How To Stop Caring About Someone-3Steps & 8Ways

Care about someone is such a pure and beautiful feeling. There are some reasons that make you think about not caring about someone and you tried to find out ways how to stop caring about someone. Sometimes in life, you reach a point where you finally begin to understand that it is better to move on rather than keep on caring about someone that is not worth it! There are some relationships or people in your life who don’t give you much importance. They don’t care about what you like or dislike, about your feelings, about your choices. All they focused on was their own benefit and well-being. They use people to their advantage or take you for granted. In this type of case, it is your maturity to step up and start not to care about them anymore. Prioritize your well-being and your choices on the top.

3 Steps How To Stop Caring About Someone

So, let’s see how to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care for you. But first, you need to get through these three steps.

1- Acceptance Is The First Step

Acceptance is the first step. Yes, it’s true. You cannot take any step or decision unless or until you realize the fact that something is wrong. You need to know that your efforts are going in vain and you are not given the importance and care that you deserve. It’s not easy to accept this fact. It is easy to say but in reality, it hurts a lot. Psychologists say that people go into denial situations and just do not want to face this reality.

Once you realize that users are being used and the other person is exploiting you and your emotions then the next step will become easier to be taken. You can take some professional help as well if this fact is disturbing for you. Otherwise, close friends or family members can help you in this hard time.

2- Be Honest With Yourself

After accepting the fact that the other person doesn’t care about you. You need to be honest with yourself about your feelings and what you want to do next. Do you still want to be with that person and get exploited and taken for granted?

Or you are going to decide for yourself and will move on without caring about what everyone will think.

Most of the time we are not honest with ourselves. We make our brains believe that everything is fine or everything is going to be ok. Even after knowing everything, we don’t let ourselves know it and we somehow try to convince ourselves that all is well. Sit alone. Face yourself and know that good for your to stop caring about the ones who don’t care about yourself.

3- Remember It’s Not Your Fault

When we care about someone and they don’t care about us in return then some people get really affected. It is possible that they may face depression and sadness. They can feel bad about themselves and think of themselves as less worthy than others.

You have to realize that there is nothing bad from your side. You try your best to keep a good and caring relationship but it didn’t work. They are the ones who are careless and selfish and don’t recognize your care and attention and are at a loss they don’t care about such a loving and caring person. They will have to pay for it in the future. One day or another they will definitely realize what a big mistake they have made by rejecting you and your feelings.

Know that you are not the only one who has to go through this tough time. It could happen or it does happen to almost everyone in one or another phase of life. So, don’t be upset about this. You are not the only one facing this situation. On the other hand, it was good for you that you get rid of such self-centered and mean person/people. It was good in your interest you were able to know their carelessness regarding you and now you can move on peacefully.

8 Ways How To Stop Caring About Someone

Now let’s explore the ways how to stop caring about someone.

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1- Stop Reliving The Past

To stop caring about someone you need to stop thinking about them. We, humans, like to relive our past, and then we get hurt. No matter how bitter the end was but we always try to recall the beautiful memories we had with that person.

You have to stop reliving your past and all those good memories you have from your past. All you have to remember is how they hurt your feelings and emotions and what made you take such a difficult decision. By remembering the bitter truth about the whole incident will help you not care about them anymore. So, bury all the good memories and remember all the bad times that you spent with that person. The person for whom you don’t want to care about anymore.

2- Cut Out All The Connections

If you want to stop caring about someone. Then cut out all the means of communication. Delete his/her contact number, and block him/her from all social media platforms. Delete all the love-filled messages that you two used to exchange.

When you have no means to communicate with them or to know what is going on in their lives then it would become easier for you to not care about them anymore. Connections can be your friends as well. If you will keep on asking about him/her from your friends or ask your friends to investigate his/her current activities for you then you can’t proceed against not caring about them. You have to cut out all the connections so that you know and accept that everything is over. It’s time to move on rather than stick to your past for no good reason.

3- Stop Thinking About “what if…”

Human nature is not easy to understand. Every person has his/her own way of dealing with a situation. Now if you would be stuck in the “Ifs” and “maybe” then how would you expect yourself to move on and not care about them anymore? What do you keep on justifying their actions by saying “what if he/she did not care about you under some pressure” or “maybe he/she was forced to leave you”?

Despite knowing the reality they just didn’t understand your worth and they made this decision all by themselves. Or even if it was under some pressure, they could be shown you some care and told you the truth. Everyone deserves to know the truth but only those people who realize this who “CARES”.

4- Give Your Life A New Start

When you want to move on and stop caring and thinking about someone, you need to change your previous routine and get it a fresh start. Especially the routine and the time that you use to spend with that person. You can get a haircut for a change, can dye your hair, can go shopping and buy some brand new clothes and get rid of the old ones. You can start partying, you can start hanging out with your friends more and go to watch the movie or do a game night. There could be a ton of ideas and things you can do for a change. Remember this is a new chance that life has given you. Get the most out of it and try to enjoy yourself more and more without caring about others.

5- Make Yourself Occupied

Don’t sit free, don’t let your mind think about all those things that hurt you or that make you miss and care about him/her. Get a pet. Go for the morning or evening walk, join the gym, make new friends, go on vacation, and watch movies or seasons when you are free. Cook, clean, decorate. Or anything you feel like doing. The purpose is to divert your thoughts and not to care about the ones who ditched you. Life is short making the best out of it.

6- Learn From It Lesson

You need to learn from a bad experience. The same goes for this case. You need to learn that in the future only care for the ones who are worth caring for. Don’t let someone else do the same that you already have gone through. Know your worth and realize when to care for someone and when to just let it go. You need to know it is not your responsibility to always show love and care. Forget the person but don’t forget what he/she has done to you and how. This will help you in future relationships.

7- Be With Someone Who Cares For You

No matter how bad someone had done to you and hurt you. Understandably, it’s not easy to move on but it is always better to move on. Be with someone who cares for you. Look for someone to love again, to care again, but this time be careful and be clear about whether the other person is ready to give you the love and care or not. Don’t be afraid to move on and start over your life. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone is bad, selfish, and egoistic.

Expectations always lead to disappointment. So, never expect a lot from anyone. When you don’t expect good from someone and they do well for you then that is real happiness. So, always remember to keep your expectations low. But it doesn’t mean giving up all. Maintain a balance. Know how the other is moving and then go with the flow and keep the balance.

8- Give Time To Yourself

The best way to stop caring about someone is to start caring about yourself. Learn a lesson and never compromise your self-respect. Put yourself first where it is needed. It’s not always necessary to put others before your happiness and choices. It’s fine to make decisions for yourself as well.

Enjoy your life. Explore yourself, know what you like what you dislike, and know your strong and weak points. This will help you take better and more sorted decisions in life. Always raise your voice against the wrong. Respect yourself, care for yourself to expect the same from others.


It is good to take care of others but when you realize that you are being taken for granted or your care and love are not being acknowledged and appreciated. Then it’s always better to step back and start to take care of yourself and the ones who deserve your care and attention.