How to make yourself cry – 14 Easy Techniques

Crying is a natural phenomenon. When a baby is born, he cries at that times. When a person dies, there is someone left behind who cries for him. So your life journey starts with crying and ends with crying. Crying is helpful in relieving tension and stress. After crying, we feel calm and peaceful. Crying is not a sign of weakness because we are human beings and humans have emotions. Crying is a way of expressing our emotions. We should not discriminate between the gender that males cannot cry or females can cry. As human beings, we equally feel emotions like happiness, grief, and sadness. So everyone can cry and let feelings out. There are two situations in which the person wants to cry but just can’t cry. Or The person is supposed to cry against his natural will. Whether it’s you or someone else crying. The question is who are the ones who can’t cry? Or who asks the question: “How to make yourself cry?“.

How To Make Yourself Cry – You Are Emotionally Broken

It is a state of the body in which you are exhausted and frustrated but can’t shed tears. Maybe the tears are dried up or you are caught up in the worldly chores so much that you can’t focus on yourself, and your needs. To make yourself cry in these situations you need to follow the following steps:

1- Find A Peaceful Place

When you are the person who can’t shed tears easily and need your own space for crying. Then find a place that is peaceful and where you are alone. This place could be your room, the rooftop, your car, the washroom, or any other place at your home or outside. All you need to recall your sad memories and mishappenings and try to make yourself cry. Some people find it more comfortable to cry in front of their friends or loved ones. For this purpose, you can go out with your friend or invite him to your home. Make him mentally prepared that you need his attention. You can take your friend to someplace where you are both comfortable and it will be easier for you to express your feelings and shed tears.

2- Clear Your Mind

The main reason for not being able to cry is your brain is preoccupied so you can’t focus on yourself. Your emotions become secondary. You have to give attention to your inner self, otherwise, you will become mentally unstable. You need to sit down, close your eyes, and start to clear your mind. Start focusing on your present situation where you are now and why you are there. If closing your eyes doesn’t work for you then look yourself in the mirror. Look into your eyes. This will help you focus.

If you are close to your friend or family then you need a meeting with them. Arrange a meeting with your family member or friend. Sit relax and take a deep breath. Tell him just listen to you or just be there with you quietly. Take your time and tell your friends the things that are confusing and teasing you. You can close your eyes to focus. As you are telling your inner feelings, will automatically start crying.

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3- Think About Sad And Miserable Things In Your Life

Now your mind is clear, start thinking about the possible things that are making you sad and unsorted.

  • What is bothering you?
  • What are the feelings and emotions that are disturbing and making you uncomfortable?
  • Why you are unable to find peace of mind?

Look for the answers to your questions. Be honest with yourself while sorting this out.

You can talk to yourself aloud or can think in your mind. As ever you feel comfortable. If you are with your friend or loved one. You can ask them all these questions and can take their help in sorting out what is bothering you. Sometimes you cannot see through the things that others can make you look through. All you need is someone else’s perspective and little motivation. So you can take their help in making you realize you need to cry and use their shoulder to make you feel easy and relaxed.

4- It’s Ok To Cry

Our society has set some rules and values about things that became taboos. Men don’t cry. A strong woman is one who doesn’t cry. Who set these rules and thoughts? We are so much indulged in these beliefs that we teach our male don’t cry, males are meant to be strong, and to females, we say: are you weak you are crying, you are very strong stop crying. These phrases have turned the men into rocks and women into taboos. First of all, we need to accept the fact that crying is fine. Shedding tears is ok even if you are a grown-up man or woman. You can do it alone or in front of the ones close to you. But once in a while, it’s important to shed tears to give you a refreshing start or a new perspective on life.

5- Look For The Reasons Why You Can’t cry

Figure out why you cannot cry. What is holding you back from crying? Why have you become so emotionless?

  1. Is there any societal pressure that withholds you from crying?
  2. There is not a single good reason that can stop you from crying once in a while.
  3. Is it because you are a man and men don’t cry?
  4. This is merely a false stereotype and shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  5. Are you shy about expressing your emotions in general?
  6. Crying will help you in expressing emotions.

