How to be Intimidating – Tips and Tricks

Intimidate: “To frighten or restrain (somebody), especially to make them do what one wants”

The definition of intimidating shows the meaning of what it’s is to be intimidating.

People choose to be intimidating because they want to stand unique and be different than others. To make others fearful, uneasy, and nervous, some people adopt this negative quality to gain social standing and to get the desired outcome. Being intimidating can be helpful in business, sports, and other competitive situations or environments to learn how to be intimidating can help avoid being intimidated by others.

How To Be Intimidating

Let’s look at the following points to learn how to be intimidating:

How to be Intimidating – Body language:

Stand straight and tall:

Your body language speaks a thousand words. To convince someone about your status and outstanding, you need to work on your body language. To stand tall and confident is how you have to be. Practice good posture. You may even learn a bit forward while making conversation.

Take your space:

Take your space means that you should be filling up space more. When you are standing, sitting, or walking, take the space as much as possible. This behavior will depict your confidence and that as if you own the space you are standing in.

While sitting, sit in a relaxed position, lean back, keeping your body comfortable by loosening your arms and legs.

When you are walking, walk as if you are the only one in the way, keep your arms open and swinging out of your side. While standing, make your arms and legs away from each other.

Put hands on your hips:

Placing your arms on your hips shows the stance of authority and fearlessness. When someone is standing in front of you and talking, place your hands on your hips, arms apart from the body. This will show your intimidating personality and you will stand out.

Stand in the way of others:

When you are standing somewhere, stand as if you own the space. Try to take as much as space possible. If someone has the pass you out, they will either ask you to take a side or try to go out from the side.

In most cases, they will pass by you without confronting you, or could ask you to give them some space to pass by. Both ways it will show you as intimidating.

You can stand like this in the staircases, doorways or hallways, etc. If someone asks you to let them pass please, you can say that oh, I didn’t saw you there. This will prominent your intimidation.

Crossed Arms:

Crossed arms also show authority and confidence. Cross them close to your chest and do it firmly. Don’t lose them or place them too low. This will show your nervousness and lack of confidence. You can do this while sitting, standing, or even walking.


Glare or scowl look can give the impression of you being angry, aggressive, or displeased. This is the look you get from your boss. They try to maintain their authority over the employees by doing this and subordinates fear while talking to them.

This is considered important to maintain the discipline and decorum of the business place.


To look intimidating you can point your finger on the one you are talking to. This will look a bit rude but in order to be intimidating, it can work for you. It shows power, conviction, and authority.

Work on your body muscles:

As we are talking about the body language right now, muscles also count as a feature of intimidation, studies show that muscular body depicts power and assertiveness. People feel more intimidated by the people who have a stronger body structure apparently. So, if you want to look intimidating, work on your physical appearance as well.

Don’t twitch:

Twitching or fidget are signs of confusion and nervousness. Make your body stable and still deliberately. Twitching includes playing with your hand, tapping foot or hand, ticking the ballpoint, etc. you can work on these pints by deliberately avoiding them, once you become stable and still it will make you more intimidating.

Dress well:

To be intimidating the most important part is to look good, groom yourself, maintain personal hygiene. These points are very important if you want others to have an impact on you.

Dressing, your dressing must of up to date and should include shiny bright clothes. Decent and simple clothes will work better. If you are a man, dress up like a gentleman.

Grooming, if you are a man maintain your looks up to date and get a haircut timely, nails should be properly cut, use attractive perfume, grow a beard as it also shows the signs of masculinity. If you are a woman chose the decent and simple clothes, avoid heavy jewelry, go for a light makeup avoid high heels.

How to be Intimidating – Work on your facial expressions:

Facial expressions are the game-changer. A slight expression of smile or anger can destroy all your impression of being intimidating. Work on your facial expressions. We usually show smile for happiness, frowning expressions for disagreement, puffing for shock, etc. try to keep your expressions as neutral as possible. Practice can be done in front of a mirror. Or with someone close to you.

Go for eye contact:

Eye contact can be a sign of confidence and shows your personality as intimidating. Those who avoid making eye contact are often nervous about of lack of confidence.

So, you should practice eye contact to show your authority. However, in some places, it is not taken as an acceptable gesture.

Also in some cultures, it is not appreciated to make direct eye contact, especially with your opposite gender. So, do consider these factors as well.

