Affirmations for Kids-110 Positive Affirmations

Are Affirmations for kids really important? Yes, Affirmations are very important to gain self-confidence. Positive affirmations bring a drastic change in children. Their mindset starts to develop in the right and positive direction. They believe in themselves and that they are capable of doing what they think no matter how negatively society bashes them.

affirmations for kids

First of all, be an example for them by being positive. They will look after you and will follow your lead. So, improve your actions first. Other than you can ask them to practice meditation and while doing it pray for everyone’s safety and well-being. Teach them to acknowledge and appreciate the little things that someone does for them. Teach them to help others by volunteering. Teach them to be thankful in every situation while striving for the future.

affirmations for kids

Affirmation For Kids- For Parents

  • Tell them you love them, and express your love verbally as well.
  • I am so proud of you my love. Appreciate them when they achieve something.
  • Be sorry, if you have done something wrong. There is no shame in being apologetic.
  • You can cry, it’s okay to Cry. Don’t bash them by telling them that good kids don’t cry or boys are tough they don’t cry.
  • I am here with you. I am hearing from you. Be there with them when they need you and also let them know as well, that they can tell you anything.
  • It’s okay. I know it was a mistake. Tell them that it’s ok to make mistakes. You can improve yourself for the future but cannot change what’s already done.

Encouraging and Powerful Affirmations For Kids

  1. I am enough for myself
  2. No one can make me better but myself
  3. I am getting better with each passing day
  4. I am a wonderful person
  5. I know that every problem comes with a solution
  6. I am a leader today
  7. It’s fine to make mistakes, human beings do make mistakes
  8. I am growing and learning from the challenges I face in life
  9. I am the best just the way I am
  10. I learn and grow by embracing my mistakes and faults.
  11. Today is a beautiful day
  12. I am a confident and brave person
  13. My happiness depends upon me
  14. I am surrounded by people who show respect and love for me
  15. I am firm about my beliefs and stand strong for them
  16. I am confident about my goals and believe in my dreams
  17. It’s totally fine to accept that you don’t know everything
  18. I am going to be a positive thinker from today
  19. I am strong I can face anything
  20. I am strong enough to make my thoughts into reality
  21. I make my own choices, I am capable of this.
  22. I will perform better than the last time
  23. I am thankful for the things I have now
  24. I am full of abilities, I can do so much out of my power.
  25. I believe that everything will be fine.
  26. I have a firm belief in myself
  27. I am so much proud of myself today
  28. I am deserving of all the happiness I want
  29. I can make my choices all by myself
  30. I am all deserving to be loved
  31. I am capable of making the difference
  32. I decide to be confident today
  33. I am myself in charge of the choices I make and of my life
  34. I believe in myself and possess all the power that is needed to make my dreams come true
  35. I know I am capable and I believe in myself
  36. I will wait for the good things to come towards me.
  37. I matter
  38. I am not afraid to get out of my comfort zone as it gives me confidence and power
  39. I believe that my good thoughts will reflect on positive feelings
  40. I can and will overcome all my fears
  41. I am sharp and always ready to learn
  42. Each day is a new day, a new and beautifully fresh start
  43. I will always get back up no matter how many times I fall back
  44. I am complete
  45. There is no good competition for anyone but yourself.
  46. I am capable of doing everything
  47. I will perform at my level best
  48. I am ready to be what I always strive for
  49. I am what I am just because of me so I own it
  50. What an amazing day
  51. It’s fine and acceptable to make mistakes. All you have to do is to admit it and improve yourself
  52. I make the best and right choices
  53. I am and will always be surrounded by positive people
  54. I am who I am just because of the decisions I made in my life
  55. I am powerful, strong, and determined
  56. Today’s feel is like my day
  57. I am full of peace and inner sunshine
  58. I have got the strength that a person needs
  59. I can do it, doesn’t matter how difficult it is
  60. I am going to live in the moment
  61. I believe in a positive mindset and I practice this as well
  62. Nothing is impossible
  63. I emit positive energy
  64. Amazing and wonderful things will come to me
  65. I can be calm, can take deep breaths
  66. I feel tougher and stronger with every step that I take in my life
  67. I am me and that is my power
  68. I am going to get all the good things because I deserve them
  69. My success is not far away. Just a little more wait
  70. I am allowed by myself to make mistakes
  71. So thankful for this new and beautiful day
  72. I try the perform my best each passing day
  73. I am going to shove
  74. I got this
  75. One by one step is my mantra
  76. I am satisfied with my own pace
  77. I am all ready to make choices and ready to make choices
  78. Today is my day, I will shine brighter
  79. This too shall pass. I will pass through this
  80. I make choices and I chose to make my day amazing
  81. I know how to control my emotions
  82. There are several possibilities just look in the right direction
  83. I am fine, calm, and try to be peaceful
  84. I am improving myself with each passing day
  85. I am all ready to face the success
  86. I am perfect and beautiful inside out
  87. All is fine
  88. I matter, my voice matter, and life matters
  89. I accept who I am just the way I am
  90. I am focused on my successful future
  91. Thinking positive is my own choice.
  92. My happiness depends upon me
  93. Today I will learn something new
  94. I believe in the decisions I made
  95. It’s in me and I can bring about change in life’
  96. I am firm and so strong
  97. I make my own attitude
  98. Hey! You are important
  99. I am going to be the best of myself
  100. Today I am affirmed to spread love and happiness
  101. I will let go of what hurts me and make my life a better place
  102. I am ready to face the challenges of the day
  103. I believe in smart work. Put your hard work into your smart work
  104. I will avoid negativity around me
  105. I will not let the negative thought have a place in my mind
  106. The spent money will come back to me multiplied
  107. I will be there for the ones who need me
  108. I will practice justice and be fair
  109. I will be honest today
  110. I am confident and I can do this
affirmations for kids


Negative Affirmations for kids

Negative Affirmations play a very disturbing role in the development of a child’s personality. First let’s have a look at them, what they should like.

  1. I lack self-confidence
  2. I am worth nothing
  3. No one likes you
  4. No one loves you
  5. I am a looser
  6. I cannot do it
  7. I am weak
  8. I am going to ruin it
  9. I always make mistakes
  10. I am no one’s favorite
  11. I know nothing
  12. I am just an ordinary kid
  13. My friends are better compared to me
  14. My parents love my siblings more
  15. I am unwanted

These are the affirmations that kids have when they are upset about something or feel less of themselves. Parents must pay attention to what their kids think about and parents should be aware of the child’s feelings and behavior. Kids need to be taken care of with love and affection. They are fragile or you can say that this age of them is fragile where a little negligence can destroy the whole personality of a child.

So, parents need to be very careful while dealing with their children. They must know how to deal with kids, what words to choose while talking to them, and even while talking to each other. In which tone do the parents talk to each other, and how do they treat each other? This has a very deep connection with how the personality of a child is going to be.

affirmation for kids


Positive Affirmations for kids are very vital and motivating for them. Parents teach their kids these Affirmations. We have listed a great number of affirmations for the kids to learn and act upon. One for daily would perfectly work. Let us know which Affirmation worked the best for you.