I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life?

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life? What should I do with my life? Should I just keep doing what I am currently doing, and that is uncertainty about the future? Or should I look into my life and give it a critical analysis, and do what makes sense? It does happen. We all come to a point in life where we need a direction, where we feel like we don’t know what to do with our life. At that very point, it is very important to give yourself some time to clear your mind and figure out what should I do with your life.

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life?

We will look into different ideas that what should you do with your life.

1- Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

The first and foremost thing to do is to know what you are capable of and what makes you go weak. Once you will have a clear picture of your own personality and your own yourself. It will become easy to move forward. Mark your strengths and start working on them. Also, see if your strengths lead you toward the goals you want to achieve in life. If yes then it’s great. And if not, then try to develop a link between them. Or if your goals and passion lie in your weak points then start turning your weakness into your strength. You can do this, just don’t let your inner fire of passion blow off. Keep it lit and work in the right direction. The destination will find you.

2- Observe Around And Listen To What People Talk About

Observing people and what they talk about is very important in knowing and sorting out what you should do with your life. But those people must be productive. Not a bunch of losers sitting outside their home discussing crap. You need to change your gathering and be with more intellectual people. The people who discuss ideas, technology, current affairs, and share life experiences. Maybe it sounds weird but it would help if you observe and listen to people older than you. The ones who are successful today, have achieved something in life. This will really help you out in sorting your thoughts and will give you a direction in life to follow or at least to think about.

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3- Better Get Started

Do not waste any more time and better get started. As soon as you realize that you need a direction in life and you are unable to know what to do with your life, stop and start processing. You will need to take out some time from your life to gather your life back on track. Or to put it on the track for the sake of the future. Movement is always better than staying still. So even though if you are uncertain right now that is what you want in life at least go out and look around.

Want to get a job?

Go drop out CV to different places.

You never know what will turn out in your favor. And it is evident that every day that you spend outside your home teaches you some lessons. So, don’t sit still at the home, and better get started with whatever comes your way.

4- Read Inspirational And Motivational Books

Reading books and motivational quotes or watching documentaries/videos of those who have achieved high in life and now are enjoying a specific status in the world, would be a great motivation for you. The famous personnel who inspires you and whom you admire, look at their life story. Read their biographies and their interviews in which they may have told you about their struggles. This will really give you encouragement and motivation to move forward and to keep going in life.

You will find a direction to follow. Taking inspiration from famous people gives you a separate type of motivation because knowing that someone so famous and rich, was once just an ordinary poor guy, this thing hits back in a good way. (We are talking about those famous persons who do have a rough background, and to be honest, almost 80% of them once suffered from tough times in life in terms of poverty, indirection, and failures). Reading some books will surely help you in “I don’t know what to do with my life”? and you will find a path to follow.

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5- Gear Yourself For The Long Journey

To stand somewhere in life and to keep going, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically that it is going to be a long and rough road. To achieve something in life, you get to pass a rocky road. Think of the hardships and troubles as a lesson. Make your mind understand and believe that whatever comes in the way of your life journey, teaches you something. Nothing happens without a purpose. Everything teaches you a lesson. All you have to do is to be patient, and alert and should take hardships as a challenge and try to win them over.

Losing hope and faith will not help, else it will take you away back in your journey. So keep moving and prepare yourself for every possible hardship.

6- Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Being in your comfort zone and wishing everything to fall into perspective and be in right place will not get you anything except hopelessness and anxiety. To achieve high and to do something great, you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. Try new things, try the things you were afraid of doing. Once you will step out of your easily comfortable zone, you will experience new adventures on daily basis and will learn away more than you ever learned. Change is important in leading a good life. Exposure makes you a better, wise, and informed person. Also teaches you how to move in society. Expose those who are true to you and those who are fake.

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7- Failure Is The Part Of Process

Failure is part of the process and it teaches you a lot more than success does. It polishes you, makes you learn from your mistakes, makes you a better version of yourself, and keeps you down to earth. So failure does have its own pros. Those who fail first are better prepared for the next battle. All you have to do is to accept your failure and move forward. There are people who lose their hope and become angry and frustrated after failure and think of themselves as a loser.

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8- It’s Okay To Not Know

Man cannot have enough knowledge and information. Even if a person learns a thousand new things a day still it won’t be enough.

So, why worry?

Live a life that is easygoing and sorted. Don’t stress about the things that you cannot control or you cannot have. Always strive for tangible possessions. Thinking and taking stress about the knowledge or skill that you lack but others have, is just a waste of energy. You have to explore your own potential. Every person is born with their own unique characteristics and a person must be aware of them. What others are doing or achieving in life is their own way of living. You have to develop your own living style and standard based on the skills and knowledge you have. Comparing oneself to others is like asking a doctor to fly an airplane.

I don’t know what to do with my life?

9- Take Small Steps

It is not possible to dream about something and expect to achieve it the next day. To achieve big there will be a long wait as well. Take one step at a time but do not stop. Keep working hard but focus on a single thing at a time. This will make your task easy and doable and your stress level will be controlled. But if you will start multiple tasks at a time, then none will reach its destination and you will suffer tension and anxiety as well.

So, pen down what you want to do and how it can be accomplished. Make a task by the task to-do list and keep on marking a tick sign once one task is completed. This will keep you on track and at the same time will motivate you to accomplish more.

10- Look Into Your Inner Self

Look into what your inner self is asking from you. It happens that you ignore your inner voice or you keep yourself too busy that you don’t get time to spend with your own self. Getting hustled in worldly activities makes a person’s mind so captivated that he/she has to focus so hard to listen to what the mind says. In an era where social media and mobile phone addiction are so high, the concentration level of our youth is being compromised.

We are so used to new information every minute by scrolling down our social media sites that teenagers are becoming aggressive and their patience level keeps on dropping. Which is an alarming situation. Make a habit to take some time out for your own self where you can concentrate on your thoughts and your mental peace. You can meditate as well. By doing this you will get a clearer perspective on what YOU want from YOU.

11- Ideas To Get Yourself Into Thinking

I don’t know what to do with my life. Some kind of the techniques to get yourself know what you should do with your life are:

  • Think of the ways that if you had to save the world, how would you do that?
  • If you were made to leave your home each and every day and forced to do some work, what work would you like to do each and every day?
  • What makes you forget to eat and sleep?
  • If you get to know that you are going to die one year from today. How would you want the world to remember you?

These are some thought-provoking ideas to get yourself into thinking and finally get to realize what you should do with your life.


“I don’t know what to do with my life” if you think like that then give a look at the above-mentioned ways and make your life worth living. It is okay to feel distracted or sidetracked but it is you who have to bring it back to track. Keep going and exploring your life and yourself.