Does She Like Me? 10+ SureFire Signs Of Liking Someone

When you like a girl, the second thing that comes to your mind is to know whether she likes you back or not. Girls are not easy to read. They can have thousands of moods and can hide their feelings very well (if they want to). But today we are going to break into their minds and going to explore the sure signs that does she likes you or not.

Signs Does She Like Me Or Not

So let’s explore.

She is always ready to hang out with you:

She is always ready to go out with you and make plans with you.

No matter if she has her exams coming in, or had a long duty at her office.

It does not mean she is being desperate or needy, it is just that she likes to be around you and want to spend more and more time in your company.

Women are more socially intelligent when compared to men. They know how to react to what situation.

If she does not know you well or you both are not friends already, then she might sometimes she no to the plans (of course in a nice way) so as to not look desperate and frantic.

If she avoids you and almost always manages to cancel plans with you especially when she had a rough day or was busy, then it means she is not into you.

It is now up to you to recognize whether she likes hanging out with you or just tries to skip out of the scene.

She laughs even at your silly jokes:

Even though she knows that you suck at making good jokes but she loves to listen to them and laugh at them.

She does not make fun of it and seems to enjoy even your wittiest humor.

Girls find it attractive when a guy is humorous and knows how to make a girl laugh.

In humor, you can even convey your feelings to her and can see if she reacts in a positive way or not.

It won’t look odd and if you find things getting awkward you can always cover it with another joke.

If she makes fun of your jokes and makes you feel that your jokes suck, then probably she is not interested in making you feel all special, and eventually this all signs towards a NO.

She smoothly touches you

If she likes you, you will note that she lightly touches you on your arm while talking to you or while laughing.

It doesn’t mean that she is trying to give you physical vibes but this gesture shows that she likes you.

According to psychology, It is a subconscious gesture that she made to build rapport.

To know and confirm whether she likes you or not, you can also observe her reaction by lightly putting your hand on her shoulder or arm (only if she did it first).

If she gets back immediately and feels uncomfortable then it means she didn’t appreciate your gesture.

And if she doesn’t mind it then it shows that she likes you and trusts you.

You two are never tired of talking to each other

When you two start talking, you can go on and on for hours.

You two have lots to talk about and enjoy talking to each other.

She listens to your stories attentively and shows interest in whatever you say.

She also shares her stories with you. She likes and dislikes and also discuss her personal life with you.

This shows that she trusts you and wants you to know all this. This is a clear sign that she likes you.

If she listens to your stories but tries to slip out the first opportunity she finds,

or she doesn’t open to you about her personal likings and disliking then probably she is not interested in you.

Her family and friends know about you even before they met you

One of the strongest and surest signs that she likes you is that her family and friends knew about you even before you met them.

When she introduced you to her family or friends they met you as if they already know you and treated you very well.

Made you feel like a special person.

Although if they didn’t say anything out loud, but their actions were quite obvious that they know you even without meeting you.

If her family doesn’t know about you but her friends do, then this also shows that she told her friends about you.

At times girls are not so open to their family members about their feelings and likings but their friends surely know it all.

Even you can judge your image in their hearts just by talking to them for a while. So if you have doubts about her liking towards you, go meet her friends and family.

She blushes when you are around  

She blushes when you are around her or talks to her. Especially when you compliment her.

She immediately tries to fix her dress and hair when you enter the room. She keeps on playing with her hair while talking to you or listening to you.

She gets a bit confused and all moving when you are around. All these are the signs that she likes you.

It matters a lot for her to look good in front of you and to present her best impression.

Although these things don’t necessarily happen once you start dating each other but before that, it does matter for a girl to appear in the best way for the one she likes.

If she doesn’t bother if you are in the room or not and it doesn’t concern her that how she looks and sits, then dear she is not into you.

And seems like that she has no intentions to like you “that way” in the long run as well.

It makes her jealous when you are around other girls

She gets all jealous when she sees you with other girls. She stares at you with tilted eyes.

She gets irritated and shows her anger in a hidden way.

Like her mood gets off and upon asking she replies nothing happened, I am fine.

But her angry mood is quite visible.

Getting jealous upon seeing your crush getting involved with someone else is natural in both cases whether you are a boy or a girl.

So it would be a good idea to test her liking towards you by making her jealous.

If it doesn’t bother her that you are talking to a girl or a hundred girls, then she is definitely not interested in you.

She secretly stares at you

She secretly stares at you. When you enter the room, she finds her way towards you.

She sits or stands in a direction where she can easily look at you.

If she is a shy person she will avoid making eye contact with you and If she wants you to know that she is interested in you, she will continue looking into your eyes even after making eye contact.

You can sense that she is looking at you even without looking at her as you must be looking at her without seeing her (Yes it is a filmy line but it is true).

It is up to you now that how smart are you to catch her, looking at you if she always succeeds to abort the eye connection.

Also, there will be a spark in her eyes when she will look at you.

So, don’t confuse her normal stare with the special eye contact.

When you are not around she looks for you

She looks for you, inquires about you when you are late or on leave (whether at the office or in college).

She seems to be missing you and keeps on looking at the door as if you will just come in any minute.

Obviously, you cannot see or know these things by yourself, your friends or fellow colleagues tell you about all this.

She asks you the reason for being late and seems worried about you. All these are the signs that she likes you.

If her life goes on even without you being there, then it means that she does not have an interest in you.

She seems interested in knowing if you have a girlfriend

She keeps on asking personal questions to you as if you have a girlfriend or not?

What qualities do you look for in a girl?

 You may find these questions a little pushy but she is asking them all because she wants to know what do you like.

Her interest in you, your personal life, and stuff show that she likes you.

If she does not show any interest that whether you have a girlfriend or not or what you like or dislike then it is a sure sign that she does not like you that way.

She “likes” all your doings on social media

She follows you on all social media platforms and likes all your pictures and status that you put on.

She not necessarily put a “heart” on it because she does not want to seem so obvious and pushy, but always remember to click the like button.

Also, leave a nice comment under your pictures.

This shows that she likes you and wants you to know that as well.

She tries to grab your attention, all the time

She tries to grab your attention in one way or another.

Sometimes she needs your help for some assignment, sometimes she wants you to drop her home, sometimes she asks you to accompany her to the canteen and sometimes she calls you by mistake.

All these are the ways of telling you that she likes you. And these are of course the sure signs especially if it happens often.

If she asks for any of the above-mentioned helps once or twice and didn’t give you any kind of connection vibes then the help was for genuine reasons and nothing else.

She calls you or text you at night

When a girl calls or texts you at night and with no such important purpose then she is more than a friend to you.

She may hesitate or shy to tell you that she likes you and wants you to guess it by yourself.

Or maybe she is fearful that whether you like her or not. In all this confusion.

she would keep on playing this hide n seek of feelings and you both would stay single forever.

So when she is giving you the obvious signs then go ahead and confess your liking for her.

As girls are shy to confess their liking first.


To like someone and then to find out that they you back, is the best feeling ever. Go and find out if she likes you back or not by following the above-mentioned guidelines.

Good luck!


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