How To Be Funny – 10 Steps To Increase Humor

Not everyone has the art to be funny but everyone likes to be funny. Having a good sense of humor makes you famous among your friends, the most liked person in the family, and the one who brings life to a group and makes everyone happy. What a good thing it would be if we can make someone laugh in their hard times, depressing days, and anxious situations. It is such a great deed to make someone happy, to bring a smile to someone’s face. In a world where everyone is making you depressed, letting you down, and passing meaningful comments on social media & live, why don’t you just choose to be someone different? Someone funny!

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How To Be Funny- 10 Easy Steps To Become Funny

First of all, you need to learn what makes you laugh. What factors trigger your laughter? You must observe that you can stop yourself from laughing (sometimes) consciously but it is quite hard to make someone laugh when it is on-demand. You can make someone laugh mostly when they are not expecting it to. So you have to look into the science behind laughter and what and when it is triggered the most.

You must be observed when you read a joke alone from a mobile screen you mostly just smile a little and comment “LOL”. But when you are around people and someone cracks the same joke you do laugh out loud. So, it shows that the atmosphere and surroundings influence laughter. Sometimes when you are trying hard not to laugh in a funny situation, you burst into laughter even more loudly and uncontrollably. Also, it is easy to laugh when other people around you are laughing, as you all have heard “laughter is contagious”.

Interesting fact: It is also been observed that when you ask yourself to stop crying, it becomes harder to stop but when you confront yourself in the mirror and say “cry, cry more” in an angry manner, you do stop crying. Didn’t know this, well do try it.

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1- Learn The Art Of Laugh

Learn the art to laugh and making others laugh in situations and settings that are boring and dull. Like your workplace or with your sad and depressed friend. This is where when you can say something funny, there are more chances of good laughter from your audience as compared to a comedy center. It is because when you are working in an intense setting, a blow of lighter air is always appreciated. So, learn to create humor in boring and unexciting settings.

Also when your friend is sad and anxious, you can make her laugh to divert her attention and boost her mood. It is evident when an unhappy and tense person watches a funny clip or reads a joke, he/she tends to laugh more loudly than others. Maybe they are finding a way to blow away their tension and worry with a good loud laugh, “they laugh where they cannot cry” – Deep!

2- Be Playful With Words Having Witty Hidden Meanings

Very few people know how to draw a line between getting cheap in humor and keeping it funny. When it comes to playing with words have some hidden meanings, two-meaning words, or a slip of tongue. All intentionally or unintentionally, does trigger the mind of a humorous person. All you have to look for such a slip of the tongue and two-meaning words and make humor out of it. But the tricky part here is knowing who is your audience. If you are among friends then you can become funny through some cheap thrills as well. But if you are a part of some sophisticated gathering then knew how to play a classy gag.

3- Explore Your Humorous Side

We all have a humorous side. Some expose it in front of their friends, some are more comfortable with their family. Some use it with everyone. It is your choice where and how you use it but it is for sure everyone has a humorous side. We as a baby start to smile and laugh at the age of 3 to 4 months and when we are 5 years, some of us start to use humor in our conversation. It is just a matter of time when you decide to use your humor and also decide where to use it.

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4- Use Humor On Yourself

Using the humor on yourself doesn’t mean using it for practice only, but also when you are in a gathering and having a humorous gag. You have to joke to yourself instead of doing it to others. Which will not only offend the one you joked about and also will damage your image. So the best way to make everybody laugh, you need to joke on your own self. E.g. “People like me just couldn’t get enough of free food ” Or “Students like me always keep on praying that may our teacher is on leave today.” Such types of jokes make everyone laugh and also no one gets hurt. Once a famous comedian said: “We always start to joke about anything from ourselves, unless you don’t make fun of yourself in front of others, you cannot joke about someone else.”

5- Always Know Your Audience

Before getting humorous and funny, always know your audience. Know if they are more into fictional jokes, or into jokes related to real-life events. Do they like it decent and safe or they are more into muted and two-meaning jokes? The more you are aware of your audience the easier it would be to joke around them and make them laugh. If you are in a new gathering where you don’t know the taste of people, here you can listen to what conversations they are having and what is making them laugh. You can take a hint and then pitch in.

6- Create Curiosity In Your Audience

Another way to make your audience laugh is to create curiosity among them. Get them into thinking and when your answer will come to them as a surprise they will laugh even harder. Because they were thinking something technical to your question and the answer you gave to them was witty and humorous.

E.g. you say “One day my wife was upset with me and was packing a suitcase, darling where are you going at this time of night? She says: Not me, you are going out of this room!” Such kind of jokes creates a funny and humorous environment. And everyone enjoys your company.

7- Hit The Right Beat

Hit the right beat means to say a joke at the right time. When something funny happens or some situation that could be used as a funny punch, then hit at the right time. If you will take so long to think of something funny or say it when the moment has passed, it will not give you the reaction you could have had if you said it when the situation was hot.

  1. E.g. your lazy friend says to you, “buddy today I am not feeling like going out”.

you say in reply,” oh yeah as daily you are the first one to hang out right”

2. Or your friend casually says, “It is night already”, and you reply “seriously? We thought the sun was just being shy.”

From the examples, it becomes clearer how and when to hit right into the situation.

If you missed the opportunity, then it’s okay! It is better to wait for some other opportunity to come rather than saying something cold or something old. You must have noticed when we hear some old jokes, we don’t laugh as much as we did the first time. Because your brain didn’t find it a piece of new exciting information. The more you are not expecting a joke to come, the better are the chances to get the stimulation of laughter.

8- Avoid To Make Humor At The Wrong Time

As a funny person, it sometimes becomes difficult to stop yourself from saying something funny even in delicate and fragile situations. Places like a funeral, weddings, serious gatherings like protests, etc. never make jokes. Also avoid making jokes about color, race, religion, and sect; These are sensitive topics and usually, jokes about these situations are taken negatively and breed anger. So be careful and be sensible.

9- Learn Some Punch Lines

Say it punch line or one-liner. It is what will help you to be spontaneous. You can think of some punch lines or words that usually work well for you and can also take inspiration from famous comedians and look at their punch lines.

10- Read, Learn, Watch And Explore

If you want to be really funny you have to take inspiration from someone famous and known for their comedy timing, the content, and also the psyche of his/her audience. To be a master you would need to learn from the masters. Watch Comedy TV shows, from there you would learn a lot about the timing and wit. Read books of famous comedians or comics. This will build your joke vocabulary and also will teach you about the mindset of various audiences. Learn by observation, observe what makes other people happy, what brings a smile to their faces, and what makes them go laugh out loud.

Also, notice what topics or what kind of jokes make people uncomfortable or angry. Explore and experiment with any new ideas that come to your mind, but first, try them with your friends or someone comfortable with you being all silly.

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Everyone loves funny, and everyone can be funny. All you have to learn the basic rules of comedy and practice a bit then you will become funny. In this article, we have covered all the aspects of how to be funny, with examples. So, go read and make others laugh with your jokes. Have a LOL day 😉