What does the Strong silent type mean? A Strong silent type is a person who does the hard work and doesn’t under pressure. Only speak when necessary otherwise stay quiet. Strong silent type people can also be referred to as introverts. They have a strong personality and it doesn’t bother them what others say about them. Strong Silent type people are comfortable in their own skin. They Do what they feel is right. They are confident and they know it. Let’s look into the details of a strong silent type of person.

Strength of Strong Silent Type Of Person

  • When a person is silent people cannot know what is going on in his/her mind.
  • People don’t get much material to do gossip about you because you don’t give them anything about your personality.
  • When a strong silent person talks, they talk about something worth listening to.
  • Strong silent type people read the others and could know what the others are thinking and feeling.
  • A strong silent type of person doesn’t interact with every person they come in contact with. He/she keeps the attitude that attracts others.
  • Silence speaks a thousand words. When having a fight if one person becomes silent and leaves the premises then this can save them from an ugly fight.

Weakness of Strong Silent Type

  • They are sometimes taken for granted. People don’t value their presence. their presence or absence doesn’t bother people.
  • Some people are not silent because they are being cool but are silent because they feel left out or they are depressed or tense about something and they can’t share their feelings with anyone.
  • Being a strong silent type can affect your relationship with your children. They can take your silence and your strong personality as a sign of anger or dominance. Which can build a wall between you and your children. They feel more comfortable in the presence of their other parent rather than you.

Qualities Of Strong Silent Type Persons

1- They Are Confident

A strong silent person is self-confident. He knows what he wants in life and is also clear about what he is capable of. They have trust in themselves and stay positive and calm in every situation. They know very well how to deal with pressure. To be a strong silent type you need to develop self-confidence. Believe in yourself and acknowledge the achievements you have. Know that whatever you have achieved in life is because of yourself.

2- They Have Control of Emotional Strength

A strong silent person has control over his emotional state and the strength to deal with difficult situations. They are ready to face the backlash, difficult times, and negative criticism and don’t lose their temper easily. To be a strong silent person you will need to build up your mental and emotional strength, once you are strong from the inside mentally and emotionally then it will be seen from the outside as well. So, they work at their inner pace.

Anyone Can Develop These Qualities:

  • Be more accepting of the change.
  • Remain encouraged at times of failures and disappointments.
  • You must be able to face criticism and learn from it. The same goes for the mistakes you make. Never feel ashamed and shy after committing some mistakes. Embrace the mistake and make it right.
  • Look at the brighter side in the bad and hard times.
  • Don’t stick to one situation badly, if you have been hurt or disappointed then learn to move on quickly.

3- They Are Stable

The people who are strong silent types don’t let everyone know about the tsunami they have inside them. If they are feeling any extreme emotion, they don’t put it out for everyone to see it. From the outside, they always seem calm and controlled. It seems as if they are all very composed with their thoughts and life happenings. It doesn’t bother them what people are talking about them especially when it’s discouraging or criticism for the sake of criticism.

Tip for all: Remember you don’t always have to be answerable to people around you for the actions you take. Sometimes it is required you to make it clear it’s you who is going to decide for your own self.

4- They Are Focused On Talking

The strong silent type doesn’t mean that they are silent all the time. It refers to the state where they speak less but when they speak, everyone listens to them. They have such a personality, they chose a confident tone and strong words to convey their message or point of view. These types of people are clear and words are perfectly delivered. They don’t mumble or seem confused. When they talk they know what they are saying.

You can talk like a strong silent person

  • Choose your voice tune carefully. It shouldn’t be too loud or too low which causes trouble for the one listening.
  • Don’t sound confused. Make a sentence in your mind first then say it loud. Avoid abrupt replies or phrases.
  • Speak small but effective. The strong silent type of people doesn’t talk rubbish. Whenever they open their mouth to say something they try to sound intelligent and wise.

5- They Appear To Be Authoritative

Strong silent type people have the personality of a leader or a wise member of a group. They are given respect and their saying has a weightage. People around them feel submissive. They depict authority. Their strong and confident personality makes them the best among others.

You can become authoritative by:

  • Putting your stance clearly. You don’t go on explaining yourself again and again.
  • Don’t use confusing words like “maybe” or “could” etc.
  • You don’t necessarily agree with everyone and everything that is said.
  • Always present your point confidently.
  • But keep in mind not to make any commitments or claims that are not possible for you to perform.

Disadvantages of Strong Silent Type

There are some disadvantages of being strong silent types. Usually, people don’t like the authoritative behavior of such a person, because they feel submissive under their company. People don’t like the company of the strong silent type of people because they don’t talk too much and their behavior is unfriendly.

1- People May Start to Ignore Them

As being silent has its own perks and it also has its cons. it is possible that people may start to ignore them because they don’t put much effort into making conversations. In a large group, it is evident that the most talkative and jolly person takes all the attention and takes over the lead in the group. Whereas the silent one is not given much importance because of his/her quiet attitude. This silent attitude can go against them in a large group. So always know where to be silent and where should be talking and interacting

2- They Need To Be Attentive

People think of them as arrogant and rude. So people would start ignoring them and won’t even bother if they are there in the conversation or not.

To avoid this situation they need to pay attention. Their gestures and body language must be depicting their interest in the conversation. Being a strong silent type doesn’t mean being quiet all the time. It means one should listen to everybody and give input in the end in a precise manner and confidently. Your body language should be participatory.

  • You can show interest by leaning a bit forward while sitting.
  • Making constant eye contact and a little head nod.
  • By making your face look like you are thinking about the topic being discussed.
  • Don’t sit by folding your hands uptight and leaning behind. This will give the impression that you are not interested.

3- Their Relationship Can Be Affected

Being the strong silent type in personal relationships can cost them bad. Personal relationships require understanding, sharing, and empathy. It is a codependent relationship. Their partner expects to be vocal and open to them. Personal relationships can suffer badly if they don’t express feelings openly to their partner. It is advised to keep the strong silent type of personality out of the home.

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Being a strong silent type can be cool and it suits many situations but always know the places and the people with whom being silent can work effectively. Everything has its pros and cons. It’s all up to you how you use it.