How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Just In 2 Weeks

Belly fat grows for many reasons and no one likes it to stay for long. There are mostly some medical reasons attached to it like post-delivery belly fat and others. Here are some effective ways how to lose belly fat naturally and also read how you can reduce your belly just in two weeks.

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Today we will look into the most effective and scientifically proven ways of losing belly fat.

1- Have a sufficient amount of soluble fiber

Soluble fiber engrosses water and formulae an ointment that benefits gentle down nutrition as it permits by your intestinal system.

Researches display that this kind of fiber indorses weight decrease by assisting you to make you filled, so you certainly consume a smaller amount. It might also drop the number of calories your body takes in from your diet.

Research shows, in almost 1,100 grownups found that for every single 10-gram rise insoluble fiber consumption, abdomen fat gain was reduced by 3.7% in a 5-year time

Do eat more fiber daily in order to lose belly fat. The best source of high-fiber foods are:

  • Consume flax seeds
  • noodles
  • In taking the Brussels sprouts
  • Eat avocados
  • Legumes
  • Blackberries or other berries

2- Stop eating foods having trans-fat

Trans-fats are shaped by impelling hydrogen into unsaturated fats, like soybean oil.

It is present in most spreads and kinds of margarine and it is also found in a lot of packaged and canned food products. Many food manufacturing companies have stopped their usage of their products, which is a good sign.

Trans-fats are known to cause heart diseases, inflammation, insulin fight, and an increase in belly fat in the studies held on animals.

A research-based on 6 years, showed that monkeys who were fed high trans-fat food gained 32 to 33% of more belly fat as compared to those eating monounsaturated fat.

Always read the ingredients list to avoid eating trans-fat. They are mentioned as partially hydrogenated fats. So, before buying any product read its ingredients for your own health safety.

3- Avoid consuming too much alcohol

There may be very few health benefits of alcohol consumed in a small amount but too many dangers to health.

Studies have shown that the consumption of too much alcohol can result in increased belly fat

The studies based on observation have shown that increased intake of alcohol results in increased obesity. Especially the excessive fat around your waist area.

Limiting the amount of alcohol intake can help in the reduction of belly fat. You may not necessarily stop drinking it but limit the amount of intake to half or maybe less than you were consuming before.

The research was done on around 2,000 persons who used to drink alcohol. It was found that those who drank alcohol on a daily basis but not more than one glass, had decreased belly fat. The ones who drank an increased amount of alcohol even not daily faced more belly fat growth.

4- Have a good protein diet

Protein is very important for the body and weight control.

Protein is an extremely important nutrient for weight management.

High protein consumption raises the discharge of the fullness hormone PYY which reduces hunger and helps fullness.

Protein also increases your metabolic frequency and aids you to preserve muscle build during weight loss.

Many types of research based on observation show that those who consume a more protein diet have less tendency of having belly fat than compared to the ones who intake less or a lower protein diet.

The good and healthy protein-rich diets that you need to add to your routine are:

  • fish
  • meat
  • eggs
  • dairy or dairy products
  • whey protein
  • beans

5- Look for your stress level

The trigger in the adrenal glands causes the production of cortisol, which is referred to as the stress hormone. Stress can lead to increased belly fat.

Study displays that increased cortisol levels rise to hunger and drive belly fat storage.

Females who previously have a big waist incline produce extra cortisol in reaction to stress. High cortisol enhances fat increase around the middle waist.

To support shrinking belly fat, involve pleasant happenings that release stress. Performing yoga or meditation can be an active approach.

6- Cut down the sugary items from your diet

Sugar comprises fructose which is related to numerous chronic diseases when eaten in surplus

The diseases include type two diabetes, heart disease, and fatty liver problems

The research based on observation shows that high sugar consumption results in increased belly fat.

It’s significant to recognize that even refined sugar can make your belly grow fat. Healthy sugars like honey should also be used in a balanced way. Not in excess.

7- Avoid eating refined carbs

The intake of a carb diet will be very beneficial for your weight loss journey. It will help you reduce your belly fat. The decrease of 50 grams of your crab diet per day can help you in losing weight. It’s beneficial for those who are at risk of diabetes (type 2) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women.

You may not go for a harsh low-carb diet. Some studies have shown that using unprocessed starchy carbs instead of refined carbs can be good for your metabolic health and helps in reducing belly fat.

In the famous Framingham Heart Research, those who consume the whole grain highly were 17% more unlikely to get increased belly fat than those who intake refined grains.

8- Use coconut oil instead of cooking fats

Coconut oil has many benefits and is considered the healthiest fat to be eaten.

Research has shown that low or medium-chain fats found in coconut oil can boost your metabolism and lower the amount of fat that is stored in your body in response to increased calorie intake.

Some controlled research has shown that it can help in belly fat loss.

