How To Make Yourself Sneeze -13 Easy Tricks

Irritants or other fine particles enter our nose and get stuck in mucus in the nasal passages. These elements move to the stomach, where the stomach acid neutralizes. These elements can annoy the mucous skins of the nose and throat. This annoyance can arouse the trigeminal nerve, which conveys a signal to the brain to activate the body to sneeze. The diaphragm muscle, the throat, stomach muscles, and chest plays part in the process of sneezing. In this article, I will discuss the methods of “how to make yourself sneeze”?

Some Lesser-known And Fun Facts About Sneezing

  • Your sneezes travel up to 100 miles per hour.
  • A sneeze is processed to give your nose a reboot. In research conducted in 2012, it was discovered that, unlike computers, our nose also requires a reboot when it is overwhelmed. The biological reboot is generated by the pressure force of a sneeze. Sneeze reset the nasal environment by disposing of the bad particles from the nose.
  • It’s rather regular to sneeze twice or thrice. The “bad” elements stuck in the nasal ways and ejected by sneezes aren’t just running to the exit. It frequently takes more than one try to shudder those annoyances out, which can make you sneeze multiple times in a row.
  • While sneezing, your eyes close involuntarily. The amount of the signal your brain gets to process a sneeze is too close to the eyes. It’s an involuntary reflex. A sneeze does not, though, pop your eye out, as old tales were circulating.
  • The heart does not skip a beat when you sneeze. What happens is that your heart rate naturally slightly slows down. This happens due to a deep breath we take before sneezing and the stimulation of the vagus nerve that occurs during a sneeze. Most of us don’t even notice any change, and “the effect is insignificant.
  • It’s not a good idea to force-stop the sneeze. That can have some damaging effects on your body especially the brain. If it is stopped just after having the first sense of it coming, then it’s fine but once it is just about to get triggered then don’t hold it back by blocking your nose or by any other means.
  • A very interesting fact about sneezing is you don’t sneeze while sleeping as the nerves responsible for sneezing are also sleeping at that time. So, don’t worry about sneezing, and sleep tight.

How To Make Yourself Sneeze

Here is a list of things you can do to make yourself sneeze.

1- The Wiggly Trick:

When you are trying to sneeze but fail to get the desired results then try the wiggly trick.

  • All you have to do is to take a tissue.
  • Roll it from one side, keeping it pointy.
  • Now take the tip of a tissue into one of your nostrils carefully. Wiggle it in a circular motion.

This will give you a tickled feeling and will trigger the trigeminal nerve. It sends the message to the brain and triggers the sneeze of tissue in the back of your nose to bring on a sneeze.

2- Looking At A Shiny Bright Light Works:

We all have experienced that whenever we try to look at the sun we uncontrollably sneeze. It’s because we have it as a hereditary trait and is also known as a photic sneezing trusted source. One out of three people is more prone to sneeze when exposed to bright light or sunlight. Especially when there is a feeling of sneezing laying underneath. Don’t look directly into any lightened source, see from a distance and be careful. Close your eyes before looking to get the maximum out of it. A prickly feeling may be felt.

3- Spices Can Work Wonders:

diffrent spices in spoons- how to sneeze yourself

When you accidentally inhale the spices, especially the peppers, you instantly sneeze. Many must have experienced this thing. So, yes this is also one of the tricks to get you into sneezing. Inhaling black, white, or green pepper in a grounded form can trigger a nasal sensation causing you to sneeze. Pepper has pepperoni in it, which irritates your nose and forces it to sneeze. Grounded coriander, cumin, and crushed red pepper can also play the same role. Just be careful, not don’t inhale too much. An excessive amount can cause pain and burn as well.

4- Tweezing Brows Can Work:

Tweezing brows is a very common practice among girls/women. They know how painful yet sneezy this process could be. When you tweeze a single hair from your eyebrow, it can make you sneeze. The nerves get irritated causing the stimulation of nasal nerves. For some people, it works in just one go and for some, the sneeze happens after several tries. So, keep on trying until you achieve your desired result.

5- Tweezing A Nose hair:

Tweezing a nose hair is far more painful and tickly. You feel like itching your nose. The trigeminal nerve is stimulated as a result of a nose hair plunk as the nose is such a sensitive area. This trick works quite faster and even can make you sneeze twice back and forth.

6- Rub the upper side of your mouth with the tongue:

Rubbing the upper side of your mouth with your tongue is also one of the ways to make you sneeze. To do this you have to rub your tongue on the top of your mouth moving it backward. For every person, the spot varies, so you have to look for yours. Keep moving your tongue forth and back until you feel a tickly effect. Keep on rubbing until you sneeze. Don’t be so harsh. Be gentle.

7- Rub the upper part of your nose:

The upper part of the nose is also known as the bridge of the nose. Massage your nose with your fingers in a downward motion until an irritating or tickly feeling appears at the back of your nose. The trigeminal nerve is stimulated by doing this practice. In this way of rubbing/ massaging your nose, you get to clean your nose as gentle don’t press it too hard. It can cause a rash.

8- Get a piece of Dark Chocolate:

Eating a piece of dark chocolate that contains a high percentage of cacao can help trigger the sneeze. It mostly works for sneezes that are not allergy-induced. This trick is more successful with people who don’t eat chocolate regularly. This is categorized as a photic sneeze reflex. The reason behind the sneeze trigger, in this case, is unknown. It is believed the particles of cocoa get into the nose which results in sneezing. Give it a try. Don’t overeat the chocolate in the name of sneezing 😉

9- The cold atmosphere can be helpful:

a girl in extremely weather

The trigeminal nerve is triggered by cold weather, especially the cold air. When the air touches your nasal area and surroundings of the skull area it stimulates the nerves and causes the lining of the nasal passage to sneeze. Feeling shivery and cold can be irritating for the nerves and force the sneeze to occur. So, going out in the cold weather or standing in front of the Air conditioner can be helpful.

10- Have some fizzy drink:

cold drink in a glass

Fizzy drink is known to have tickly effects on your nose. If you take your bubbly fizzy drink close to your nose, you will feel tickling in your nostrils. Carbon dioxide creates bubbles and if you inhale or drink the fizzy drink you can sneeze. But don’t drink or inhale too much of it. It will work in seconds if the fizz is high.

11- Sniff a perfume:

Many people are allergic to perfume or stronger scents. A strong smell immediately stimulates the nerves causing the sneeze. For some people, it can be more triggering and can cause them to sneeze three or four times in a series. This can be effective but don’t sniff directly into the nose. Apply it to your hand or arm and then sniff it.

12- Head back practice:

Moving your head back and the light lit above you can also pull out the sneeze. Looking up to the light in this position especially when you feel the sneeze is coming, can be helpful.

13- Chew some minty gum:

Chewing minty gum or eating/sucking super minty candy can have the same effects as sniffing the spices. It can activate the nerves. 

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Sneezing is a natural and refreshing process of our body. It can sometimes be a little stubborn to come out. Apply the above-mentioned techniques and tricks. Be gentle with yourself. You can share the fun facts about sneezing with your friends as well. Do let us know which trick worked for you the best.