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Be clear when you speak:

After your physical appearance comes your way to interaction. It is very important to know what you are talking about. Choose clear and precise words. Avoid mumbling or whining while speaking. Your tone and your way or talking speak a thousand words. It will show whether you are confident or lacking it.

Speak at a normal volume neither too high not too low. Choose even tone, insert pressure where needed. Let the confident look through your tone, words, and volume.

If you have a problem while delivering your words evenly or you doubt mumbling then you can first think of what you want to say and then say it aloud. Avoid saying words abruptly.

Firmness and assertiveness are important:

  • Firmness and being assertive is the key when you want to appear as intimidating through communication.
  • You need to be confident and firm enough to put on your opinion openly and stand by it.
  • Being able to disagree with someone and not being sorry for that
  • Should be able to say a “No” rather than making excuses
  • If criticized, avoid being defensive, put your point clearly and then let them talk.
  • Use authoritative phrases and words. You can use phrases like “I want it to happen” instead of saying “let’s give it a chance as well”.
  • Stay affirm on your opinion, don’t fall back easily, if you believe in it then explain it again and again rather than just agreeing on moving on.

Be the bitch/ loose talk:

Being intimidating is not a chocolate pie. You need to be the bad guy as a whole. Be a bitch means being the one who talks loosely about others. Or in other words, it’s called trash talk.

It is commonly observed in politics, to some extent in sports as well. Also, some Bosses use it. It is used to make your opponent feel worried and anxious by your intimidation.

The talk can be like, “sir john the world knows how honest you are with your words when it comes to fulfilling your promises.” This kind of talk is very common in politics.

But always remember, never use racist, sexist, abusive, or personal comments. Comment on the work or skill of the person. Being intimidating doesn’t mean to hit under the belt.

Have a support system:

Being intimidating means that you have a personality that attracts others and they follow you and want to be like you. When you go to a new place where not a lot of people know you, take your support system with you. Having people at your back to follow you and to look up to you can have an impact.

This will show that you are powerful and have some authority.

Having entourage makes you look like a leader and a strong person. You can even hire the entourage as well for some time to build up your intimidating personality/image.

They can work as your “wingmen”. They will have to talk about your qualities and achievements. They will let you lead them and respect you.

You have to be very caring and respectful to them as well. Be good and kind to them. Look after their needs and interests, respect them.

Show off your achievements:

Be open and confident in showing off your achievements. They could be anything, certificates, awards, degrees, etc.

you can high light them on your social media, can put them on your office wall, can add them to your profile. You can also keep mentioning your achievements in your conversations with other high profile people as well.

Talking about your accomplishments confidently will make you look more intimidating.

It doesn’t matter if your achievement isn’t so big. This is the way that matters while you are telling them. The pride and confidence in your voice and body language will make you win there.

Maintain Mystery:

The more mysterious you are the more intimidating you will appear. Not everyone around you needs to know everything about you. Be a low profile person. Never discuss your personal life with others. The curiosity will keep the people more interested in you. Consider the following things while keeping yourself low profile:

  • Never speak up when there is no need to put on your opinion.
  • Not everyone or everything needs your input. Be silent, obverse, and listen carefully. You listen carefully and not giving any input will also make an intimidating impression of you.
  • Never look idle. Always keep on doing something. Work, reading a book, or using notepad or mobile. Don’t get bothered unless anyone bothers you.
  • Never start a conversation with someone. Let them talk first.
  • Try to be vague with your answers. Answer in a way that they don’t even get to know what they asked and the conversation also gets off. E.g. if someone asks you, Hey, you look so cool. You may reply to them, “ahan’. This will end the conversation. However, do know where what is needed. It’s totally on you to depict the situation and behave in a certain way as needed in the situation.

Important Tips:

  • Being intimidating is not easy neither is needed in every situation. Always try to be more open and loving to from family. They need your love and attention and moreover, you will need them more once you will become intimidating for the world.
  • Always know how to behave or react in certain situations. Not every situation requires the same kind of response. You can mold your behavior and body language accordingly.
  • Practice your weak points. All the above-mentioned points are important to be intimidating so work on all of them.
  • Being intimidating is not everyone’s cup of tea. Know your reasons why you want to be intimidating and become one only if it seems important and right.


Today we have discussed how to be intimidating. We have talked about all the necessary steps needed to be taken while going through the journey of being intimidated. Now it’s on you how you practice it and become a master in it.

Just a friendly reminder. You may become the rock for the world, but be the cotton for your family.


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