7 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You


The love-hate relationship goes by hand in hand. Sometimes we find someone that we think is the one for us, and then due to some reason, we couldn’t hold onto them and breakup. In this article, we will discuss signs your ex is pretending to be over you.

Life is unpredictable, and so are our relationships. Couples when they are just getting along with each other, tend to like everything about each other.

They ignore their partner’s mistakes, lies, mood swings. They are so much in love that the other person looks like a perfect match for them.

But with time when it becomes difficult to just live by love and you start to get out of your fantasy world, you tend to get angry and irritated by all the things you were avoiding lately about your partner.

Life is a roller coaster and so are your relationships. Some people get through difficult times on holding by each other and some just part ways.

Breakups could have a number of reasons.A couple walking in a forest

  • The Unmatchable personalities
  • Understanding problems
  • The Unbearable fights
  • Cheating
  • Lies
  • Families don’t get along
  • You can’t marry your partner because he/she is not marriage material
  • To focus on career
  • To complete their studies

These are just a few examples. There could be a number of other reasons as well.

Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

Now the point is what makes your partner be pretending on the fact that they are over you.

When we say that they are pretending to be over you mean that they still have feelings for you or they want reconciliation with you. Why?

Because maybe they have realized that they can’t live without you or the life was far better with you or they are now done with their other commitments (studies, career formation) and they still have feelings for you.

 Now here the question that comes in mind is that why are you curious if your ex is pretending to be over or he/she is actually moved on in life? You know why?

Because you still have feelings for him/her and you are just looking for a sign that your ex is pretending to be over you.

So, as we have sorted out the both sided story. Now, let’s move towards the signs that he/she is pretending to be over you. 

  Trying to make you feel jealous:

You and your ex are in the same class, school, college, office, neighborhood, family (cousins). It’s a very easy and foremost trick that a person adopts to see if the other person is also having the same feelings for me or not.

Jealousy is a feeling that can be clearly shown on your face and can be used as a tool against others to take revenge or to find out if the love is still there or has just vanished away.

Now let’s look at the tactics of how your ex could be making you jealous?

Whenever you are in front of your ex:

  •  Pretend to be extra happy and laughing out loud with whomever they are having conversations.
  • Smile and blush while looking at their mobile screen and keep on texting as well.
  • He/She with some other girl and is pretending to be having a good time there.
  •  ignoring you purposely and pretending as if you are not even there.
  •  trying to show you that they are better off without you.

Disclaimer: All these signs can be considered as signs if they do it in front of you and otherwise they tend to be less happy than they are showing you off. You can get to know if they are the same behind your back as well, you need to have someone involved with you in this plan of yours. He/she could be your friend/s, sibling/s, or his/her friend. 

a girl looking at her boy friend from back



Can’t take His eye off you:

When someone is still in love with you or they want to give their relationship another chance then he/she would look for the ways to get back at you. To get a chance to talk to you or even just to have a glance of yours’.

Whenever you get a chance to cross paths with your ex you find them looking at you. It’s not necessarily always making clear eye contact but to look at you when you are not looking at them.

When you are busy doing some work or having fun with your friends or eating food. They just find a chance to look at you so to take your recent memory with them.

Now how will you know if they are looking at you or not?

A human’s senses are quite strong enough to judge without even looking at them that someone is watching you.

Girls have this power stronger than boys. So, boys would need to take help from their friends to conform to this for them.

Besides looking at you when you are not watching, they could also choose to watch you straight in your eyes.

They might not show their love for you but if you are smarter enough to judge than you will see their love through their eyes.   


He/She is extra kind to you:

You are out for shopping and you bump into your ex. He/she meets you with a smile and behave sophisticated and reserved. But all they talk about is you.

  •  They ask you what’s you are up to
  •  Asks about your family’s health
  •   Ask if you have come along and says that you know you can’t drive when it’s dark, why have you come alone at this time.
  •  look at the packet of chips in your hand and tells you that you don’t like this flavor as far as I remember.
  •  offer you help with your baggage. 
  •  talk about you and only you.
  • avoid talking about them.

