How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?

The question that is asked today is how long does it take to fall in love? This is a question whose answer cannot be objectified. In some cases, it takes only a second to fall in love with someone and in some cases, it takes a lifelong time to genuinely get indulged with someone. For a mother, it takes the first sight of her child to bestow all her love and affection upon the baby and in some cases, the mothers feel the bond and attachment even when the baby is still not born. Love is a feeling that cannot be generalized even when we are talking about the same kind of relationship. It is different for everyone. Today we will look into some scientific facts about falling in love and also will look into some real-life examples of how long it took them to fall in love.

how long does it take to fall in love

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love – Scientific Facts About Falling In Love

  • In some cases, it takes one-fifth of a second to develop feelings for someone.
  • Love, at first sight, does exist.
  • Sometimes it takes years to realize that you have feelings for someone. You probably develop them after a long time or you just don’t get yourself to realize that he/she is the one.
  • The study shows that love, at first sight, happens to men more than to women. Around 48% of men do fall in love at the first sight.
  • Eye contact makes it easier to fall if both persons have intended it the same.
  • The study says that men take only 88 days to confess their love to their partner which is not even a total of 3 months and 39% of them confess it even in the first month of dating (seriously?) whereas women take around 135 days to say those three magical words.
  • If you are in live-in a relationship with that person then you will fall sooner for them than just dating them. Bonding hormones are released while being together in bed, it mostly happens to women.
  • Your brain urges you to get the unmet needs fulfilled. Once these needs are met, the stimulation gets stopped.

 Real-Life Examples Of “How Long Does It Takes To Fall In Love”

Here are a few stories that will give us the idea that there is no time limit to falling in love. Love is a feeling and when this feeling develops in someone then he didn’t get the idea that when he /she falls in love.

Story of A Girl:

I was 16 years when I got married. My parents got me married to a 24 years old boy. I met him on the day of our wedding.

I did see his picture though. On our wedding night, I was scared as hell. He came in and introduced himself to me.

And then he told me to sleep peacefully, he won’t touch me unless I allow him to.

As the days passed by, he took care of all my needs. Used to bring my favorite ice cream to me almost daily.

Within a month he won my heart with his care and affection. One day he brought flower bangles for me.

That was the first time I hugged him. One and a half months after my wedding.

Ever since then our love keeps on growing stronger and stronger. It’s been 6 years of us being together.  Hania T., 22.

 jack’s Story:

There was a girl in my office who was very reserved and never got along with anyone except two of her colleague friends.

I initially took her as arrogant and rude because she never talked to anyone else in the office except it was for office-related work.

She ignored coming to the parties that were held outside of the office premises.

We were in the same office for two years before I started to develop feelings for her.

We were in the same department, one day I was sitting on my chair and I saw her laughing.

I don’t how and why but from that day onwards I got to feel attracted to everything she did and the way she looked like.

Then long story short. I approached her we dated for around one year with time as I got to know her personally, I developed my love and feel more strongly.

After one year of dating, I proposed to her and we got married.

For me, it was just her laugh that made me attracted to her.

Afterward, I started to like everything she did, whatever she said. Sometimes it still makes me wonder what went different. Jack R., 32.

Robbert’s Love: 

I knew I was in love with her from the very first month of dating. After two months I proposed to her. We have been married for 5 years now.

It did take me days to fall for her. Maybe because she was attractive and had a great personality.  Robbert F., 34.

Jennifer’s Story:

My husband confessed that he fell for me on our first date. FIRST DATE.

Although I was all confused and silly on our first date for him he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

For me, it took almost 3 months or you can say 6 dates to actually fall in love with him.

I did like him a lot but by the sixth date, I knew that he is all I have been wondering about all my life. Jennifer D., 28.

Love In Distant relationship:

I got engaged to my cousin and went aboard for higher studies. It was an arranged engagement from our parents.

I and fiancé were not in love. Though we were friends before. I stayed abroad for three years.

We talked to each other over calls and text messages.

We developed such a great understanding with each other that the day I came before I got the wedding dates fixed and got married within a month. Now we are best friends who are deeply in love.

The long-distance relationship was difficult for both of us and we did have big huge fights as well but our relationship keeps on getting stronger rather than falling apart and now we are married to each other for 4 years. Ahtesham M., 29.

David’s Struggle For Love:

I saw a girl at a park during my morning walk.

I just saw her once and then I started to wait for her every day. She was not a regular visitor.

My obsession with her grows so much that I used to get excited to go to the park daily and used to wait for her crazily.

It took me three months to go to her and tell her what she is to me. She definitely took it pretty negatively and got angry.

She used to visit the park with her friend. So, I approached her friend and took her friend’s help to get in touch with her.

After the struggle and attempts of 5 months, she agreed to talk to me and it took me 3 more months to make her develop feelings for me.

With love, patience, and consistency, I got successful in getting her to fall for me and also to get married.

Now it has been 11 years that we are together and it still feels like a new fresh love. Yes, I did fall in love with my wife at the first sight. David P., 38.

John H.’s Love Story:

I was more of a playboy and flirt. I have dated a lot of girls but break-ups happened due to small and little reasons.

It wasn’t always from my side but I always ended up alone. Until I met this girl.

She was someone who taught me the way of life. And She guided me, scolded me for something wrong.

She was like a relationship maker. When we had our first fight I told her that it is time to break up.

She told me that we just had a fight and this is not how it works.

She taught me the real meaning of love and being in a relationship.

There came a time when it became so difficult for me to spend a single day without talking to her.

Today we are married to each other and having the best time of our lives.  I am very thankful to her for coming into my life and making it so perfect.

I love her from the core of my heart. John H., 33.

You May Find Helpful

The true meaning of love for Emma:

I permanently shifted to my home country from abroad. Then I was 10 years old back then.

I and my four other cousins became friends (they were already a group, and I was an addition to that group) one of my cousins developed an interest in me and confessed that he loves me.

I was also attracted to him. Time passed by and his love for me became stronger and stronger.

We started talking to each other at the age of 16 (he was 18 at that time). Initially, we had the best time talking to each other.

But as time passed by we started to have fights. Big enough to reach the point of breaking up.

But never got the guts to step out of the relationship because we were in love before we got to know the real meaning of love.

Finally, the time came when we got married. After 13 years of being in love and 7 years of having a textual relationship, we got married.

The bond and the love we share are just beyond explanation. I can say that I loved him since I didn’t even know the true meaning of love. Emma A., 27.

Love In Tom’s Story:

I was a 23-year-old young boy and she was a 27-year-old girl. We started dating online.

We did not meet each other for six months, did share pictures with each other.

Never even video called each other. Talked online or through calls. She had this amazing voice that made me fall for her.

We talked about so many thought-provoking things.

Our story wasn’t based on some lust or physical attraction we bonded through each other’s perspective on life. We dated each other for about 2 years.

Our families had this concern about the age difference at first, due to which we took a break from our relationship as well.

But we tried hard to make them believe that it doesn’t matter as long as you love and respect each other.

After a long struggle and surviving a break up we got together and got married. We are so happy and satisfied with our life today.  Tom F., 30.


From the above-mentioned stories, we can get the idea that the love experience and the way of falling in love are as unique as your life. You cannot know when the right time to fall in love is but you can know that your story could be like one of the above-mentioned stories. If you have a love story that you want to share with the world, do let us know we will share your story with the world. Love and keep loving.