How To Glow Up In Simple 11 Steps

Everyone wants to look good, and feel good. The skin of good healthy and radiant skin when it glows. The freshness of your skin comes with a little care of your skin according to your skin type. Sometimes it’s not only about your skincare but also to keep yourself all toned up in order to glow up. Your whole personality needs to be up to the mark in order to get a glow-up of individuality. 

How To Glow Up-Steps That Make You Look Attractive

Today we are going to look into how to glow up.

1-A Consistent Skincare Routine

For your skin to glow and have a beautiful appearance, the most important thing is to keep a consistent skincare routine. Whenever someone sees you the first thing that they come in contact with is your skin. Follow the following routine to make your skin worth a look.

  • Wash or clean your face twice a day.
  • Apply moisturizer, a toner, and an exfoliator according to your skin type.
  • Never leave your makeup on when you sleep at night. Clean it with a moisturizer or with a makeup remover to make your skin chemical-free.

If you feel your skin type requires some professional advice then go for it. To get your skin to glow you may need to change the products that you are already using or focus on your nutrient diet.

2- Redefine Your Posture

Your posture and appearance make a huge impact on your personality and image development. Stand straight, keeping your back toned, shoulders stiff backward, and your arms in a relaxed mode by your sides.

While sitting, maintain the angle of your back right up your thighs or in other words make a “right angle” and release all the tension that could be holding your muscles strain.

If you feel any discomfort while maintaining the right posture then visit a doctor, or you can directly go to the physiotherapist for professional help.

3- Choose Your Clothes According To Your Body Shape

To glow up and stand out you need to glance at your clothes as well. Know your body type and your skin tone and prepare your wardrobe according to it.

Wearing loose and unfitted clothes can make you look bad. Wearing a shiny and radiant color to a day function can ruin your impression.

Lookup for what’s trending and how you can carry it making your body shape compliment your dress. You can always try a test look before going out for some gathering or you can just casually experiment with different looks in order to determine your style.

how to glow up

Some Tips For Dressing :

  • Pick tighter appropriate clothes if you need to emphasize your figure.
  • Vertical positions have a slimming result while horizontal appearances emphasize curves.
  • In the end, wear what makes you happy and in which you feel comfortable. Because if you wear something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable then your whole effort would be wasted.

4- Try Some Home Made Masks As Well

For your face to glow and shine you sometimes look for handy options. When you cannot go to the salon or feel all lazy then try some homemade masks.

Take 2 spoons of gram flour, add one teaspoon yogurt, a quarter teaspoon turmeric, and 1 teaspoon lemon. Mix it off and apply it on the skin as a mask.

Another One For Dry Skin

Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour, 1 tablespoon of milk, half a teaspoon of honey, a quarter teaspoon of turmeric, and one teaspoon of lemon. Apply on the skin as a mask.

  • Both these masks work like a charm. But carefully use the second one it’s not for oily skin.
  • Also, don’t apply the second one in the summer as it could be sticky and can cause pimples.

5- Try  Makeup Looks Which Suits You

To glow up one should know how a carry makeup that compliments their look. Not everyone knows how to do the makeup rightly and which shade to apply with which dress.

You can always seek help from online makeup tutorials and try out different looks on yourself. Learn different techniques and know your features and how to carry a good look at them.

Whenever you buy a new makeup product always try a test look with it. Applying it for the first time on the day of some event or get-together can be risky.

Use a good moisturizer or makeup remover to get rid of makeup before going to bed. Take good Care of your naked skin as well.

how to glow up

6- Try A New Hair Look

To change up your look and to glow up you can also try changing your hairstyle. The hairstyle does matter a lot in making you glow up and changing your whole appearance.

Try something different. Experiment with your hair but with the consultation of your hairstylist. You can explain to them the look you want to try and ask for suggestions if it will suit your face cut and personality or not. The color change or the haircut, but can give you a glowing glam-up look.

Only know your skin type and the color or style that will complement your personality.

Up till now, we have discussed the apparent changes that are required for you to glow up. Now let’s look at the changes you need to adopt in your lifestyle as well. 

7- Drink Six Glasses Of Water Daily

To make your skin glow from the outside, you need to put up effort inside. Consume as much as water you can or at least six glasses minimum. Water is the best way to keep you glowing and fresh. Hydrated skin does wonders for the health of your skin.

how to glow up

If you feel difficult to maintain the habit of drinking lots of water then you can keep a water bottle with you all the time. This way you will definitely drink more water than you use to drink before. And once you will make it your habit then you will naturally feel the urge to drink more water.

  • If you aren’t a major enthusiast of drinking plain water, you can always go for the infused water with your favorite products to give it a bit extra taste. Try strawberries, oranges, cucumber, or mint
  • Retention to consume more water can be tough when you initially start. Go for setting a reminder on your mobile or tapping a memo on the fridge. On the other hand, you can also download mobile apps that help you track your water consumption and keeps on giving you a good friendly reminder.

8- Have A Bright Smile

When you talk about glow then it is the whole package that gets indulged. Your whole appearance has a role to play.

Talking about the bright smile you need to have a white set of teeth to make an impression. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how your teeth are, shape-wise as long as they are shiny white.

  • Brush them twice a day.
  • If it doesn’t make those white then apply some specially made creams or products that are for whitening teeth.
  • Visit a dentist from time to time when needed.
  • You can use mouthwash as well for fresher breath.

9- Follow A Balanced And Nutritious Diet

For your body to glow up, you need to eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet. How you treat your stomach has an indirect effect on your skin.

Eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables. Whole grains and fats are healthy. Eat food that contains plenty of lean protein. Eat healthily but at the same time limit the intake of junk and processed food. Only consume junk food occasionally.

You can visit a dietician as well to have a full-fledged diet plan according to your body’s needs.

Eat your meals on time and according to the scientific manner that is a heavy yet healthy breakfast, a normal meal for lunch, and a light meal for dinner. But normally we do the exact opposite of this. We eat a light breakfast and a heavy meal at night for dinner. This affects our digestive system and its effects start to appear on the skin as well.

10- Make The Habit Of Exercise

Physical exercise helps your body and mind to flourish and its effects are visible on the skin as well.

Make a routine for doing the exercise daily or four times a week. You can use any means such as running, jogging, going to the gym, doing a workout at home, or even you can go swimming as well. Whatever you chose just stick to it.

You can even work out with your friends as well. As ever you feel motivated.

11- Stay Positive For Yourself

The more positive you are the more it will appear on your face and the more negative you would be it will also appear on your face. It’s up to you how you set your mind and what you think. Think and believe that you are a confident person and you can achieve good and high in life.

Staying positive and spreading positivity is very important in order to be content. The more happy and peaceful you would be the more your skin will glow and sparkle.

It is a known fact that when you are happy, it can be seen on your face in the form of a glow. So, spread love, happiness, positivity, and peace. And it will come back to you.

To Glow Up In Your Life, Set Goals And Try Hard To Achieve Them

Set achievable goals and try to achieve them. Once you will achieve them you will feel satisfaction and happiness. You will strive for achieving more and more and will work hard as well.

This determination can make you motivated and can help you go higher and higher in your career. Take small steps and proceed step by step. Don’t dream something big and wish to achieve it at once. Break it down into small tasks and then try to complete them.

Even if you dream big, deal with it by having a realistic approach. Whatever you do, do it with confidence and with full preparedness. And always believe in yourself.

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Glow up yourself by applying all the above-mentioned ways and stand out. Take care of yourself and spread positivity.