How To Get Your Life Together: 11 Steps

Life is not a piece of cake. Life is not a bed of flowers. It is beautiful but comes with curves and turns. For some life is a smooth path and there are some speed breakers but does not affect the momentum of life. For some people, life is a scary roller coaster in which you are so scared of the next turn it’s gonna take. But you call it the beauty of life or the horror of life that life doesn’t remain the same forever. “How to get your life together” is a phase in your life journey where you feel lost and puzzled.

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How To Get Your Life Together In 11 Steps

Today we will be looking into the ways how to get your life together, when your life feels like a mess and scattered, feel lost, and broken. Then you have to boost up your positive energy and try your best to make your life good and productive. This is not right to blame your life for its problems, we should struggle very hard to get rid of these hardships.

1) Be Honest With Yourself:

The first and foremost step towards organizing your life is, to be honest with yourself. Know that your life is being a mess lately. Accept this fact and prepare yourself mentally for getting ready for the change you are going to bring into your life. It’s not easy to accept that there is something wrong with yourself or that your lifestyle is a disaster lately. Once you realize and accept this fact then it will be easier to bring about the change.

So, be honest with yourself and keep on questioning yourself.

  • Am I fine?
  • Am I satisfied with what I am doing lately?
  • Is this how life is supposed to be?
  • Is this how I want life to be?
  • Where am I standing in life?
  • Where do I want to be in life?

These are some of the questions you need to answer honestly and thoughtfully. You can answer these questions when you feel like it. The more focused you would be, it would become easier for you to be honest and deep.

2) Stop Being Lazy:

Laziness makes you an idle person and you are left behind. Laziness is the result of a lack of motivation to be somewhere in life. If you want to get your life together then you have to adopt the rule of being proactive than lazy. Being a lazy person keeps you delaying your tasks, even the small ones, and ending up being stuck in a mess.

Whereas by becoming proactive you do all your tasks on time and in an organized way. You plan out all your day-long tasks and keep on completing them one by one. You can apply here the 5 minutes approach as well. The 5 minutes approach is; that you think of some work and then see if it is doable within 5 minutes or not. If it is done then do it without having a second thought. This will give you some spare time in which you can do the things that take time and energy. So, kill your laziness at once by getting up instantly to complete the task you delaying.

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3) Become Organized and Set Your Goals:

Life is not going to stop and wait for you to come and hold its hand. You have to maintain a pace at which you will catch up with the fast-moving life. To do so, you have to organize and set your goals accordingly.

Goals will lay under two categories:

  • Short term
  • Long term

Short-term Goals:

Do laundry, complete your homework in two hours, get a car washed today, and complete the office assignment in the next two days. These are the goals that do not require long and thorough planning. You can perform them instantly once you have decided and planned them.

Long-term Goals:

Be financially sustained in the next five years, get a car next year on this same day, become a professional photographer in the next three months, etc. These short and long-term goals will keep you going and will keep on motivating you. It is just a matter of your commitment. All you need is to make an honest commitment to your goal and get started in achieving it. Having a purpose or goal in life makes your life worth living.

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4) Leave No Space For Negative People In Your Life:

If you want to get forward with your life and seriously strive for a change then you need to cut off the negativity from your life. Negativity could be some of your habits or some of the people around you. You have to be strong and brave enough to cut them off from your life to move on in the right and better direction.

Negative and toxic people will always discourage you and will keep on wasting your time by doing gossip and bi*ching. To be successful in life it is important to be bold enough to eliminate all the negative energy around you. Keep your loved ones closed. If it’s some of your habits that are playing a negative impact on your progress then leave it as well.

E.g. If you are addicted to mobile games and you keep on wasting your time instead of utilizing it in some productive activity then take a bold step and uninstall all the games from form mobile. Neither they will be there, nor will you play them.

5) Identify Your Passion and Work On It:

To get your life together and content. You need to find out your passion, and your aptitude. Identify your passion and utilize all your energy in achieving it. Being unclear in life and not knowing your innate abilities lead you to the verge of being scattered and confused in life. You keep on trying your luck in different fields and professions but nothing makes you excited and focused. You feel as if you are wasting your life. Yes, my dear, you are wasting your life!

