45 Interesting And Creative Things To Do At Home

We are in 2020 and the coronavirus has hit the Whole World so bad that people are bound to stay at home for their own safety. In times of crisis like this where people are bound to stay at home, boredom becomes the problem. Initially, the lockdown at home seems fun and relaxing but as time passes, it turns into the classic boredom. In this case, we look for things to do at home. The fun things, the interesting things. Things that will keep us busy even by staying at home.


45 Interesting And Creative Things To Do At Home

Today we are going to look into the most interesting and engaging things to do at home.

1 Game fun is ON:

The best thing you can do with your family at this time is to play a board game with them. Board games such a fun and keeps your family bonding strong. It’s the best and fun time pass to do with your family.

video game remote

2 Start watching a season:

In this digital world where we are always on a mobile or laptop. The best thing to do at that time for the time to pass is to watch some fun seasons or movies.

3 Arrange an indoor picnic party:

Decorate your living room into a picnic spot. Make some yummy snacks and arrange some fun games to play. Then invite your parents and siblings and enjoy your indoor picnic party.

4 Try a new recipe:

If you look to cook then you can look for a new and bit challenging recipe to cook and try it out. You will definitely enjoy cooking because trying something new is exciting and fun.

5 Learn baking online:

Why waste the time if you can utilize it in the best way. Why not learn how to bake and treat your family with new and some sweet bites to have.

6 Let’s do some planting:

Those people who were waiting for free time to do some seed planting, then this is the best time to do some. Order some seeds online and start growing some beautiful flowers.

7 Learn to do nail art:

Nail art is such fun and is a real art. Having too much time to waste, why not just make the best out of it. Learn how to do the nail art and practice it on your sisters’ or mother’s nails. It is really fun and your heads end up looking amazing.

8- Decorate your room:

To decorate your room this is the ideal time. This is when you can look into all the little details you ever wanted to change about your room. Gather up some energy and the needed material and start decorating. You can always look up to the ideas and can watch DIY videos on internet.

9- Watch DIY videos on the internet:

To pass your time productively why not you do some DIY work and polish your skills. There are thousands of ideas on the internet that you can use as your DIY work. Such as, make plants from disposable bottles, make jewelry boxes, make decoration pieces, etc, etc. if you love experimenting then this is the best time.

10- Book reading:

If you love to read then what are you waiting for? This is the best time to read as many books as you want. Reading is a very healthy habit in terms of knowledge and for being updated and content.

11- Practice and learn yoga:

Some people are very health and diet conscious. For those people, this is the best time for utilization in learning some yoga and practice it. Yoga is an art and will give you peace and relaxation.

12- How about a Spa night:

You can plan Spa night alternately for the family members. One day for each member. In which you can enjoy a long bubble bath, with some candles lit and music. Do manicure and pedicure, facial, etc. a day for your relaxation and peace.

13- Make your own gym at home:

If you don’t feel like going out or just cannot go out then why out get your own gym at home. It doesn’t mean you need all the machines and proper setup to workout. There are hundreds of apps and YouTube channels that show easy and effective ways of working out at home. So, watch them and workout.

14- Plan a movie night:

Plan a movie night with your family or even solo. Get the snacks ready, make the theater-like atmosphere, and enjoy your movie and snacks. It will be a lot of fun.

15- Let’s learn some dance moves:

When you are bored at home and don’t think of things to do then why out just do some dance? If you love dancing then challenge yourself and look for the dances you find challenging. Start practicing it and have fun.

16- Video games can be played:

Usually, for the boys, the best way to kill time is to play video games. Boys can play video games for hours, which is not a good thing to do. Everything should be done under the limits. Excess of everything is bad.


17- Starting writing a diary:

Not everyone is a diary keeper but some people just don’t keep it because of time management issues. When you are at home and looking for the things to do then diary writing is not a bad idea.

18- How about a new podcast?

If you are new at podcast then this is the best time to explore it. From comedy to romance to true crime, you are going to have unlimited options to go for.

19- Wall art is a fun thing to do:

For those who are artistic or they think that they can do something different and amazing then why not try some wall art? You can always look into the internet for new and exciting ideas. It will be interesting and fun at the same time.

