I Hate School – 11 Reasons Why Kids Hate School

School is not a favorite place for everyone. I personally didn’t like school. But the reasons for not liking school vary from kid to kid. Some are serious and some are not so worrying. I hate school because there is a lot of work to do at school but my friend hates school because he has to get up early in the morning. These are minor reasons why students hate school but School is a fundamental part of every person’s life. So we should avoid these issues instead of we love our School.

Why I Hate School – 11 Reasons

Let’s highlight the reasons why kids hate school driven by kids’ own stories.

i hate school

1) Early In The Morning

Kids find it difficult to get up early in the morning and get ready to go to school. They feel sleepy, especially in the first period. This issue is mainly faced by kids aged between 6 to 10 years of age. A kid said that “I don’t like school because I have to get up early in the morning. If I want to sleep in class after my work is done (done with one period) the teacher doesn’t let me sleep. The teacher asks me to get up and wash my face so I may not feel sleepy. Why can’t she just let me sleep for some minutes?”

2) Punishment For Being Late

Getting punished for coming late is something that kids really don’t like especially when they are not the reason behind being late. Mostly when the kids reach school late even 1 or 2 minutes, it’s not their fault. Sometimes it’s because of traffic or the school bus, or the father/mother left home late to drop the kid off. But when it comes to punishment then kids are the victims. A kid said “I don’t like it when I get punished for being late even though it wasn’t my mistake. We were a bit late because of traffic and we reached school 2 minutes late. But the school administration doesn’t realize this and made me stand for 20 minutes in the assembly hall. I hate school for this reason.”

3) Lots Of Homework

Being in school doesn’t mean studying in the classroom only but you get a lot of homework as well. Homework for each subject makes children run away from their studies because after studying at school they don’t want to waste their playtime doing homework. A student said “We study in the school for around 6 to 7 hours and still get lots of homework to do. Lots of homework for each subject. Because of this, the time left for playing remains very little. That’s why I hate to study as well as going to school”

i hate school

4) Rules Breaking

There are many rules in the school that are to be followed by students as well as by teachers. Students complain that we are punished when we break rules. Even if we are suspected to break any rules we get on the list. But teachers are not being punished for breaking any of the rules. Now it shows that kids have no idea that teachers also get punished for breaking the rules of school by getting their salary cuts or by getting a warning letter (in some schools) but kids have their own complaints regarding this matter. A kid said “I find it unfair we get punished for being late or being absent but teachers are never seen standing in the assembly hall for being late. It is not fair to the students.”

5) Getting Caught While Talking

Many students are troublemakers for the other students as well. They make noise in the class and the teacher punishes them all or a student is creating noise and the teacher asks another one to stand up as a punishment. A student said “It happened to me twice the student sitting next to me was being naughty during the lecture and the teacher thought it was me. She punished me and didn’t even listen to me that I was not the one being noisy. I don’t like to go to school. No one listens to me”

6) Food’s Not Allowed In The Classroom

Food is not allowed in the classroom. This complaint is heard by the students aged 6 to 8 as they are young and get hungry quickly. A student said “Once I was hungry and wanted to eat the lunch that my mother made for me. The break was still one period away so I took out my lunch and tried to eat it silently. knowing this the teacher got angry and asked me to wait for the break. This made me heartbroken. I don’t like school and its rules.”

7) Grades Matter The Most

In school, you are being liked or disliked because of your grades. If your grades are high everyone in the class would like you including the teacher and if your grades are low then no one will value your opinion and won’t like you much.

A student said “My grades are not so good. I am not the topper of my class. I get average grades sometimes below average. No one likes me in class. No one wants to talk to me. Teachers always insult me for getting poor grades. I am good at drawing and once I wanted to take part in a drawing competition held in school. Inter-session competition. I wanted to give my name to my class but my teacher rejected me because she thought I am not good at studies so I must not be good at drawing as well. The topper from our class got selected to participate. Even though her drawing was just average.”

8) The Teacher Is Never On Leave

The biggest complaint of a school-going kid is; a teacher is never on a leave. Even when you all pray hard for your teacher to get absent. She shows up and is just being strict as always. Poor kids do not know that the salary is being deducted if the teacher goes on leave. A student said “I don’t like school because my teachers are never absent. No matter if she is sick or has a headache, she will come to school and teach us. We sometimes want to enjoy and celebrate the happiness of the teacher being on leave.”

9) The Teacher Is not Appreciate Me

Some teachers would never appreciate the effort and instead, make fun. Many students get too shy and scared of answering or raising their hands because the teacher insults them. A teacher is one who makes or breaks a student’s personality. A little act of appreciation and appraisal can do wonders in making up the personality of a student.

A student said “Once during a lecture my teacher asked us a question related to the topic. I raised my hand to answer she chose me to answer. Unfortunately, my answer was wrong. She insulted me so badly that it made my eyes wet. That incident shattered all my confidence and I think I will never forget that incident.”

i hate school

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10) Toppers Making Fun Of ME

The toppers in the class make a lobby and roam around everywhere as if they are the queens and kings. They take over the classroom when the teacher is not in the class and try to rule over. They decide with whom to talk and whom to ignore. When they become the monitor of class they become bossy and make fun of students who are not high graders.

A kid said “I hate school because the monitor of class or the toppers make fun of us (Low graders) and taunt us whenever they get a chance. They are rude and never share their homework unless the teacher asks them. Also, They don’t value us or our opinion in any of the class decisions. They think of themselves as goddesses.”

11) A Lot Of Tests And Exams

Students don’t like school because of too many tests and exams. Exams and tests make the students hate studies and school.

As long as it’s just the lectures, it’s fine. A student said “I don’t like tests and exams. Every month the tests are held at school and after some months the exams come. We don’t get time to enjoy our lives. Don’t we have anything else to do in life than to keep on studying all the time?”


Students mainly hate school, not because of the school itself but what happens to them while they are at school. The school-going age of children is very fragile. We as teachers and parents are responsible for making or breaking their character. So always chose your words and actions keeping the kids in your mind.