How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

There is a girl in your class, your neighbour, in your office, or your friend’s friend that you like a lot. You have a crush on her for a long time now and you want her to be with you. To be your girlfriend. The problem is how to ask her to be your girlfriend. In this article, we will help you in  How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

You are fearful that what if she would say no. Or will make fun of you or will insult you and your feelings.

You want to have different ideas that will help you make that girl your girlfriend. Today we will explore different ways and ideas about how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Try To Be Friends With Her:

If she is not your friend yet then the first thing you need to do is to make her your friend.

To make her your girlfriend directly is not an easy task. Always go step by step. And the first step is to be friends with her.

You can seek help from your friends. If she is your friend’s friend then all you need to do is to ask your friend to introduce you both. And then there you go.

If she is your class fellow or college fellow, go to her to ask for some notes, or you can ask for help in doing your assignment, in the subject that she is good in.

If she is sitting alone in the cafeteria or even with friends then go sit with them, and show as you didn’t find a place anywhere else to sit.

You can have many other ideas like these to start a conversation with her.

If she is your colleague then you can help her out or ask for help in office projects or can compliment her for her good work. Etc.

Here you are only focusing on getting along with her.

Proceed With A Plan:

Go step by step and make a plan to follow. Once you succeed to get her number and get to have an introductory meet up (by any means) now you need a plan to proceed.

First of all, send her a forward text message or a WhatsApp message that is funny.

Not having an adult joke but a cute and funny joke. That she would reply with a laughing emoji or laughing words like “haha”.

This will give you the go-ahead to make informal casual talk. You can talk about something work-related or project related.

Not so formal but related to work. E.g. “How is your prep going for tomorrow’s presentation?”

or “Did you take the hand notes from yesterday’s lecture? Actually, I was absent and my dumb friends didn’t take any.”

Such informal conversation will lead to you a series of conversations that will help you grow a friendly way into her heart. Which will eventually help you go personal and making her your girlfriend?

All you need is a plan to move forward.

Look For The Ideal Situations:

Always have an eye on happenings around her. You should be aware of when she needs help or when you can have some alone time with her.

To make her your girlfriend you need to be around her and to show her that you are boyfriend material.

You can always find a chance to show that you are good-hearted, caring, loving, and know-how to respect a girl.

(Don’t just pretend, if you lack any of these qualities then get one first.) Girls like a gentleman who can be protective and have all the above-mentioned qualities as well.

You can drop her off if she is looking for a bus to arrive or can help her in her some class/office assignment.

Can plan a surprise birthday party for her with other friends, can take her to her favourite ice-cream place.

Can give her emotional support when she needs it or can show love and care if she seems upset.

But remember to do all this in a limit as she is not your girlfriend yet.

Start Spending More Time With Her:

Once you both have become friends, start spending more time with her. When in college/ office be around her more then you use to be before.

After work, send her text messages and start a conversation there. Take her out for ice-cream or dinner, with other friends. Not alone. Start making her realize how you feel.

E.g. When you go out for ice-cream to remember that which flavour she ate and how much she was crazy about that flavour and when the next time you go out with her you ask her “one chocolate caramel for you, right?” this will show her that you noticed that which flavour she likes, and you remembered.

In this way, you can proceed. Step by step making way into her heart.

Gift Her Something Small (At first)

Gift her something small but precious.

If it is on her birthday then give her something that she likes or she saw somewhere and liked a lot (as you see in movies).

Or something you find beautiful. It must not be a very expensive thing as this could go wrong in your way.

If you want to gift her something without any occasion, then you can gift her some flowers, casually.

When she is with you and you guys are going somewhere, and in a way, you see a flower shop.

You ask her do you like flowers, if she says yes, then gift her, her favourite flowers.

Don’t become so romantic and all, try to make it look casual. Other than this you can gift her a nice paperweight for her office desk, or a nice diary.

Whatever that doesn’t look so obvious that you are hitting on her and at the same time she understands your intentions.

It’s Time To Let Her Know About Your Feelings For Her

After all this, it is time to let her know how you feel about her. You can do it directly face to face. Or can do it over a text message.

If you want to do it directly then lay down a base to reach your target. Ask her to go out with you at dinner, or to the movie, or whatever you feel comfortable.

Get nicely dressed. After ordering the food, Or after watching a movie, you can tell her how you feel.

You can go like “I wanted to tell you something” or “I think you should know something.” or however you better like it.

Confess your love for her. Tell her, “I like you, a lot.” Or “I am falling for you.” or, “I think I am in love with you.”

Whatever you feel right. According to your situation. Just say it.

Or if you want to do this over a text message, then you can have the ideas mentioned below under the heading “How to ask someone to be your girlfriend over text”

Be Ready For Any Kind Of Reaction

Remember that it was you who loved her and wanted her to be your girlfriend.

You don’t know her side of a story. You have to be prepared for any kind of reaction.

Maybe she accepts it and confesses her love for you in return.

Or she apologizes and tells you that she doesn’t have feelings for you or there is someone else.

Or maybe she becomes angry and leaves you alone there.

Be prepared for every kind of reaction. And not only ready but also respect her decision.

Don’t become angry or egoistic upon rejection. As you start thinking that I spent so much time making efforts to get you to this day and now you are telling me that you don’t have feelings for me. Etc.

Be a gentleman and deal with every kind of reaction with grace and dignity.

And there is a good chance that she would say yes as if she agreed to go out with you for this special dinner.

Caution About How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Always know and look for her reaction. If she is not giving you any negative signals that she is not liking what you are doing, or she is not getting irritated with all your moves then it’s fine.

But if she is hinting you that she is not liking all of this and she does not want you to be around her like that or to give her gifts etc.

Then back off and respect her words and demands.

In this case, you can directly tell her that you have feelings for you, which is why you did this all.

If she responds positively then find a way to proceed, mutually. Or if she tells you to back off then back off.

You cannot force her into anything especially when she is disliking it.

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend Over Text

  • Hey, listen, it’s been a while since we are friends, wanted to tell you that I like you. I believe we would make a great couple. What do you think?
  • I like to be with you, what about you?
  • I was thinking that we might become something other than “just friends”. I have a crush on you for a while, try to give me a chance to be something more to you than just friends.
  • The time we spend together is my favourite and I think you are becoming an important part of my life, now it’s not possible for me to hide my feelings that I have for you. if you think the same for me or you feel that I could be your boyfriend, then we could go out on an official first date.
  • We are great friends, but I feel I have some feelings that need to be known. If our feelings are mutual then we can try going out as bf, gf. ? If not, then it’s cool, our friendship will be the same.
  • You are so beautiful and I like you a lot, I love spending time with you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?
  • I know, it’s so much fun talking to you this way. We click really well. We have lots in common. We would look great together. What do you say?
  • Slip her a note saying, “your secret admirer”. And add “this is just a way of telling you that you have a secret admirer, of course, I am talking about myself. You probably don’t know me yet, but still. You are cute, sweet, and delightful. I admire your simplicity, kindness, and wit. It thought you should know that there is someone who admires you and really appreciates you.”
how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

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These are some of the ways to ask a girl to become your girlfriend. Do let us know which way worked the best for you.


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