MY LIFE IS A MESS – Ultimate Guide To Change Your Life

“My life is a mess” You must heard people saying this phrase often in their life or at least once in their life. It’s not only the people but it’s you as well. Everybody also reach a moment in life where life seems to be a mess. It’s mostly a temporary feeling for many of us. But for some people, it is a serious matter where their life is a mess and requires a solution. The mess could be your unmanageable life, your life after a failure, the change of environment, or life after someone who left you. The list can go on and on but these are mostly the main reasons why your life becomes a mess.

MY LIFE IS A MESS – Step By Step Guide

My life is a mess

Let’s look into the messes and how to deal with it.

1- Identify The Mess

Sometimes in life, we are so devastated and irritated that we could not identify the real reason behind it. It is very important to know what is bothering you to work on it. To know the reason you need to do the following things.

  • Accept that something is bothering you that you are referring to as a mess.
  • To identify the cause you need to look for any change that has have taken place in your life recently. It could be moving to a new place, leaving some close people behind you (breakup, move out, death). Failure or it’s just a messed up daily routine.
  • You are comparing your life with others, getting caught in what others say.
  • Or any other reason.

2- Identify The Intensity

See if the thing that is bothering you is in your control or it’s not even yours to be corrected. This point is very important to sort the situation out. If it is in your control to be corrected then look for the steps and ways to solve them and to manage your life. If the problem is out of your control then why are you even getting bothered? You need to understand the fact that it won’t get any better for you to worry and be anxious. Let it be and be patient.

An example of this could be that you are divorced and now you are worried about what others are going to think of you or they are going to do gossip about this news. Now the question is can you change the decision? No. Can you shut the mouths of people who are always there to gossip and comment on others’ life? No. Then what good will happen to you by worrying and thinking about all this knowing that you cannot change it?

Chill out and let people do what they want to do because you can’t shut everyone’s mouth. And above all. The idle people have only one thing to do in their life and that is to peak into others’ lives and talk about it.

My life is a mess quote

3- Don’t Look For Things That Others Have

When we start to look for what others have and we lack. We start to feel discriminated against and disappointed. Then everything in our life looks merely a mess. We forget that God has given us the blessings that others don’t have and some people might be asking for the life you have right now. All you have to realize that not everything is meant for everyone. If it is meant to be yours as well then maybe the time hasn’t arrived yet. Everything will come to you when it is supposed to. Not even a minute before that. Count your own blessings and be thankful for them. No one knows what you will get tomorrow or what will be taken away from you. It’s just a matter of time.

4- kill Your Laziness

Those who are lazy in their life and delay even the small tasks to pending are never going to make it. All they do is the complaint and that’s it. Those who are lazy enough to delay even the smallest of tasks from their daily routine. What else do you expect from them than having a messed up life?

The mess they are in is created by their own selves. If you want to sort out your life then follow the following steps.

  • Make a list of things that are pending. The things you have been delaying from your daily routine.
  • Look for the ones that can be done within 5 minutes. Do them right away. And cut them from the list. Then move on to the next ones.
  • Once all the tasks to be done under 5 minutes are completed then move towards the longer tasks.
  • Mark 2 tasks a day in a line-wise manner and do them daily. E.g. if one task requires 2 to 3 days and the other requires only one day then complete the one day task and side by side keep on doing the other task as well. Once a day task is completed then chose another task keeping the previous one continued.
  • Make the two lists one of the tasks to be done at home and the other one for the outside chores. When you are at home do your tasks accordingly. When you are going out then take your outside chores to-do list with you.
  • You have to be regular with your routine to clear out all the mess you have created in your life.
My life is a mess quote

5- Identify Your Passion

If the mess in your life and your life goals then it can also be resolved. All you have to do is:

  • To list down your goals in life.
  • Look for the goals that make you excited and passionate about it. And separate the goals that you want to achieve because others want you to achieve them.
  • Look for the possibilities and make a feasibility plan to achieve your desired goals.
  • If you have successfully jotted down the feasibility plan of the goals that excite you and you are passionate about then go after them.
  • You can seek your friends or family assistance or advice in planning your goals. This will help you make a clear and more confident decision.
  • If you fail to make a feasibility plan for the goals you want to achieve then know that it is not meant for you or this is not the right time to work on them. Seek advice and assistance from friends and family in this situation as well.
  • Sometimes others show us the path that we were able to look at.

6- Focusing Is Important

When we talk about goals, always remember to focus on a single goal at a time. Give all your time, energy, and passion to that one goal in order to make it successful. Those who have more than one goal in life, can’t focus on them all at the same time. Which results in a mess. These people are unsorted and keep on doing whatever comes in their way. You must choose your goal after working on its planning and execution plan. This will not let you get diverted and you will remain focused and passionate about achieving it.

My life is a mess

7- Don’t Be Afraid To Make Decisions

One mistake that people commit in life is that they are so fearful while taking or making any new decisions in life. They are so afraid of change that they cannot even think of having one. Change is indeed risky that you cannot be sure about how it will turn out. But it’s never a good decision to remain in a situation that is hurtful or difficult for you. Don’t take too much time before deciding on something. Think of all kinds of outcomes and prepare yourself for them.

After thinking about the worst outcome think about the best outcomes. Preparing yourself for all kinds of outcomes makes it easier for you to make a decision. Thinking of good and best outcomes at the last would give you motivation and positive energy to do what you were afraid to do.

8- Talk To Your Close Ones ( My Life Is A Mess)

When you feel like your life is a mess. Go talk to someone. Someone close to you, close to your heart. The one/ones you think and know that loves you back. That could be your family (mother, father, siblings) or your friends/lover/ spouse. Always go for a talk. Never let your inner chaos take the lead and make you much worse. There is no situation or condition in your life that cannot change your feeling of being a mess. Every problem has a solution. Everything can be turned around. As long as you are willing to accept the change and ready to embrace the change.

Never feel that you are miserable enough that no one can help you out. When there is absolutely no one to make you feel better or to get you out of that mess then remember it’s you. It’s you who can turn the table. It’s you and only YOU who can bring your life back to track. So, never underestimate your own power and take a step. But a little help and support from your loved ones will help you shine and rise even faster and even better.

My life is a mess quote


Your life is a mess as long as you want it to be a mess. The day you decide to get up and make it right. No one can stop you. So, yes it’s all on you, how you handle your situation.