your friends, you make the best memories of your life because it is full of adventures, thrills, pranks, and fun.

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5- Hey! Do I know you?

“Do I know you? Your voice looks familiar to a friend I lost 3 years ago to a girl”. A friend that doesn’t call you often. This is the best way to answer his call. A little humor with a complaint makes everything smooth and lively.

This can cut out all the awkwardness you could have felt after not taking it for such a long time.

6- The Number Have Dialed Is Not Answering at the Moment:

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone

The number you have dialed is not answering at the moment. Say this just after you attend the call. Say it just the way operator says it. If your friend will hang up then bang. They got pranked. It’s so much fun. Do try this.

7- Funny Caller Tone:

It is really a fun way to make the receiver laugh. You can set a funny caller tone. It could be some song that annoys your friend a lot or could be some funny dialogue, or some funny tone.

This will make the call much more fun than it was before. If it’s a song that annoys your friend so much that they would never listen to it deliberately then you can find ways for them to call you.

And get all the torcher by listening to that song. This can be great revenge from a friend if they have done something stupid to you.

Remember, set the caller tone for only your friend or to whom you want to. Make sure the settings are done right if your father or your boss calls you ever, they may not experience such a vicious side of yours.

8- Open the Door We Have Your Arrest Warrants:

When we buy a new Sim card our naughty little child came out of the box immediately. We think of all the possible ways and all the possible people with whom we can do the prank.

You can make a call to your friend who is a bit afraid of almost everything and can tell them “open the door, we have your arrest warrants”. They are gonna get in some real sh*t at that time.

But be ready because once they will get to know that it was you, they are gonna get you in some real trouble. So, be ready to get a big-time pranked.

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Note: Always know the limits of making fun. Some can take on high jokes and pranks easily and some can get hurt or angry even by small jokes or pranks so always know your audience before making any move. We don’t want you to get beaten by your friend. PERIOD.

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

9- She Says, She is Not Here:

When your friend gets into a fight with her boyfriend, you come to the rescue. She tells you everything and then when he calls her, she asks you to tell him that she is not here. And then you do exactly the same. You tell him that “Julie is saying that she is not here”. This will surely crack her and she will just eat you up but then later will thank you for intervening as you just know that’s how they roll.

10- Prank Call:

The funny thing girls do to their boyfriends is to make a prank call to them. Almost every girl once in their relationship must do this just for fun. You with your friends gang up on your boyfriend and annoy him so badly until he quits or you surrender.

11- Make Funny Noises:

When your boyfriend/girlfriend is angry with you and you are trying to convince them then the funny call can work for you. Call them and say something funny. “Hello sir, I am from Zoo, I have heard that your little monkey has been quite naughty lately. Do you want us to take her with us to the Zoo”?

Now obviously the monkey was you. These little funny phone calls can help you resolve your issues and can be a sweet way of convincing your loved one.

  • All the above-mentioned funny ways to answer your phone can be applied to anyone you want to. These are just the amazing ideas that we have put together. Whenever you want to call someone and also want to have some fun then you can use these hilarious ideas and can make your phone calls fun calls.
  • Always remember that not everyone is very welcoming when it comes to humor and making fun of them or with them. So, always know when to make funny calls and to whom to make funny calls.
  • Do share with us if you have some fun stories related to the funny calls you have ever made. We will compile your stories and will add them to one of our upcoming articles. So, share and get ready to make other laughs as well with your story.

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Life is short and full of worries, why not be a ray of hope and a day maker for someone? Always look for ways to make people happy. No matter how big or small it is, just do it. Play your part and light up your loved ones’ day. Especially in this time of COVID-19, the world is suffering a lot in terms of health, money, and stability. There are constant fear and uncertainty about the situation around us. So, why not spread laughter and happiness around us and make the world a better place to be in? 

have a laughing day ahead!