Long-Distance Relationship Problems And Solutions

Relationships are very important in life. Whether it’s with your parents, siblings, or intimate partner, you will need them for life. But long-distance relationships are hard to live especially with your intimate/life partner. Today we will talk about the problems that are commonly faced by couples who are living in a long-distance relationship.

Long-Distance Relationship Problems

Long-Distance Relationship Problems

There are a number of problems that can occur in long-distance relationships. One of the most difficult things about being in a long-distance relationship is the lack of physical intimacy. This can be a big problem for couples who are used to being physically close to each other on a regular basis. It can be hard to adjust to not being able to hug or kiss your partner whenever you want.

Another problem that can occur in long-distance relationships is communication difficulties. It can be hard to keep in touch with your partner on a regular basis, and this can lead to misunderstandings and arguments. It’s important to make an effort to communicate clearly and often so that you can stay on the same page and avoid any problems.

Finally, another common problem in long-distance relationships is jealousy. If you’re not used to being apart from your partner, it can be easy to start feeling jealous when they’re spending time with other people. This is normal, but it’s important to try to manage these feelings so that they don’t take over your relationship. If you’re feeling jealous, talk to your partner about it and see if there’s anything you can do to help ease those feelings.

1- Stop Sharing Deep-Rooted Feelings

When you live with a person under the same roof, you get to know everything about each other. You get to know about the mood of the other person, his/her routine, his/her habits, and especially the unsaid words and feelings. But when you are away from the one you love the most, you become reluctant in sharing your hidden feelings. It’s not that you do it deliberately but there could be different reasons behind this act.

  • Maybe you don’t want the other person to get worried.
  • Or you don’t know how to express your feelings through words.
  • Or you fear that your partner won’t be able to understand what you are going through.
  • So because of these reasons, you find it more comfortable that you might not share your thoughts or feelings.

2- Avoid Arguments

You or your partner starts to talk too much. They keep on sharing their story, what they did or what happened today. But they don’t wait for you to tell me about your day. Another perspective on this is that you or your partner starts to avoid getting into arguments and prefer to disconnect the call. This thing is irritating and frustrating. When you are together, you can have an argument and fight, but living apart makes it difficult because once any of you have disconnected the call and switched off the phone, it is the end of the story. At least for the time being. This can also be termed as running away from the problem rather than confronting and resolving it. 

3- Expect The Instant Answer

Your partner wants you to answer his/her calls and messages instantly. If you don’t receive the call or don’t respond to the messages immediately they get upset or angry. This can happen vice versa as well, you could be the one getting hurried. This can lead to a fight as well. This is the issue that is very commonly faced by couples living in distance relationships. The best way to deal with this problem is to develop an understanding with your partner and discuss your everyday routine. Also, you can always drop a message or voice note to intimate your partner about your unexpectedly busy schedule.

Long-Distance Relationship Problems

4- Growing away from each other

The other problem that the couples complain about is that they are missing out on the precious time and moments that were meant to be lived together. Couples feel that growing away from each other is keeping them from enjoying life together as they vowed on the day of getting married. They are growing old apart from one another. This feeling makes them sad and makes them dislike their living situation. 

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5- A wish to Pause every cherishable moment

They wish to stop or pause every happy or sad moment so the other partner can join and they get through it together. whether it is the birthday of their child or some sad or grieving situation, the one who is a part gets affected a lot and in many ways. The only wish they have at that time is to hold that moment until they reach their loved ones.   

6- The difference in time zones

One of the biggest or I say the one problem that connects many other problems is the difference in time zones. The time zone sometimes is so different that at one end it is 9 am and on the other end it’s 9 pm. Such a time difference can be very tiring and frustrating. One could be getting ready to reach the office and the other one is all ready to go to the bed.

The couples also face laziness and tiredness issues because of time variation. They have to adjust their talk time according to each other’s availability, which sometimes becomes tiring. 

7- Jealousy and insecurity

Living in a long-distance relationship is not a cake. It takes a lot. The feeling of jealousy and insecurity is always there on the part of each partner. Whether it is a hot chick in your husband’s office or an over-caring colleague of your wife. The feeling of insecurity prevails. And sometimes jealousy not only comes with someone else but the feeling of jealousy also sustains when one partner is having vacations or having fun getting together with family or friends and the other partner is sitting alone in his/her home.

It’s not surely always heartfelt insecurity or jealousy, sometimes couples adopt this behavior to tease their partner as well.

8- Communication gap

Miscommunication or communication gap also takes place in a long-distance relationship. Sometimes you drop a message and it doesn’t get delivered in time or you forget to inform them about something important due to the time difference. The couples also get reluctant in sharing every bit of their routine or about the habits that they have adopted. e.g. smoking.

9- Being Possessive

No matter how much you love and trust your partner but living apart makes you both possessive about each other. Where you are going, whom you meeting, what parties you are attending, etc. This possessiveness is not merely negative but just a hidden fear that both of you have in mind about losing each other.

Long-Distance Relationship Problems

10- Neglecting other family members

Negligence towards other family members occurs when the one living far from the family prefers to talk to their wife for a longer duration rather than giving others the due time. It is more like he/she fails to manage the division of time along with being in different time zones. The little time they have to talk is given to rather given to one person, which makes them apart from other members of the family.

11- Loneliness

The feeling of being lonely and apart from your partner makes long-distance relationships most difficult. Knowing that you have a husband/wife and still you are alone and all lonely, is not an easy thought. Even though you are there for each other via calls, texts, and even video calls, the void of being close to each other, holding hands, and a hug of console and care, is still what the couples crave.

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Solutions ( Long-Distance Relationship Problems )

Long-Distance Relationship Problems

1- Communication is the key (Long-Distance Relationship Problems)

The more and better you will communicate with each other the better the chances to stay close and connected. Talk to each other, share your daily routine, and tell what stupid you did and what new habit your child is developing. This will not let the spark fade away.

2- Always be there for each other even being apart

Share your feelings with each other. Don’t only talk but also listen to your partner. Ask them What’s new, how’s your job going, use the probing questions if you feel that they are hiding something that is stressing them out. You can tell them that you are just a text away. Share something funny to cheer him/her up. Just make him/her know and realize that you are there no matter what.

3- Be more expressive about your love for your partner

When you are living with each other, you can express your love in a thousand ways. You go out for dinner, for a long drive, order her/his favorite chocolates, and show your affection by hugging or cuddling. But when you are living away from each other, you are left with limited options to express your love for each other. So being verbally expressive is what you can do best. You can keep on telling them how important they are to you. You can send them a forward message filled with poetry, etc. All you have to do is to be more expressive than you were when you both were living together. 

4- Hang out together even being apart

You can hang out together even living apart. You can plan a movie night together you can watch the movie in a cinema or can watch it on your laptop, at the same time. I have seen couples doing this practice. This is fun. You can also order food together like you both are craving the pizza so you both order it and have it. You are playing video games together with each other. Or against each other. These little practices make your relationship beautiful and alive. It’s just how you want it to be.

5- Always remember and value the reason behind living apart

Always know and value the reason behind being away from your family. No one wants a life away from their loved ones, they do it for some better sake. It is the responsibility of the other partner to always know and value the fact that he/she is living far from us just for us. For the better future of their children, or for their own better future. Respecting and making them realize that you value their sacrifices will make them motivated and encourage them to be there in the best of form. Love, care, and appreciation gives the power to fight the odds in life.


Long-Distance Relationship Problems: We have looked into long-distance relationship problems and how to avoid those problems. Living apart is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of guts. A salute to all the couples living apart from each other due to whatever reasons.