You can always opt for crying in person. It doesn’t have to be publically.

6- Crying Has Benefits:

The last step that you need to realize is crying has its own benefits for the human body.

  • Crying relieves stress and helps in lowering your blood pressure.
  • It takes out the toxic energy and gives you more refreshing and positive energy.
  • It is beneficial for your eyes, it cleans your eyes which is important for your eyes.
  • Crying helps to boost your energy and release stress and anxiety.

Focus on these benefits and give yourself a green light. Remember it’s okay to cry. It’s good for you to cry.

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 How To Make Yourself Cry – Against Your Natural Will

This is the condition when you have to cry for the reasons like acting in some drama or play, crying at a funeral of someone you don’t know personally, crying to convince someone of something, crying to apologize, etc.

7- Think Of Any Sad Event From The Past

Recall some sad event that happened to you in the past and that made you cry a lot. Even if you will recall a sad event at that time, the emotions will appear back and can make you cry. To recall those events you have to be focused. You cannot pull out the emotions to their full extent if you are sitting in some usual environment where everyone is having fun or there is chaos. Find a place silent and alone and then start to recall thoese sad mishappenings. It can be anything: breakup, tragedy, failure, mental breakdown, or anything else. If you don’t have much time then you don’t have to go into the details, you can only focus on the point which was the most painful for you.

8- Try The Formula Of Opening Eyes Wide

Open your eyes wide and without blinking. Do it for as long as you can. The eyes are supposed to blink to keep them hydrated and to clean them up. If you resist the blinking then you will notice that the tears will appear. Once you will close your eyes, your eyeballs will be moisturized and allow the tears to roll over from your eyes. Remember it could be a bit painful as well because you are disturbing the system. But you can give it a try. Could work for you. It takes only 1 to 2 minutes to get you teary.

9- Try Out The Onions

Onions and tears are connected to each other as lovers. No matter how hard you try to cry while chopping the onions, it happens every single time. It is because onions contain an enzyme that discharges when we start cutting. It produces some additional substance and it makes you cry as soon as it reaches your eyes. So you can always use onions for the reason to cry. But remember it is not that soothing when you naturally cry, it causes a little bit of burning in your eyes as well. So, be prepared for that as well.

10- Keep Yawning

Yawning also brings up tears. All you have to do is to start yawning on purpose like the fake one at first and then you will start to yawn naturally. Afterward, keep on yawning unless you get the intensity of tears that you need. This will take up to 10 to 12 yawns to make you teary. Make sure you don’t fall asleep trying to get your tears up. This will destroy your whole plan plus your hard work. This will make you sleepy and you will feel the urge to sleep so do it just before you want the tears the show up. So you can shake off the sleepy state by washing your face with water.

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11- Sad Song Or Movie

Some people are very emotional that they get sad and teary when they listen to a sad song or watch a sad movie. This is because they relate that sad song to their own life and visualize their own self in that song which makes them sad and cry. So if you know you are a sensitive person and some sad song or movie will affect your inner feelings then go for it.

12- Reading A Sad Novel Can Work

For some people who love to read, reading can also work. They can read some bad or tragic news or read some stories and novels. The readers develop an attachment with the characters and they start to feel whatever is written in the story or novel. So if you are a reader then go for it.

13- Think About Your Blessings

It is not always necessary to think of something sad to cry but you can also think of the blessing you have. Some people are blessed and more importantly, they acknowledge and be thankful for all the blessings they have. When they start remembering and counting the blessings they break down into tears because the blessings are countless and the realization of being thankless, it makes you break down and teary. So think about the blessings you have and others don’t.

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14- Go With A Sad Face

There are some times when you just can’t cry or the tears are not coming out naturally and you don’t have anything to fake them up. At that time, you can try the following techniques.

  • Make a sad face
  • Hide your face with your hand, to show your grief.
  • Can make a sad voice, deep breaths, whining. (Can be used while talking to someone on phone)
  • Or just feel the grief of others and give them a scolding tap on the shoulder


Crying is important for a human being to function rightly. I hope no one has to cry ever but whenever there is a need to cry, never be shy.