19 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

When you meet someone daily and share the same profession and spend a large part of your day with someone, then you become good colleagues and friends forever. You have a lot of colleagues at your work, but there is someone who is extra than a colleague. You notice your female co-worker is interested in you. She shows some hints and you won’t know whether she likes you or this is a misunderstanding. Here are the Signs a female coworker likes you. You can search these signs in your coworker and assume whether she likes you or not.

Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

Males sometimes get confused and unsure if the female coworker likes them or if it’s just his thoughts. So, to be sure that the signs you think of as liking is actually liking or it’s just your false guess.

1# She blushes when she sees you

It is very natural when a girl likes someone, she starts to blush whenever she sees him. Even by looking at him, she is all shy and blushing. It would be very obvious. But to know if this is for you or for someone else you need help from your other friends or colleagues. You can ask them if she blushes only when you are around her or if she is just like this with everyone else as well.

2# She tries to be around you

When we like someone we like to be around them more and more. She finds different reasons and ways to be around you. Whether it is some message she comes to deliver to you or just to talk about random stuff related to work. She visits your office often without apparent reasons. This shows she likes you and wants to be around you.

3# She talks about her personal life

She likes to talk to you. Often she shares about her family and friends with you. She comes to share her problems with you as well. You would probably know her family and friends more than anyone else in the office. This is a clear sign that she wants you to know more and more about her.

4# She talks about your personal life

It’s not only that she is sharing her side of the story with you but she wants to know more about you as well. She knows you professionally but now she shows interest in your friends and family as well. She likes to listen to your stories about your relationship with your family. She never interrupts you while you are talking or sharing about your personal life. This is also one of the clear signs that she is interested in you.

5# She waits for you to arrive

She waits for you to come to the office. She comes to say, hello and if you are late then she acquires the reason from you. She seems concerned if you are ever on leave and calls or text you personally to ask if everything’s fine. This happens when someone cares for you and is interested in you.

6# She keeps in contact with you outside the work

She keeps in touch with you even when it’s not the official time. She sends you funny messages or other text messages. Your female coworker sometimes calls you and make excuse to you that she dialed your number mistakenly. Obviously, it was not such a mistake especially if it happens more than once. If she texts you separately even when an office WhatsApp group is formed already. This whole situation indicates that she is interested in you and wants to have a relationship with you.

7# She wishes your birthday right

When we like someone, then we care for him extra. We remember his special days and likes and dislikes. We want to show them that we are extra concerned for them. So your coworker wishes you right on time means midnight. Her wishes say it all. The lovely wishes and love-filled messages will let you know how much she likes you.

8# She can’t stop staring at you

She looks at you when you are not looking at her. Sometimes you catch her watching you. This happens when you like someone. You can’t stop looking at him. His one glance is enough for you to be happy and sometimes even staring at him for long is not enough. If you are not sure she stares at you as she looks away when you look at her, then you can take help from your friend or colleagues. They can let you know that she was staring at you while you were looking somewhere else.

9# She plans a surprise birthday party

She plans a special surprise for your birthday. She is behind all the ideas and takes special interest in making it a success. That girl tries to keep it according to your likeness. She looks into little details and puts effort to include your favorite items on the menu and also in the decorations. She gifts your favorite perfume or your favorite color shirt. She tries her best to make you feel special.

10# Everyone in the office knows her liking for you

If you have doubts about her liking then you can ask this from any of your office colleagues. Where one coworker likes the other, all the other colleagues know about this except the one being liked. She shares her feelings with her friends and colleagues so you can always ask them to confirm whether she likes you or not.

11# She has a special nickname for you

Although people have nicknames for their other colleagues in the office. And these names are rather funny. But she has a special nickname for you that only her coworker friends know. It’s not based on something funny related to you but is very special for her. E.g. her friends say to her “Hey look your Mr. Right is here”. Again you won’t be knowing about this but probably everyone else in your office may know about your nickname.

12# She tries close to you physically

She finds ways to touch and be close to you. In the meeting, she sits next to you. She doesn’t miss any chance to get in touch with you whether it’s to pass the pen and touch hands accidentally. She often stands in the way, where you are supposed to pass. This is all because she likes you and wants you to know that as well.

13# She tries to let you know that she likes you

She tries all her ways to let you know that she likes you. She wants you to feel the same for her and want to take a step forward and turn it into a relationship. If you like her back then go for it. Let her know your feelings as well and proceed with your relationship.

Signs A Married Female Coworker Likes You

It is possible that a married female co-worker also has some feelings for you. It is not strange because everyone wants a perfect partner and maybe her husband is not Mr right for her. She reaches her ideal yet Because her husband is not fulfilling her needs. These needs may be emotional, physical, or financial. She wants to leave him and looks forward to someone better than him. So here are some signs a female coworker likes you but she is married.

14# She makes adult jokes with you

She flirts with you and makes adult jokes. She is open to you and passes flirtatious comments. She doesn’t shy from making such comments, especially with you. She makes such jokes only with you or in front of you, not with other male colleagues.

15# She defends you

She always praises your work and appraises you. She likes to spend time with you. She always tells others about the positive aspect of your personality.

16# She feels jealous

She feels jealous of some unmarried colleagues who talk about you or try to flirt with you. She feels insecure about you and tries to keep all other female colleagues away from you. She calls you upon or cut the conversation whenever you are talking to some other female colleague.

17# She is in an unhealthy relationship

She isn’t happy with her marriage. There are some noticeable differences between her husband and her. She is always upset and sometimes cries alone in the office’s restroom. She shares with you about her marital problems. She is open to you and asks for your opinions as well.

18# She asks for your help

She always calls upon you when she needs you to do some tasks in the office. She comes to you to seek help with an office assignment or presentation. She tries to spend more and more time with you. She even calls you from home if she requires any assistance and help that apparently seems easily solvable.

19# She invites you home for dinner

She calls you at home for dinner along with other colleagues and special treats you. She asks you to drop her at home and offers to have tea or coffee on the way. She tries to spend time with you outside the office as well.


I tried to cover all the signs a female coworker likes you. Whether she is unmarried or married, she could like you. You can take help from those signs and decide what you want to do. Always remember to give respect to a girl even if she initiates the relationship. Love and respect go hand in hand. Good luck and let us know which sign helped you the most in knowing about her feelings.