how to calm down anxiety

How To Calm Down Anxiety – 8 Easy Ways

Anxiety is your body’s likely and natural reaction to stress. It’s a sensation of panic or fear about something that is about to happen. Like your first day at the office, your exam day, your first date, etc. How to calm down anxiety? There are several ways that can be used and applied to deal with anxiety that is of average intensity. Average intensity is what we all go through at one stage or another in life and is what a person normally gets into contact with me.

How To Calm Down Anxiety

Now let’s find out the most frequent ways to calm down your anxiety.

how to calm down anxiety

1-Take A Deep Breath

Breathe. When you are feeling tense, stressed, and anxious, sit down and breathe. Inhale and exhale long breaths and try to relax.

A study shows that Breathing is the most efficient method for dropping anger and anxiety rapidly.

When a person is anxious or mad, he/she will likely take rapid, shallow breaths.

The same study shows that breathing directs a message to your brain, producing a positive response hoop and strengthening your fight-or-flight reaction.

This is why compelling extensive, deep relaxing breaths disturb that hoop and support you to calm down.

There are numerous breathing methods to benefit you calm down. One of which is three-part breathing.

In this method, you go for a long deep breath in and exhale it by focusing on your body.

After you get contented with deep breathing, change the percentage of breath intake, and exhalation to 1:2. Which makes it lowers your exhalation rate so that the inhalation rate doubles. Know and accept your changing mood

To control and calm down your anger or anxiety, first of all, you need to know and accept that something has happened.

You should know that you are feeling differently and it is not good for you.

Some people do not realize and accept that they are stressed out or anxious and keep on pressurizing themselves which can be bad for their mental stability and peace.

To know, accept, and then be ready to work on your anxiety is what you will be needing in calming it down. Without knowing that you are sick you cannot treat your illness. Anxiety is the same as that.

2-Encounter Your Thinking Process

Anxiety is the feeling of fear and panic or terror that a person seems to have about his/her future. From its explanation, it is evident that it’s a game of your mind.

It’s all about controlling your thoughts and the thinking process.

You have to go for a more positive approach and have to believe in yourself. Or the other approach that helps is to think of the worst outcome/result and then get prepared for it mentally.

This helps you let go of the fear you were feeling before and become more confident and ready to face anything.

You have to make your mind believe that everything is under control. And you are ready to face the new challenges coming your way with full energy and zest.

When you have negative thoughts and doubts in your mind then anxiety level not only increases but makes you suffer a lot more than you thought.

So, always try to manage and regulate your thoughts in a positive way.

3-Let Your Anxiety And Anger Spill Out

Keeping your anxiety and anger inside your body can be harmful to you. It can affect you in several ways.

  • Emotional breakdown
  • Stress and unease
  • Continued negative thoughts
  • High blood pressure
  • Disturbed relationships
  • Feelings of hatred
  • Feeling of constant fear.


These are the results of keeping your anxiety inside your body. Let it come out. You can share your problem with someone. You can tell someone what is making you angry and how to feel you about it.

When you cannot let your anxiety and anger come out on the right person that triggered it, then the best way is to either share your feelings and thoughts with someone or look for a change in the environment. Leave the room, and space, and go out for fresh air.

This will help you feel better and you will be able to see the situation from other perspectives as well. Sometimes all you need is to divert yourself to feel the pain or emotional distress.


4-Picture Yourself In A Calm And Composed Environment

Sometimes to make yourself escape from the actual situation also works. When you feel stressed or anxious then sit somewhere peaceful and close your eyes.

Relax by taking deep breaths and feel your breath moving around in your body. Once your body is relaxed, try to focus on your happy place.

It could be anything, nature, sea, star-filled sky, or anything. Close your eyes and visualize your happy place.

The place that gives you ultimate calm and peace.

You can visualize yourself being in that very place and enjoying yourself. set your body free while sitting and feel as if you are there and you can feel whatever you are imagining.

This practice will definitely you make relax and calm down and you will forget the tension for a good long time.

Positive energy and change in mood would be observed.

5-Divert Your Attention

When you start to feel anxiety and want to calm it down then look for a diversion.

Divert your mind. You can listen to music, watch some comedy movies or series, can go out for a walk, or can go for a long drive.

You can also cook, clean, or paint. It is more like whatever you feel like doing. Anything that helps you divert your mind and attention from the thing that causes anxiety to you, you can do it.

Taking to a friend or going out with friends can also be one of the ideas.

There could be many things and ideas that you can adopt to divert yourself from anxiety.