20- Make a photo album:

You have an old photo album that has all the pictures of your childhood. Why not try some customized art on it? Make a scrapbook, design it all by yourself. Put pictures one by one with captions and stickers. This is such a good idea. You will love the outcome and will be super proud of yourself.

21- Make a wish list:

When you are getting bored and looking for some task to do at home. Start writing a “to do” list. The things you want to do in life, make a list of them. Once the list is made, also start writing the feasibility plan to make them come true. This will utilize your time and you will have a list of things you want to do in your life.

22- Start a blog:

In the times where you know that you are going to be free for a month or so. Look for your interest in becoming a blogger. Start your own blog. If you think you need assistance in learning the blogging, you can always find help on YouTube.

23- Become a Tiktok star:

Everyone nowadays is tiktoker. It has become a new famous thing in town. Although it’s excess use is not good for the youth but it’s a good time pass.

24- Talk to your dear ones who live apart:

In our normal daily routine life, we don’t get time to talk to our distant relatives and friends. At the time when you are free and looking for something to do, why not call them and recall all the forgotten memories. This will be so refreshing and will cheer you up.

cleaning the house

25- Clean up your room:

We always make excuses to give a deep clean up to our room. This is the time. Fold your sleeves and just go for it. And to motivate yourself say, “Now or Never”!

26- Take an online course:

When you know that you are stuck at home for a longer time then always look for something productive. And what’s more productive than taking an online course to add up to your skills. It could be of anything, of graphic designing, blogging, or any other of your interest.

27- Do some online shopping:

When at home and getting bored plus you do have some saved money, then this is the time. Let’s do some online shopping.

28- Make a shelf or cupboard:

What is more fulfilling than to build up some piece of work by yourself? If you have such interest then all you need is the material and a YouTube tutorial. There you go.

29- Play scavenger hunt:

A scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun to play. Make a list of household objects and hide them accordingly, see who will find everything first.

30- Play with your children:

What would be more fun than to play YOUR childhood games with your kids? It will be lots of fun and the best way to make the bond stronger.

31- Let’s draw:

You with your siblings or with your kids can have a drawing competition and the winner will get a prize as well. This will be fun.

32- Learning games:

As a parent, the best thing you can do is to plan a fun yet learning-based game for your kids. It will help them learn new things and have fun, all at the same time. The games could be, write up a funny story and present a skit, write a recipe for making Maggie noodles step by step. Etc. these activities will be very beneficial for your children.

33- Do funny makeup of your sibling:

It will be a lot of fun to do funny or scary makeup of your sibling and scare everyone else at home.

34- Knit or stitch:

You can knit or stitch clothes, sweaters, mufflers, or anything you want.

35- Make a gallery wall.

Choose a wall in your living or drawing room and turn it into the picture or art gallery.

36- Plan a BBQ night at home:

Arrange a fun-filled BBQ night on your lawn or at Rooftop.

37- Get a pet:

It will be a lot more fun to get a pet for yourself. It will keep you busy and active as well.

38- Rearrange your home setting

It will be a lot of fun to change your furniture setting. It will look new and refreshing.

children are playing game

39- Watch informative documentaries:

You can watch interesting and informative documentaries on the National Geographic channel or YouTube.

40- Play games on mobile:

Play fun games on mobile to pass your pass.

41- Watch most hyped TV shows or movies:

This is the time to get yourself upgraded by watching all the movies and TV shows you have been listening about all your life.

42- Learn to play some instrument:

You can take an online course or help from YouTube to learn the musical instrument that you always wanted to learn.

a girl is meditation

43- Meditate:

Calm and compose yourself through meditation. This practice will be beneficial for your health and your mood will be delighted all day long.

44- Learn Pottery:

It will be a lot of fun to learn pottery and gifting your mother your handmade pots for her plants.

45- Spend quality time with your family:

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to be at home with all your family. Make the most of it. We have received a number of messages in which people have actually said that this lockdown is giving them a chance to re-bond with their loved ones.


We have given you the most fun, productive and interesting ideas for the things to do at home. Choose your favorite idea and work on it.

Let us know which idea you liked the most.

Enjoy staying at home.


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