In research, it is found that the men who were obese, and used coconut oil for 12 weeks on a daily basis had lost 1.1 inches on average. The loss in weight was from their belly, not followed by any other diet addition or exercise.

Though, the proof for belly weight loss by coconut oil is less.

Remember that coconut oil the calorie rate is high. So, instead of going for an additional intake of coconut oil, make it the substitute for your already-taken fats. This way its consumption won’t affect you in a bad way.

9- Forget about the sweetened beverages

The beverages, cold drinks, or fizzy drinks are high in liquid fructose. Which leads to belly fat gain.

Studies based on 10 weeks have shown that those who consumed increased fructose beverages had faced a significant weight gain, especially belly fat. These drinks increase the fat in your liver.

These sweetened beverages are even worse than other high-sugar products and foods.

As our brain is not made to process liquid fats and calories, as it processes solid calories. So, we are more prone to take up a lot of calories and keep on storing them as fats in the body.

If you want to lose your belly fat then avoid drinking the following beverages.

  • Fizzy drinks
  • Soda
  • Sugary tea
  • The alcoholic mixers have sugar in them.

10- Intake of fish regularly

Fatty fish are rich in nutrition and very healthy. They are high in protein and omega-3 fats which help protect from diseases.

Some of the research shows that these omega-3 fats also help in the reduction of visceral fat.

Research done with children and adults who have fatty liver disease has shown that supplements containing fish oil help reduce liver and belly fat.

The best choices that you can make in fish-eating are the following, in order to lose fat. 2 to 3 servings a week can be a good option.

  • sardines
  • mackerel
  • salmon
  • herring
  • anchovies

How to lose belly fat through exercise

The two most effective exercises for belly fat loss.

1- Go for weightlifting

Weight lifting also is known as Resistance training or strength training. It is also beneficial for preserving and obtaining muscle mass.

The researches show, that people with fatty liver disease, diabetes (type 2), and pre-diabetes, are also prone to get benefit from weight lifting for the purpose of belly fat loss.

Another research shows that teenagers who are overweight performed weight lifting and aerobic exercises altogether greatly helped them in weight loss. This combination helped them to lose visceral fat.

Always go for the weight lifting after getting advice from a professional certified trainer in order to get the best results.

2- Do cardio exercises

Aerobic cardio exercise is very effective and beneficial for your body and health. It helps you burn calories.

Researches also demonstrate that it’s a very effective exercise for losing belly fat. Though, outcomes are varied as to whether low or high-strength exercise is more helpful.

But remember that the frequency and time duration of exercise is more significant than the intensity.

Research showed that postmenopausal females lost additional fat from every part when they performed cardio-aerobic exercise for 300 minutes each week. In comparison to those who did the exercise for 150 minutes each week.

How To Lose Belly Fat In 2 Weeks

1- Go for a brisk walk early in the morning

This stress-free a.m. practice has two main levels. The first one, research shows that sunlight exposure in the hours between 8 am and noon, helps in reducing weight.

Despite your calorie intake, your body activity level, or even your age. Scholars venture that the a.m. light coordinates your metabolic rate and weaken your fat genes.

And scorching calories before you consume food means you’re working out in an abstained state-the energy you burn originates right from your fat supplies, as a replacement for the food you ate.

It is not only helpful for your weight loss journey but is very beneficial for your health as well. The health of your heart is improved by this practice.

2- Eat oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal rich and loaded with fiber can do magic for your diet. It has many benefits for your metabolism. Intake of Oatmeal helps in the reduction of blood cholesterol and is good for your healthy body bacteria. It helps in reducing the fat that causes inflammation in the body. It controls hunger and gives you the needed energy for a longer period.

3- Pick Red-colored Fruits

Choosing and picking red fruits instead of green ones means going for watermelon instead of honeydew, red apples instead of green ones, and red grapes instead of green.

The advanced levels of nutrients titled flavonoids-particularly anthocyanins, composites that offer red fruits their color calm the act of fat-storage genetic factor. Red-bellied stone fruits like plums brag phenolic complexes that have been exposed to moderate the manifestation of fat genes.

4- Eat up the Avocados

Avocados are very beneficial for belly fat loss. They should be taken before mealtime. They decrease hunger by 40% and provide you with important nutrition.

Avocados also help in the prevention of belly fat.

5- Take a Protein smoothie

A protein smoothie in place of lunch is a good idea. Protein juices are great means to get a huge amount of belly-busting nourishment into an enchanting, simple food. But utmost commercial juices or drinks are filled with unsayable substances that can trouble our gut strength and cause bloat and inflammation. So, try to go for homemade protein shakes and a smoothie. There are several healthy protein smoothie recipes available on the internet.

Important note:

Before following any diet plan always consult your trainer or dietitian if you have any pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, or any other.

Eat healthily and exercise well.