6-Exercise Can Also Relieve Anxiety

To make yourself feel fresh, positive and content adopt the habit of exercise.

To go out for a morning or evening walk, to walk out at the gym, or to do exercise at home.

Whatever is easy and comfortable for you, you can go for it. The exercise makes your body’s minerals all active and blood circulation just on point.

You feel energetic, fresh, and happy even after doing a long workout.

To maintain a balance in your life healthy mind and a healthy body both matter equally.

If you keep on eating junk food and your lifestyle doesn’t include a healthy diet and exercise then this will become apparent in your personality as well.

a girls face

Not giving your body the necessary movement can make you irritated, stressed, and angry most of the time.

So change your lifestyle today and make a big difference.

7-Give Time To Yourself

To calm down your anxiety you need to give yourself proper time. Love yourself. Know your worth, know that you are important and it’s ok to put yourself first at times.

Learn to love yourself first and then love others. It’s ok to become selfish at times especially when you know that your sacrifice is not going to give any benefit to others.

Go shopping, take care of your looks, and groom yourself. Try to make yourself happy and spend time with yourself. Stop hurting yourself and be kind to yourself.

You will do all this for yourself. For your content life. Because you cannot expect others to love and respect you unless you love and respect yourself.

So, the minute you will realize the worth of your happiness, you will find ways to calm your anxiety. Maybe you even won’t let the anxiety happen. It’s all up to you how much you will take care of yourself.

But it doesn’t mean becoming selfish and ignorant toward others. Just know your worth and don’t let others ruin it for others’ own benefit.

8-Stay In The Present

Anxiety happens when you get all worried and tensed about your future. Whether it’s your near future or the future far away.

To avoid anxiety and to stay calm and happy always try to live in the moment.

Those who live in the past would just waste their present opportunities and those who are always worried about their future would keep on doing this till the end because they never availed the opportunities of the present.

To live in a moment is not everyone’s cup of tea. But those who learn to live in the present are the happiest. Because if it’s a happy moment they will cherish it and if it’s a worrying situation then they become stronger to face it off because there is no other option than to face it off.

The quote “This too shall pass” is very famous and can make you go through a number of emotions at a time.

This quote/phrase has the power to make you hopeful on your worst days and reminds you to be content on your happy days because as it is said. This too shall pass…

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How To Calm Down Anxiety When Angry

How to calm down anxiety when you are angry:

  • The most famous and approved way to calm down your anger and your anxiety (controlling the anger can help you calm your anxiety) is to follow sit down and drink water.
  • If you are standing then sit down, if you are sitting then lay down. This technique is used to calm your anger down. And as it is told, once your anger will be controlled so would be your anxiety.
  • Leave the room that contains the people or things that are making you angry. Go out for a walk or just in another room. Whatever is possible for you to do.
  • Let your anger come out. Let it get spilled out in order to make you feel relaxed and calm. But remember always let your anger out only when you know that it would harm or hurt others’ emotions. Or it is the one who made you angry. Never channel your anger on someone who doesn’t deserve it.
  • You can think of the result. You should always think of the consequences before spilling out your anger on someone. If you know that after being angry with someone you are going to feel guilty and bad for a long time then it’s better to stop before spilling it out. Instead, leave the premises and let your anger calm down. Or share your feelings with someone else. Like your friend or someone close. Letting your feelings out would help you calm down and relax.
  • Try to be positive and try to understand the other person’s perspective as well before you react angrily.
  • Know how anger and anxiety affect your mental peace and make you disturbed emotionally. Knowing and acknowledging the after-effects of anxiety and anger on your health and stability can help you prevent it’s happening in the initial stage.

Foods And Drinks That Trigger The Chances Of Anxiety

  • Caffeine. All kinds of. It has a strong reaction in your body and digestive system. It is widely known as a psychoactive stimulator. Caffeine can have effects on your body like feeling nervous, light-headed, frazzled, and nauseous, and also triggers anxiety.
  • Artificial and refined sugars. Sugar doesn’t directly trigger anxiety but contains elements that impair the ability of your body to efficiently cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Gluten. Studies have proved that people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerances have increased possibilities for anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.
  • Alcohol and Soda. Increased intake of soda and alcohol is also bad for your mood swings and causes anxiety.
  • Dairy. Study indicates that individuals who have anxiety problems have seen the trigger in anxiety symptoms soon after consuming dairy products.
  • Processed foods. All Processed and canned foods contain preservatives that have harmful bacteria and microbes that can cause anxiety and mood disorders.

Choose wisely and stay safe!