How To Get Over A Girl – 12 Steps To Follow

How To Get Over A Girl?

There could be several reasons to get over a girl. Maybe she was your ex-girlfriend but you are still unable to get over her, or she has not/had not any relationship with you but you know that you cannot get her, so you want to get over her. Now the questions arise why can’t you just get her? There could be several reasons, some of them could be:

  • She is your friend’s girlfriend.
  • She is your friend’s sister and you fear that it will jeopardize your friendship with him.
  • Unfortunately, She is already engaged or married.
  • Sadly, She has rejected your proposal.
  • She is out of your league.
  • There is some religious or cast difference, and you know your family would never accept such a relationship.
    And many more…

How To Get Over A Girl – 12 Steps To Getting Over A Girl

Now let’s look into the ways how to get over a girl.

1: Accept And Acknowledge Your Sentiments Toward Her

The first and foremost step in getting over someone is to first accept that you like her.

Some people are not ready to face their inner selves and are not ready to accept that they have a crush on a girl they cannot get.

They actually try to consciously avoid confronting their feelings because they know that there would be no future for them both. So they keep themselves in denial.
Here if you want to get over her, then first accept that you are having a crush or likeness towards her. And then from there, your journey of “getting over” will start.

2: Build Some Fair Distance With Her

To get over her you will need to increase your distance from her. if you both are still friends then avoid taking the initiative. For example:
You avoid making any plans that involve her.

Don’t initiate any conversation with her by yourself and if she talks to you then try to answer her precisely.

So, to avoid long talks, which could become a hurdle in getting over her.
Give yourself some space, and spend time alone exploring your hidden talents.

If she is around you then try to be at some fair distance.

If she is with you alone somewhere, try to leave that space.

The more you will see her, be with her, and talk to her; the more you will get hooked up. So maintain some distance.

a girl is playing with guitar

3: Avoid Treating Her As “Special”

Avoiding treating her as “special” means treating her as everyone else. Or just don’t treat her at all.

You need to draw a fair line between you and her. Neither give her any favors nor take any.
You can simply make an excuse that you are busy right now, or you have a very important project to submit tomorrow, etc.

you just have to avoid giving her any favors.
And if she favors you in any way, tell her “No thank you I will manage this on my own, thanks again for your offer.”

Neither be rude while declining her offer nor be so smiling and shy. Just say it in a normal manner.
Don’t buy anything special and precious for her on her birthday. Give her something that you would give to your other friends.

And neither planned out her birthday surprise or party. Try to sneak out if your other friends ask you to take some prominent part in planning her birthday party. These are the little things that will help you in getting over her.

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4: Make Changes In Your Daily TimeTable

If you both are in the same school/college, then change your arrival and departure timings.

Like if you are in the same class, come to the classroom just before the lecture and leave the classroom in between the breaks.

Also, leave for home right after the last bell. So to avoid getting bumped into her.
If she is your colleague at the office, try to take the alternative shifts to hers. Avoid going to the hall, the room where is she having her lunch.

If she is your friend, avoid making direct plans with her or hanging out with your other friends when she is not around.

5: Tricks To Use When Alone With Her

If you are friends with her and you both are together and alone then work on the following tricks to avoid any unwanted situation happening.

Always have some serious or interest-based topics in your mind. So when you both are alone you can start to talk on that topic.

This will keep you concentrated on that topic and you won’t get distracted by her beauty.
If you both are alone at home then always have some to-do activities prepared beforehand.

Like you can have a game on play station with her or any other activity that will keep that “Romantic energy” off and out.

Always have a backup plan when there is a chance of you two getting along alone.

6: Stop Keeping Her Tracks

Stop keeping her tracks. Yes, if you want to move on it is very important to stop following her in real life and also on social media.

If you are following her on Facebook and Instagram then, first of all, unfollow her.

Watching her pictures and keeping the track of her daily activities by stalking her won’t let you help in getting over her.

Sometimes when we are scrolling down through FB or Instagram and her picture or status appears in the way.

We do stop and give it a detailed view. The number of likes, the comments, who commented or liked, etc.

This makes all your previous efforts go in vain and you again start thinking about her.
So it is very important to remove all her tracks.

And now talking about tracking her by the route to home or to the park where she goes for a walk, is also not going to help you in getting over her.

how to get over a girl

7: Talk To Someone About Your Feelings For Her

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to keep this feeling to only yourself. It is very important to have someone confidant to share all your feelings.

That confidant could be your friend or sibling. Someone close to you and someone whom you can trust.

Share your feelings with your friend and also tell him that you want to get over her.

If he is a mutual friend then it would be very helpful for you to get over her.

Even if he doesn’t know her personally, you can share your moves with him and he would give his opinion and tips as well.
Above all, you will feel light after letting out what was eating you inside for a long time.

8: Take A Break

Take a break. Go for a vacation for some change in the environment. Go somewhere, far from her.

Have some fresh air and try to discover yourself there. Reconsider your goals in life.

Look into the aims that you want to achieve.

As a whole, the main focus of this break is to rearrange your life priorities, your focus, and your destinations and to decide on a plan to work on your dreams.

9: Opt For Counseling

If you feel like things aren’t falling into place and you are unable to get over her, then you can always opt for counseling services.

The one to one sessions and also the group counseling can help you in getting out this strangled situation.

Sometimes listening to someone else’s example and experience drives you in the right direction.

Sometimes, when some professional is there to listen to you and help you out, it seems like you were just looking for this therapy for a long time.

So either way could work for you. You have to decide what kind of counseling you are looking for in this matter.

10: Make A “To-Do” List

To keep yourself distracted from her and her thoughts, you need to make a “to-do” list.
In this list, you will have all your pending tasks that are delayed for what-so-ever reasons and the things you want to do once in your life.

The second type of list is also known as a Bucket list.
Making both lists will give you new energy and will motivate you to do them as soon as possible.

This will distract you from her thoughts and also will give you a new motto in life.
The best technique of sticking up to the list of chores and not getting motivated is to hang this list on your room wall or your cupboard door.

The more you will see this list daily, the more your motivation and energy will be boosted.
And in all this, you will find on time thinking about someone you cannot even get.
So yes, you can say that it is somehow a change in your priorities.

how to get over a girl

11: Try Moving On

How about moving on? You had to get over her because you knew that you wouldn’t be able to get her, for whatever reasons.

But what about moving on? Looking for someone else. Someone with whom you see a future or at least there is a hope of any future together.

If it is a mere crush, it will go off once you find someone with whom there is hope in the future.

Or if it was a genuine liking, then all the tips mentioned above and tricks will help you get over her.

And even if still there is any tiny bit of feeling left inside you, for her, then moving on and finding someone else will work like a charm.

12: Start Looking For Your Soulmate

Start looking for your soulmate. And learn from your previous mistakes. Open your eyes wide open and start looking around.

First of all list down the qualities, you are looking for.

It shouldn’t be a long list but this list is meant to point out the 2 or 3 main personality traits that you always thought to be in your life partner.
Then start looking for a date. 

Go out and explore, maybe in the way you may find your perfect mate.
Move on, this will help you in getting over her.
But remember, leave your past behind before moving on in life. If you will keep on dragging the past with you then it will not let you settle in peace.

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Getting over someone is not easy but one must give it a try with full heart, dedication, and energy. Because it could be difficult but it is not impossible.
Try the above-given ways, tips, and tricks to get over a girl and tell us which way worked out for you.
Have a nice day!