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14 Third Date Ideas – #4 Is Too Hot To Handle

You are wondering about third date ideas But first, let’s look at why the third date is so important, and what is its significance. When you are dating someone and you start your cycle of dates with them, the sequence of the number of dates matters. The first date could be sometimes a blind date or a date full of confusion and nervousness. The second date is better than the first one in terms of comfort and frankness. But the third one is a step ahead of the first two dates.

Third Date Ideas That Make Your Date Special

On the third date, you are both sure that you want to give each other a chance to be in a serious relationship. So today we will explore the third date ideas that will make you both a chance to become closer and explore each other’s personalities.

1- Go For A Movie Date

On the third date, you can go to a movie. The movie of your partner’s choice or the one you both were waiting to watch. In this way, you will get to know their choices regarding the film. Whether they like romantic or action movies, comedy, or horror movies. You can also arrange a movie night at your or your partner’s place. This will also be fun. But make sure you both are alone there to avoid any constant disturbance that can ruin the whole essence of the date. Check for the audio-video settings beforehand in order to avoid any unpleasant situation to happen and ruin your perfect-to-be night.

movie night - third date ideas

2- Truth Or Dare Game

You can propose to play a truth or dare game or any other game similar to it. This will allow you both to know each other much better. This game will also show how daring and bold you both are. This could be real fun only if you know how to make it fun. You can play this indoors and as well as outdoors (at some park or picnic point)

3- Third Date Ideas-Cook Together

You can call them over at your place or can go to theirs and make dinner together. Cooking together is really romantic and it gets you closer to each other. You both will have lots of fun doing this. You can also go shopping before making dinner in order to buy all the needed stuff required for dinner. This will give you both a chance to bond emotionally and yes it looks cute to cook together.

couple is cooking together

4- Make It The Massage Night

If you are looking to move towards intimacy and want to take your relationship to another level in terms of physical attraction and bond then propose the idea of having a massage night. So you can arrange it at your home or your partner’s home. You can prepare the room all romantic and dim, the environment that gives the vibes of a massage place. You can be lit the candles, a fragrance that is soothing and relaxing. Go for the white, red, or black sheets, not the multi-colored ones.

Do let your partner know this beforehand in order to get them to be prepared for it mentally as well. If you will surprise them and he/she isn’t prepared for it mentally or physically then all your efforts will be ruined. So, proceed with this after mutual cooperation.

Message - third date ideas

5- Watch The Stars Together

Stargazing is such a beautiful view and it’s very romantic as well. It’s such a peaceful yet breathtaking scene to look at. If you have any such place near you where the stars can be sighted clearly then do give it a chance.

6- How About A Photobooth?

You can go to a photo booth and can pose crazily for pictures. You can try costumes and props. It will be really fun. This will help you bond and will connect you real fast. When the couple does the crazy stuff together, their relationship becomes stronger and they become more comfortable with each other. So why not go to a mall or wherever you will find a photo booth and have some ultimate fun?

7- Third Date Ideas – Dance A Little

Why not try some dancing together? Plan a dance night where you can dance as ever you want. Starting from being all romantic and dreamy to moving towards some salsa or jazz dancing. Then getting all crazy and dancing it all out. You can do it vice-versa as well. Or can just dance ever you like. By dancing together you will get close to each other physically as well as will become open to each other. So, do give it a try.

couple is dancing - third date ideas

8- Go For A Little Road Trip

Road trips are really fun especially when it is with your loved ones. You can plan out a whole daytime road trip with your partner. This will develop the trust factor, and you will get quality time together. To make memories, stop, and try different eateries or fun places that come up along the way. You can share your thoughts and show them your favorite places as well.

9- Go For The Hiking

Another idea for going out on your third date could be to go hiking. This experience will be adventurous and memorable as well. Through hiking, you would be able to know each other’s strengths and patience. You will get to experience and explore new things together and if one of you loves photography then this will be a good opportunity to get pictures of nature and yourselves as well.

a couple is hiking - third date tips

10- Show Him/Her To Something  Special To You

On the third date, you start to connect with your partner emotionally as well. It becomes important for you to show them something that is important to you. It could be anything, your room, your guitar, your favorite go-to place when you are sad or upset, your family pictures, etc. Or you can introduce them to someone close and special to you. It could be your pet or your sibling. Don’t rush into introducing your date to your parents on your third date. You are not there yet. Getting them to meet your siblings or friends is fine by this time.

11- Go Out For The Dinner

A romantic date starts by taking your date from their home and buying them some beautiful flowers and taking them to some fancy restaurant and ordering the food of their choice. Then go to some other place for the dessert and in the end drop them back at their home. This is so special and romantic. You get time to talk to them and to know their likes and dislikes, you can get a chance to listen to their family dynamics in detail and how they spent their childhood, etc. This date will bring you both closer to each other and the bond will become stronger.

12- Arrange A Candle Light Dinner

How about arranging a candlelit dinner for your date?

You can seek help from your friends and can arrange a beautiful table for your dinner and a staging area for some dancing. This little effort for your date would make them go aww. And this will increase the love and affection for each other. It would be more heart-touching if you will keep it a surprise for them.

candlelit dinner

13- Go To The Beach

Beach is something that almost everyone loves. The vibes it gives are just so refreshing and romantic. For the third date, the beach outing would be a perfect idea. You can plan it with your date and go there with all the preparations. You can also go there to see the sunrise or sunset as this will make it even more romantic. Holding hands and walking on the moving waves would be just perfect. This will not only strengthen your bond but also will make you both closer to each other.

Here you can tell them something dark about your life. Any incident and any past experience that has some impact on your life. Sharing your personal stuff with your date will make this day even more memorable and special.

14- How About A Game Night?

If you and your partner both are into games then a game night would be the perfect third date. You will get to spend some chilling time with your partner and it would be really fun to make each other lose. This will make you both comfortable with each other and will allow you both to be open and relaxed. This will kill off all the barriers that were left over between you both.


We have explored several third-date ideas for you to pick from and also have mentioned how they will impact your relationship in the future. These ideas are the ultimate ones. If you have any other exclusive ideas for the third date then let us know, and we will add your idea to the list as well with your name. Do let us know which idea you liked and which worked the best for you. Spread love and enjoy your THIRD date!

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