Emotionally Unavailable Men- Signs And Dealings

It is not easy to have an emotionally unavailable man in your life. It makes your life a bit challenging. But just to say not everyone is perfect and your kind of man to accept this fact. Whether it is the women or men, their emotional unavailability becomes difficult for their partners. In the case of a woman, if she is emotionally unavailable then this may not affect a man much, because men are not either quite expressive when it comes to emotions. So, that kind of balances the whole situation.

If a man is emotionally unavailable then this situation really affects the woman. A woman wants to have a partner who understands her feelings, mood swings, and needs. She has several emotions that she goes through at the same time if her partner doesn’t understand her emotions or doesn’t share what he thinks and feels, then it becomes difficult for her to handle this awkward situation. Here are some signs which will help you to identify and how to deal with emotionally unavailable men.

emotionally unavailable men

Signs Of Emotionally Unavailable Men

What are emotionally unavailable men, a person who does not share their feelings and introverted. He does not care about the emotions of the people around him. he never shares his problems and nor listens to others. In simple words, you can him, as an “emotionless person” Now Let’s look into the signs that your man is probably emotionally unavailable.

He Does Not Share His Feelings

Your partner, boyfriend, or husband, does not open up to you about his feelings. He will ask you, how you are doing but would never let you know how he feels. So he is either this way emotionally unavailable to you or he don’t even take an interest in your emotions as well, emotional sharing is missing.

He Feels Uncomfortable When You Are Emotional

An emotionally unavailable man becomes silent or just tries to avoid the whole situation when you are emotional or stressed. An emotionally unavailable man feels uncomfortable in such a situation. He does not know how to behave in such circumstances. He would either try to avoid you or would respond in an unusual way. Sadly, you don’t get satisfaction from his response. Maybe his silence works out for you as at least he would listen to you.

He Is Not Open About His Past

His past is a mystery to you. He never let you go into his past. Whenever you ask him about it, he makes excuses or talks you out of it by saying “there is nothing special to talk about” or “why are you so interested in my past, do you have any doubts?” Such kind of statements makes you guilty about asking such a question. You feel as if you are accusing him of something. In this way, his past remains an unsolved and unknown mystery to you.

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He Opts for A Sarcastic Way Out

yes, He tries to opt for the sarcastic way to get away with emotional situations. He doesn’t sit next to you and console you. He would rather choose to be sarcastic about it and will try to get you out of that condition by being all funny and carefree. For once in a while, this strategy may work but in the long run, it will be irritating for you and you would rather like to remain silent than express your feelings.

He Is Not Easy To Get Along With

You man is not quite easygoing at first. He takes his time to get along and tries to stay unattached and unbounded. He is afraid of making a long-term commitment. Such a person doesn’t care about being attached to something emotionally. He feels fine just being there, physically and mentally. Emotional presence doesn’t appeal to him much. In other words, you can say it like “no feelings attached.”

You Are The Effort Maker

You are the one making all the efforts required to keep the relationship alive. Whether it is planning birthdays or anniversaries. Or making him feel special and important. You are the only one making all such efforts. You know the day you will back off from all these things, he doesn’t even bother and gets affected by it. He will never take over your place. You remember the special dates, you are the first one to apologize, irrespective of whose fault it is. When bearing his tantrums. It’s all you keep the relationship going.

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How To Handle An Emotionally Unavailable Men

Here are some points Which will help you with how you can handle this type of person and can love him.

Express Your Needs To Him

To love an emotionally unavailable man, you need to first make him realize you have some expectations from him that he must know and understand. Express your needs to him. Tell him what you want physically as well as emotionally. You don’t need to be rude or angry while letting him know but do it with art. The art can go like you tell him that “I missed you today.” While holding his hands or hugging him. Or you can say, “I am feeling low, I wish I could tell someone what I feel like.”

These are the probes that you will do to him. if he will understand or will give you his time and attention then you got him. If he doesn’t bother your feelings and expression of your emotions then it is fine to sometimes express your anger as well just to make him realize what wrong he is doing.

emotionally unavailable men

Stop Fixing Or Healing Your Man Rather Than Accept His Flaws As It Is

Sometimes the best way to deal with something that bothers you is to leave it as it is. It’s not always possible or worth it to fix everything according to your wishes and desires. Sometimes you have to accept reality as it is. So, here you will have to stop fixing his emotions and stop healing him for what he doesn’t consider as suffering. It must be difficult at times but the best way to accept it and to make your heart satisfied with it is to remember the good things that he has. The good habits, the good and attractive traits of his personality.

Weighing his good traits on one hand and his emotional absence on the other, you would probably be able to get satisfied with his good traits. Another way is to remember and know no one is perfect and your man lack emotions. Other than that he is all you want and list down your good and bad points as well. This will show you are also not perfect. This will ease and help you accept everything as it is.

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Maintain And Build A Strong Emotional Connection With Your Family And Friends

When your man is emotionally unavailable, you can look for other people to give you what is lacking from your love or married life. After the realization and acceptance of the fact that your man is emotionally unavailable and there is nothing, you can do to make him right. Also, if he is overshadowed by his other good traits, then you can build an emotional bond with your family or friends. This may be your close friends/friends, or family members (mother, sister, etc.). Make it bond so strong whenever you are emotionally disturbed or restrained, you go to them for sharing. This will help you bond with your man as well because you are not putting all your expectations on him and you know he is not the one with whom you need to share your extreme emotions.

Show Patience And Flexibility

You need to be very patient and flexible in dealing with your emotionally unavailable man. At times it is not easy to be around someone unable to understand your emotions. But here you have to be patient and should show flexibility especially when you know that he is trying to be better in emotional handling. You know he is in the process of improvement and he realizes he is emotionally unavailable and wants to get better with it. Then it is very important to play your part here as well. You need to be calm, patient, and flexible as this is the only choice you have in order to make him win his battle.

Keep A Check On His Emotional Growth And Progress

When he is trying to get better and work on his emotional growth then you need to keep a check on his progress. This will not only help you with patience but also give him the motivation and encouragement to keep moving. Let him know he is doing great if there is any progress. If there is no progress then let him know. Ask him to try it differently or choose another approach. But remember, always encourage and motivate him. If you lose hope then he will definitely lose it as well. Especially if he is trying to better after your request.

Be An Example For Him

The best way to teach him emotional availability, you need to practice this by yourself first. Be an example for him and your kids. You have to the environment of your home shows the importance of emotions in life and for human beings. You can treat him and your kids with care and understanding when they need you emotionally, instead of scolding them and making them feel bad. Watching you being emotionally available for everyone at home will somehow trigger his inner self to do the same. So, be a role model for him and also for your kids.

Fight For Your Right

Fighting for your rights means always letting him know where he is wrong. Where and when you needed him but he didn’t show support and was unavailable emotionally. Some men understand silence and anger but some men need a constant realization. If your man does not understand even after your problems then let him know. Even though the realization is by love, understanding or anger, and fight. It is your right to demand your needs, whether it is physical or emotional.

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There do exist emotionally unavailable men. All you need to do is to know who they are. And how to deal with them. Some need love and others need the realization. You need to identify yours.