20 “Second Date” Ideas-What To Do On Second Date

 Today we will be looking into some amazing and totally viable second date ideas.

Before jumping onto the ideas, you must be clear that a second date is still something that keeps the couple a bit hesitant and they still require some time to get totally caught up with each other.

So you need to be more conscious while choosing the place for your second date.

A setting that will help you both know each other more, bond with each other, and also to take the relationship one step ahead rather than taking it backwards.

Second Date Ideas

So let’s start looking for ideas for your second date.

second date ideas

Go For A Long Walk Together

You can go for a long walk together. Probably at a park or garden. Somewhere where the view is beautiful. Nature is around you.

The environment around you leaves a very charming effect on your mood. So, choose to go for a walk.

You can have long conversations, can explore each other’s interests, likes dislikes, and also can bond by showing care and attention to their stories.

Go To A live Concert

It would be really fun to go to a live concert. You both would be able to enjoy together, dance, hoot, and sing along. This will give you both more comfortable with each other and will allow you both to be more friendly.

library- second date ideas

Cook Together

It would be a great idea to cook together. And you know what would be more fun?

To do the grocery together as well. Go for the grocery shopping and buy all the relevant stuff that you would be needed in making the dinner.

Then, upon reaching home you both can start cooking. You can also play some music alongside as well.

This will make this experience more memorable.

This will not only will help you both bond but also will let you both know each other’s way of working, their temper, and also how supportive they are.

Have Some Snacks Time After Work

Sometimes when you both are working people and do not get much of a time for a proper date.

Then you can opt for a snack time date as well. After your office hours, you both can get together and get some snacks and spend your time together.

You both will enjoy this time and this experience will make you both more adaptive to each other.

You both will feel like a casual team to whom it doesn’t bother if it’s a fancy place and tempting dinner or just a simple place with some snacks in hand.

a couple is having lunch

Visit A Book Store Together

If you both are book persons then going for a book shopping would be a great experience.

You both would be able to discuss different books and could recommend your favourite books to each other as well.

The time will pass by so quickly and as a result, you will know their taste in books, which will depict their personality as well.

And also you both will always have a topic to discuss with each other.

Grab A Roadside Snacks (Crisp Sphere)

Again if you both are adventurous and brands and classic doesn’t bother you much, then go for this experience.

You will love eating roadside food together and you both can challenge each other as well on who will eat more.

This will be a really fun experience for you both and the bond will become stronger.

You both will become open to each other and the shyness will fall behind.

Visit An Amusement Park

Taking rides together would be such a fun-filled experience. You can visit an amusement park and can have a joyous adventure.

It will be so cool to make each other face their fears of heights or rides and to make it a memorable date.

Volunteer In Some Large Scale Activity

You both can volunteer yourselves in some activity going on at a large scale. Like a street wall painting or a March or protest (if it depicts your beliefs). You both will get to know each other’s strengths, believes, and also dedication or dare towards what you like or have faith in.

Watch Sunset Together

You can plan a date where you both will go long or at height to see a sunset. This will be so relaxing and peaceful view to watch.

This will help you both bond stronger in terms of falling for each other more than you already were.

Watching a peaceful and mesmerizing view can make your emotional state go high and you feel connected to the ones who also gone through the same feelings as you.

Go To Skating Or Ice Sating

How about going to skating or ice skating?

Wouldn’t it be so much fun to do together especially doing it as a team! You both will enjoy this a lot. Falling and helping each other get back to their feet.

 Second Date Ideas – How About An Outdoor Sport?

If you both are a sports lover, you can play with your friends. Playing some sport and being on the same team will help you a lot to develop your friendship and comfort level with each other.

The sport could be anything that you both like to play like football, cricket, hockey, or any other.

Don’t your partner isn’t into sports then don’t through this idea to them. Maybe they will accept your proposal but won’t enjoy or feel comfortable playing an outdoor game.

So, always check their interest and have their consent before planning out any such game plan.

Second Date Ideas – Bonfire Night

In cosy, cold nights, the idea of bonfire would do the charms for you both. You can plan a night out together somewhere where you can set up a bonfire.

This you can do with a group of friends as well because that way you would get a hand in setting up the fire and also you all can enjoy as a group as well by dancing and singing around.

This will be romantic as well as dreamy. You both will bond even through just your eye contact.

Go To An Outdoor Night Pool

Swimming is such an amusing activity and if both the partners love to swim then planning out a pool date wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You can look for some private outdoor pool for this reason and can have the reservations for you two. It would be a quixotic and romantic experience for you both.

a live concert

Go For Bowling

You both can go for a bowling adventure together. You both can play against each other, which would be a new thing for you two and would reveal that who is more competitive than the other.

You can consciously let them win as well if they are not so good at it.

He/she would really enjoy making you lose.

Go For Paddle Boating

Puddle boating could be a good idea to use on your second date. It allows you to spend some quality time alone, in a peaceful environment. You would love doing this together.

You can have long deep conversations while paddling the boat. It would be so cute when you will take over once your partner would feel tired and then sometimes your partner will puddle for you both.

This experience will get you both to share the care and attention to each other’s needs.

Go For Horse Riding

Horse riding would also be an amazing idea to look up for on your second date. But before going for such an adventure ask your partner if he/she is comfortable riding a horse. You both can ride your own individual horses and also can share one horse. It would be really fun sharing one horse. (Only if it is allowed, and you both are not so heavy for the horse to bear).

Go For A Long Drive

To go for a long drive. Listening to your favourite songs. Sounds like a good plan. Sharing and showing your favourite places to each other. Having lots of talking. Eating dinner to someplace fancy. Having an ice-cream on your way back from the roadside. Listening to rock and then romantic songs.

Sounds like a perfect long drive.

Attend your friend’s party

Going to a party would also be a nice idea for a second date. It could be a birthday party, graduation party, or any other party. You both can enjoy together by spending some good time together. The best part would be your friends teasing you and telling your funny and embarrassing stories to your partner. It would be your responsibility to make your partner comfortable especially if the people at the party are new to him/her.

Plan a game or movie night at home

You can plan a game night if your partner is also a pro gamer otherwise can choose the option of watching a movie as well. You can make a proper movie scene. Like preparing snacks and popcorns and also do check the light and sound system beforehand to avoid any last-minute hustles. Do play a movie that you both wanted to watch. So, do choose the movie with mutual consent.

Go To A Food Festival

Going to a food festival is very interesting. It will help you find out if your partner is a true foodie or not and vice-versa. Also will reveal their food choices.


Several second date ideas are listed in the article. Do let us know which idea worked for you the best. Share your experience as well and we will share it on our website with your name.

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