Everyone Hates Me-Signs And How To Deal

“Everyone hates me” for one time or another, a person feels as if everyone around him hates him. Not all the people on earth feel like this but a majority of people do face such situations once in their lifetime. It could be in their childhood (6-12years old), teenage, or in their adult life.

It is not necessary that this feeling is a real situation as well. Mostly it is just in our heads. We feel as if we are not being loved. Hate is a very strong word. But the one feeling it is taking it as seriously as it sounds.

Now the reasons behind hatred could be jealousy from you or from your work, some revenge, anger and annoyance, status, or any other reason.

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Everyone Hates Me-Signs That Anyone Is Hating You

Today we will look into the signs that make you believe that someone hates you.

They Are Ignorant

When you are around a bunch of people and they tend to avoid or ignore you. Your presence is quite obvious but so is the ignorance. The main cause of feeling bad about it that you don’t even know the reason behind their hatred. You don’t know why they are being ignorant or rude.

They Taunt You

Their behavior with you is not welcoming and if they talk to you their tone is taunting. They tend to taunt and laugh at you. One can gang up on you and make fun of you or of your appearance. Your Friends are rude and are impolite towards you or on the other hand, treat you with too much sweetness which shows as they are making fun of you.

They Get Angry To See You

Someone get angry to see you. Whether they leave the room when you enter or it appears on their face. They often find ways to fight with you and also treat you badly.

You Are The First One To Call Them, Always

You are the one who calls them, who drop messages inquiring regarding their health. They never take initiative. They make excuses that “Oh I was busy, I forgot to call you” or “I was thinking of calling you (but never calls)”. When they talk to you they try to say disconnect the call as soon as possible. They seem in a hurry or always have excuses to cut off the long talk short. This behavior makes you believe that they don’t want to talk to you or as if they hate you.

Your Saying Seems To Be Unimportant

When you are around these people, you try to stay quiet. You never put up your opinion or have a say. You feel and believe as if no one wants to listen to you. Or your say has no value. Or you think as if they will insult you or will ignore you. Having such fear in your mind you stay quiet and feel as everyone around you hates you.

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You Need Reassurance

You feel that the behavior of others is not good with you and you have so many negative thoughts in your mind. Even if they keep on telling you that it is not true, they love you, they have nothing bad in their heart for you. You need validation and reassurance again and again. There is something stuck on your mind that doesn’t let on trust their words. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. And you just cannot make someone fool by your words when your actions don’t support your words.

You Always Hideout

You hideout, disconnect or disappear. Not somewhere far away but you hide out, disconnect and disappear from people around you to check on them if they realize your absence or not. Does it affect their lives or not. Does it make them worried for you and to contact you to see if you are okay or not. You do all this out of the feelings and perceptions that everyone hates you.

They Are Nice To You When They Need You

The most common problem with the feelings of hatred is that people are nice to you when they need you. But the minute they have fulfilled their needs they will forget about you. They won’t return your calls.

Wouldn’t meet you warmly. Will behave as if they never asked for any favor from you. Such mean and selfish people play with the feelings of others and make them doubt about humanity.

Everyone Hates Me But How To Deal With Hatred

Try To Understand Others’ Perspectives As Well

Sometimes it’s very important to look into the situation from others’ perspectives as well.

The reaction that you are thinking as hatred could be because of some of your actions.

Maybe something you said or did, is what makes them angry and hateful towards you.

Or the other perspective could be the mental state of that person.

Maybe he/she is suffering a lot in his/her personal or professional life that the hatred they showed to you was the outburst of that situation.

There could be many reasons. The need here is to realize and understand the fact that what their side of the story is.

Look Into The Around Scenario Factually

The moment in which someone showed feelings of hatred towards you is very important.

Most of the times all we remember are the reaction of the person.

We ignore or forget to look into the fact that what triggered that emotion. Sometimes we show hatred towards someone we love the most.

It is because they are trying to let you know their feelings without saying it out loud.

Or you have hurt them unknowingly that their reaction seems like hatred to you.

The point is to think of the whole scenario objectively and look for the reasons behind their behavior towards you.

Jumping to the conclusions and not knowing the facts and reasons behind outbursts can make the situation worse and can could some serious relationship damage.

Don’t Assume Onto Things

Stop assuming that what others are thinking about you. In most of the cases where someone complaints about being hated are and the actual situation but it is in their head.

They assume that others hate me. The reasons behind this thought can be: because I am richer than them because I am poor because I am more successful than them because I have got what they were lodging for.

Sometimes we have something in our mind and we keep on assuming the worst about it and start to believe it as the reality. This is merely our own loss.

When we meet that person, we meet them with warmth and in a friendly way but right after leaving their site or after one or two days we again start to have negative thoughts regarding them and start to believe as if they hate you. Although this is just your illusion and nothing else.

Their Deeds Are With Them, Not With You

If someone hates you for the unknown reason or for the reasons that you cannot change, then let them hate you. If it is merely on them and does not affect you in any way then you should not even bother them. Remember those who keep hatred in their hearts are not satisfied in their life as well. To live happily and to feel peace and satisfaction in life it is very important to spread happiness and love.

  • If their hatred is hurting you or causing you trouble then you must take some action to prevent it.
  • Ignore them
  • If they are making fun of you in gatherings then answer them with peace and dignity, this will show them down.
  • If they taunt you indirectly, like “Oh some people have on dressing sense, can’t believe no one told them that it’s out of fashion” Tell them indirectly that “don’t you think it is quite indecent to comment on someone’s dressing/appearance” or you can say “I believe they look beautiful in that dress better to look pretty in old fashioned clothes than to look dumb in following whatever is trending” this will be a good answer to their face and will give you satisfaction as well.

When To Seek Professional Help?

If you feel that everyone hates you for unknown reasons. And you have tried everything including meditation, exercise, talking to a close friend or trying to sort out the problem by yourself. And you are feeling depressed, tense, anxious, and sad. Feels lonely and empty. Then you can consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. There is no shame or harm in seeking professional help. As long as it is the matter of your well-being, no compromise should be made. Your health, well-being, and safety come the first.

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Quotes About “Everyone Hates Me”

I think everyone hates me. When they want me then only they talk to me or show me special concern and fake care”.

“I genuinely am paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and thinks I am really annoying and awful and is pretending to be my friend, it’s all part of some big joke”.

“I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous- everyone hasn’t met me yet.” – Rodney Dangerfield

“Thank you for all those who hated me all these years. Thank you for making me stronger, tougher, and a fighter. Now I am beyond your approach and you all are still standing on the same spot!” – Amina Anas

“People Hate You For 1 of 3 Reasons”:

  1. They hate themselves
  2. Anyone want to be you
  3. They see you as a threat
  4. When you love yourself you are incapable of hating anyone no matter what they’ve done.” – Tony Gaskins


Hate is a feeling that no one wants to feel. Always try to figure out if these feelings have some real basis or it just your imagination. Secondly sort out if the one hating you has any significance in your life or is just a third person, for whom you have no place in your life.

If professional help is required never shy away in getting it.

Take care of yourself and those around you.

Spread love and stay away from hate.

Have a nice day!


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