I Don’t Need Friends – 8 Interesting Reasons

For some people, friends are the most essential part of their life. For some, having friends is such a waste of time and energy. It is all about their personal experiences.

Reason Why Anybody Says I Don’t Need Friends

We will look into the reasons why someone does not need friends. The reasons are more or less based on people’s own experiences.

1- I can be good to others without being friends with them

Is it necessary to be friends with someone for the time to pass by? No, I don’t believe so. I like to talk to people, to spend time with them but just to a limit.

Human beings by nature are meant to live in clusters. There are natural relationships like your parents, siblings, grandparents, and children.

But when you leave your home, you have to communicate with other people as well.

When you work somewhere or you go to school and meet the same people daily then an attachment does develop.

This attachment cannot be denied. It is not easy to not get friends with someone.

There is one trick that works for those who don’t need friends, and that is to be good and friendly with everyone around you.

This way just to say everyone will be good to you but none of them would be called your “Friend”.

2- In friendship the expectations are codependent

When you are friends with someone you develop certain expectations from them.

If you are in school you expect your friend that they will save a seat for you, if in college then you will expect them to help you with your assignment just the way you do for them.

If you are in the office you expect your friends to appreciate you for your work and progress and if in your personal life then you expect them to be there for you whenever you need them.

Just the way you did for them. Expectations hurt and make you believe in the fact that I don’t need friends to live my life.

Expectations are built based on the input that you have given in friendship.

And if the other person fails to recognize and appreciate your efforts or fails to put their part in the friendship then it falls apart. Tear down into pieces.

So, those who believe that they are better off without friends, say it for a reason.

3- Friends start to get indulged in your personal life

Some people turned into friends that are so many nose pokers.

They poke their nose in every matter of yours no matter how personal or private it is.

It is not because you have allowed them to do so but because they do it voluntarily and without your permission.

They would be like “Hey what kind of clothes are you wearing, it’s out of fashion.

Let’s go shopping, I will show you what to buy” as if I asked you. No, no I did not ask you. I am fine just the way I am.

When your friends try to change you just because they want you to match up to their level that disturbs me.

Why can’t you just accept me just the way I am?

Am I a shame for you to be with? You know what, just don’t be my friend! I am better off this way.

This is the reason why some people do not like to have friends.

4- Some friends don’t give importance to your values and beliefs

Sometimes you become friends with the wrong people which teaches you a lesson in your life.

When you belong to a conservative family and you yourself don’t believe in having parties and going out just for fun even at night.

But your friends are totally pro.

They love your party, going out at night, hanging out at each other’s places, etc. Moreover, they force you to join them as well.

If you say no and decide to stay at home instead of going out with them, then they make you feel left out the next day at the university.

All they talk is about the party and the fun they had.

They make fun of you for being conservative and give you titles like dull and boring. This thing hurts you.

Instead of respecting your values and beliefs. They make fun of you and your belief system.

This hurts you so much that you just want to break up with all your friends and be at peace all by yourself.

…another reason for saying “I don’t need friends”…

5- Friends want your time as if they own you

Why do some people start to think as if they own you?

Yes as a person!

They think that as now if you are my friend I can call you whenever I want, I can ask for your help no matter how many times, and when it’s my turn I will simply say sorry I am busy tonight.


Been with such friends who would call me to get all the help for their class assignments on the WEEKEND!

As if I don’t have my own life to live by.

Or a friend who calls me late at night because she had a big fight with her boyfriend and wants me to block him from all social media so he could not ask me about her.

Like what?

Do I look like a puppet to you?

Can’t you just say this to me in the morning?

And on top when I need their help they have all the excuses that one can think of!

Isn’t it better to be alone and happy than to be friends with such selfish people?

i dont need friends

6- All they do is gossip

Sometimes in life, you make friends with such people that all they have to do is to do gossip.

Like gossip in the morning, at the noon, at night, on text, a call, on vacations. Gossip, gossip, and gossip.

As if their life surrounds around GOSSIP!!!

It is acceptable that we all are human beings and we all do a bit of a bitching but all you can do is bitching is really not right.

Such friends are not friends but snakes who definitely do bitch about yourself as well in your absence.

Beware of such so-called friends. And friendly advice is to better stay alone than to be friends with such people.

7- Show off and fakeness

This world is materialistic. It wasn’t materialistic before but now with the advancement of technology and everything else, the human mind has also become a machine.

With all the social media, people have become so fake that they don’t even realize what they have become.

So is the pure relationship of friendship.

You take selfies with your friends and post them on your social media with a sweet loving caption on it.


To show the world how loving you are or how good your friendship is. Or just to get more and more appraisals.

But in reality, you are fake and just being with each other because you don’t have any other option.

In reality, you don’t say all those good words to each other but tease each other and bitch about it behind your back.

All you talk about is brands, branded clothes, how expensive your watch is, where you are going on vacations, etc.

The purity of friendship is lost.

That’s why I think it’s better to be alone than to be friends with someone who doesn’t value you.

8- Friendship is just a time pass

Remember your school friend with whom you use to make big promises that you both will always be each other’s BBF. Remember?

Or those friends with whom you spent your college life. How often do you guys meet or talk?

Or those university friends with whom you use to hang out with. How often do you call them now?

See! You become friends with someone and make promises to be with each other for life but as soon as your paths take a turn, your friendship also fades away.

Now I am in that stage of life where I know very well that this person whom I meet every day in my office is just my colleague and I am spending time with him/her just for the sake of time pass!

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Some Points of Wisdom

  • Friendship originally is such a pure and joy able relationship that you make in your life. You may have a bad experience with friends but it is mostly because the timing was not right or the friends you made were not meant to be your friends. You can always find new friends and can start over the journey of friendship.
  • Always look around. Look around and see if someone needs your help or if someone is going through a rough patch in life and is looking for someone to listen through them. Look around and see if someone is depressed and maybe thinking of taking their life! Be their angel. Look around and save them.
  • We become so toxic and self-centered that we can’t even realize that our own friend is suffering from depression or a hard time and we keep on complaining about them being rude and lone loaf.
  • Stop being judgmental and be someone’s lifesaver. Everyone is fighting a battle that you are unaware of.
  • Friendship is the most beautiful relationship after your blood relations, so try to find good friends or become good enough to make friends. Add some more colors to your life.
  • It is fine if you don’t want to make friends. No one will judge you or say it shouldn’t matter if anyone judges you for the choices you make for yourself. Do what makes you happy. You are not here to get validation from people.

Quotes about “I don’t need friends”

I don’t have time for fake friends anymore. Either be real or be gone”.

“I don’t need a bunch of fake friends. It’s much better to have 4 Quarters than 100 pennies”

“I don’t keep any close friends. Because I don’t keep any secrets. I don’t need friends. I just tell everybody everything, that’s all.”

“We don’t lose friends, we just learn who our real ones are”

“It’s so funny how ‘friends’ forget us when they don’t need any more favors.”