Get yourself together and look for the things that make you excited, what feels like to be your innate talent. What you are born to be. Then start working towards its accomplishment. Soon you will be successful as well as happily satisfied with life.

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6) Stop Comparing Yourself With Others:

The people who are unsure and the ones who are following others. Doing what others are doing, doing what trending, doing what everyone’s “ideal” Ignoring your wishes, desires, passion, and capabilities. The thing that destroys the peace of mind is the uncanny and unwanted comparison of yourself by other people. You need to accept and realize that everyone is given some unique talent and skills. All you have to identify it. Not everyone is supposed to be a doctor. There is a need for an engineer to build a hospital for you to be a doctor, moreover, there is a teacher who teaches you to be a doctor or engineer. Everything is interconnected and every profession is equally important and respectable as well. Look into the bigger picture and play your part where it is supposed to be played.

7) An Upgraded Routine Is Needed:

To get your life together, you need to upgrade your daily routine schedule.

  • Get up early in the morning and have a healthy breakfast.
  • Recall all the tasks that are supposed to be done today.
  • Start doing them accordingly.
  • Avoid negativity. Keep yourself busy with productive chores.
  • Take a break as well to relax yourself and your mind.
  • End your day with a recap of your day.

The one new thing you need to add to your routine is to take 10 minutes out at night before going to bed. Be alone and think of the following things:


  • Good, you did today?
  • Which work did you do today?
  •  What mistakes did you make? (By being rude to someone, by being unwantedly lazy, etc)
  •  Tasks you are supposed to do tomorrow?

Answer all these questions every night before going to bed. This will bring such a positive change into your life.

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Further Reading

8) Get Someone To Keep A Check On You:

There are some people around us ( who are very close and sincere with us ) to keep a check on us. Otherwise, we become lazy and unmotivated. This is natural and is truly a case with some people. It’s normal and if having someone ticking at your head is what keeps you going then there is no harm in finding someone for this job. As in the office, there is your boss who keeps you on track. If you think in your daily life routine you also need someone to keep you on track then you can ask someone to help you out.

For example, you started an online course. Now, there is no one at your back to keep you motivated in completing the tasks and you are being lazy in completing the assignments that will help you in getting mastery of the skills. Then you can ask your friend to do the course with you and become each other’s teacher in checking up on the assignments and in helping each other out. This will keep you going and you will achieve your goal as well.

9) Celebrate Your Success:

The one thing we miss in our life is cherishing the little things. If you completed a long-due assignment completed one year of being employed, and won a prize in a debate competition then Celebrate your success. It doesn’t matter how big or small is your achievement learn to make the best out of it. If you fail to acknowledge the little achievements in life then you will lose hope and motivation sooner. It’s ok to enjoy the batter while making and waiting for the cake to be ready.

10) You Cannot Control Everything:

Learn to let out of the things that are beyond your control. Sometimes we are trying to fix problems that are not meant to be solved by us. We take stress and depression. We feel our life is falling apart and need to get them together. But sometimes it is indeed beyond our power and control and we just have to wait and watch for it to happen all by itself. So, instead of being frustrated and demotivated, do what you can do and that is to let go and move on. Sometimes letting out and moving on is the best decision to be made for a better future to shine upon.

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11) Financial Check And Balance:

You spend your money but forget to recall where you spent it. Some people are messed up because they just can’t keep track of their money usage and its utilization. Which makes them tensed and stressed. The best and most experienced way to keep track of your financial balance is to make a list of your expenditures and income. Add your daily spending over there regularly. No matter how big or small the amount was. Make it your habit. This will bring a drastic change in maintaining the check and balance of your financial spending. It will also help you figure out where you have spent more in a month.


Getting your life together is not sometimes easy but is totally doable. You must learn to draw your life by yourself rather than allowing others to draw it for you. It’s your life and it must be led in the way you want it. Life is a gift from God to you and not for others to dictate it for you. Spread love, ease, and happiness.