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How To Tell Someone You Like Them In 11 Steps

To confess something is never easy especially when it is your feelings for someone. You might find it so hard to tell someone that you like them. This is such a special feeling that you would never want it to be taken for granted or messed up with it. Today we are going to sneak peek into the ways of “How to telling someone you like them”.

How To Tell Someone You Like Them

You can follow these simple and easy steps to tell someone you like them.

1- Give Out Some Hints

To tell someone that you like them, first, you have to drop some hints on them. It won’t be a good idea to directly drop a bomb on that special person. This may cause them to go faint. Ha Ha, jokes apart. You have to give them the vibes that your heart is melting for them and you just cannot wait to be with them now.

The hints can be:

  • Laugh at their jokes, even if they are lame.
  • Praise them for their get up, or something they did well.
  • Tell them they are smart and have a good heart. (Or whatever qualities that you find in them).
  • Get them their favorite chocolate on your way back from the market. (Don’t make it look so obvious, just casually get them one.)
  • Help them when they need help.
  • Try to be there for them consciously.
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2- Set A Time Target To Get It Done

Set your clock and give yourself an ultimatum that by the 15th of this month, I am going to confess my likeness to her/him. This will help you prepare and will help you avoid unnecessary delays. You need to plan out beforehand and prepare yourself for the execution day. The more you will delay the more nervous and anxious you will become. So just do it no matter what, on the date that you will decide on.

3- Decide On The Ways Of Saying – In-Person Or Via Text Message

Before moving forward you need to decide on the means to be used for telling it out.

Are you going to do it via text message or going to do it face to face?

If you think you can handle the situation by doing it face to face then go for it but if you fear that you will mess everything up and you won’t be able to take the reaction in person, then consider doing it through text message. Another perspective is that if you think that the other person would be fine with listening to this in person then chose this option.

But if you doubt that he/she is going to freak out and may give an abrupt response, then chose the option of texting. The option of texting will give you both a chance to respond thoughtfully and in a better manner. Both options have their own pros and cons. Do what suits your situation, the best.

How to tell someone you like them

4- Don’t Sound Nervous

You have to be confident. Not because you are going for some interview or something but because you have to look and sound solid. If you will be all confused and nervous then how would you be able to control the situation? It is possible and is expected that you will feel anxious and will be a bit uneasy but you have to prepare yourself beforehand not to look so terrified.

Things to calm your nerves:

  • Sit down
  • Have a glass of water
  • Take a deep breath
  • Tell yourself that everything is going to be fine.
  • Say it out
  • If you feel so nervous and scared, start counting from 100 backward. This will keep your mind off those hasty thoughts

5- Ask Him/Her To Go Out With You First

You have to lay some ground here and you don’t want to make things go crazy and pop a bomb on their head. You have to get it done step by step. Ask them to go out with you on a date. A date is not always signing towards a love and couple relationship. It may well give them some hint as well. If you don’t want to call it a “date” then you can just ask them to go out for a dinner with you. That won’t sound that awkward.

If you would confess your love/likeness for them one day just casually, that might seems like an odd situation for them. It will be an out-of-the-blue scenario for them especially if they had no idea about it before. So, lay your ground properly and invite them on a date or say “a dinner” first.  

6- Get Them Comfortable As Well

Just don’t focus on your comfort zone. Look for the other person’s ease and comfort as well. You would not let this chance slip out so try to make it perfect in all ways. Choose a place that will suit you both. That is not so loud and rushed nor too silent and hollow.  A decent place with few people around. It is you to choose the place that you think will be best. Best in either situation, acceptance, or rejection.

How to tell someone you like them

7- Choose Your Words Wisely

The selection of words would make your game or will destroy everything for you. So, the selection of words should be done very carefully. You can make a whole speech beforehand and remember it or you can decide on the points that you want to say at that time. Don’t go unprepared if you fear that you may say something stupid. It would be fair advice to prepare the lines that you want to tell them. Don’t say things that sound too filmy or don’t just be boring as well.

The best way would be to pen down your feelings on the paper one fine night, and reread that paper 2, or 3 times before saying it. It would feel more heartfelt when whatever you will say will come from the heart. So, gather up your thoughts and say them all, but, nicely.

8- Be Ready For Any Kind Of Reaction

This is a very important point to rely upon. Be ready for any kind of reaction. Remember that you are doing this because you wanted to express your feelings to them. Now how they are going to respond is not in your hands. You have to make up your mind about rejection as well. Preparing yourself will help you go through the pain of rejection for the time being (If you get rejected). If they respond back the same way, I think they also confess their likeness for you as well then yeah, you would be the happiest.

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9- Don’t Rush Him/Her

Don’t rush them, don’t force them to give their answer instantly. Give them time. Tell them that it is totally fine to take all the time that you want. This will help them relax if they were about to panic, because when you are confessing your love face to face then a reaction is also expected in return. So, you have got to tell them that take the time to think, instantly when you complete your confession.

10- Don’t Get Angry On Rejection 

If they reject you by saying that they don’t feel the same way for you or they don’t want to be in a relationship with you, then don’t get angry. They have the right to reject you and your proposal. It was you who made all the efforts, they didn’t ask you to do all that. So, keeping these points in mind you have to just accept the rejection and leave the place. The things that you can say in response to the rejection are:

“I understand that it was an out-of-a-blue situation for you and if you don’t want to be with me. I felt obligated to let you know about my feelings, and that’s it.”

Or say something that suits your situation at that time.

11- Move On

When you will realize and know that they are really not going to get into a relationship with you or you realize that the ship has sailed then you also try to move on. It won’t be that difficult to move forward because it was purely from your side. It ended even before it gets started. So, accept the fact that it is not possible to get them and look forward to other things and opportunities in life.

If they tell you that they are not ready to be in a relationship “right now”. Then yes. Your chances are not cut down totally. There still is some hope. You can keep on trying to win their heart by doing little effort. The efforts shouldn’t be too obvious. You can keep on doing the following things:

How to tell someone you like them
  • Help them out and always look for opportunities to help them
  • Can give them a shoulder to cry
  • Ears, to listen to their problems
  • Eyes, to understand what they want to say when they can’t do it verbally.
  • And your Heart, when they need someone to say it all.

As long as there is love, there is hope. But again, the minute you realize that now the things are out of your hands and it would annoy them if you will bother them again then it is always the best option to move out and move on.

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In this article, we have discussed in detail how to tell someone you like them. By following all the steps and keeping the smooth and dangerous steps in mind, you will succeed in saying it out loud and clear. Wish you the best of luck.