Disclaimer: All this behavior shows that he/she is surely pretending to be over you but you are all they think of. Or they were trying to test if you have moved on or not.

Now it’s up to you what you understand from this behavior of your ex.your ex preyour ex pretending to be over youtending to be over you


 Your Ex Is angry with you:

As all the love stories don’t have a good ending same like not all the breakups happen to end on a peaceful note. Besides, most breakups happen on a very nasty note.

And the couple seems to have grudges against each other. The grudges, fire, and the anger do cool down with time but not everyone is found to be dealing with it well.

Now to know that they are pretending to be over you is that whenever they cross up you either they leave you space as soon as possible or they ignore you so hard that their anger can be seen in that ignorance.

If they would have been moved on then their anger must have been lowered. But if they still feel the same pain as they did at the time of breakup then dear they are really not over you and are still in love with you.

They show you this anger to let you know how hurt he/she still is and a little bit of attention, care, affection, and love can lead to reconciliation.

In this case, you need to see what you want. If you also have feelings for them and you think that things can work out better this time than you may take a step forward.

And if you think that it is over from your side and there is no way of getting down that road again then just keep moving forward and don’t get bothered by his/her anger.

This will take away the ray of hope from them and they will also try to move forward in their life.

He/She finds reasons to meet you

  •  Your ex is just pretending to be over you if they find reasons to meet you over and over again.
  •  ask for your help in some class, office assignments.
  • He/she keep on coming to you to ask you or to your friends, silly questions that he/she pretends not to be understood in class.
  •  ask you if they have left their book/shirt/watch at your place back then when you guys were dating each other.
  • All these reasons just to meet you once.

Sshhh. They are keeping something that belongs to you.

Back in time when you both were dating, you left your bracelet/watch at their place, and now as you, both have broken up, you want it back.

But the twist begins at the point where they refuse to have it and says that you took it with you.

Although you are certain that you left it at their place. This is a clear sign that your ex is not over you and are just pretending. They want to keep your bracelet/watch as your memory.

They don’t want to give it back to you. These are little things that add mileage to the fact that there are still feelings left for you.

It does not necessarily mean that they want to get back together or something but it could just mean that you meant a lot to them that they still cherish those memories that they spent with you.

Your ex still didn’t block you off

Nowadays the relationships have gone to a new era and mostly it all starts from social media and ends on social media.

Social media confirms your relationship with someone and confirms your breakup as well. It’s a digital world baby.

In a common practice when a couple goes through the breakup, they unfollow/unfriend each other plus also block each other from social media. Social media profiles include Facebook and Instagram.

This is the complete ritual of breaking up with someone.

Now if your ex has unfriended you or you have unfriended them but they still haven’t blocked you up then it means they are still not over you. They still hold up to the hope that you might ever contact them again.

Their friends have eyes on you:

Friends are ready to do anything for you when you are sad or heartbroken.

Your ex and his/her friends would do the same. Your ex will ask for his/her friends to spy on you.

To follow you, to look into your activities, what you do, where you go, who you meet, how are you holding up after the breakup, have you moved on yet?

Do you have someone else in your life now?

If your ex is taking the help of his/her friends in spying over you then they are definitely not over you.

a boy hold a girl's hand

They keep their routes and routine the same as before:

Mostly after the breakup both the persons try to change or avoid the routes and their daily basis routines for a while to make sure that they both not run into each other again.

If your ex hasn’t have changed even a bit of their routine and they still go for a walk to the same park as before.

They chose the same path for their walk as they used to choose when you both were together, knowing that you could be still coming there.

Then it can be a clear sign that your ex is pretending to be over you.



Relationships and breakups are part of life. But if you think that your breakup was a mistake and you want to see if your ex feels the same then we have shown you some obvious and sure signs to get the idea if your ex is over you or is just pretending to be.

Now it’s up to you if you judge the signs rightly or not.

Have a blessed day and oh yes, GOOD LUCK!!




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