Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (Guide)

Some people work for the sake of earning and for some people, the job is their passion. Some of us are earning a huge amount of money and can fulfill our luxurious desires as well and some can only meet their basic necessities with their earnings. But the one thing that is common in all the categories is the PEACE OF MIND and CONTENTMENT. All employees no matter in which position they are, and no matter how much they earn, at the end of the day need to be content with their job and their workplace. In this article, we will discuss “Signs your boss is threatened by you and how to overcome it.

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You

Imagine if you are being bullied or humiliated by none other than your boss, how would you deal with it? How would you be able to realize that your boss is not like you and he/she is jealous of you? Let’s look into the signs which will give you confirmation that your boos are threatened by you.

1- Never admires your ideas

Yes the first sign to look for, is that he will stop admiring you for your ideas. Maybe when you joined the company he/she use to like your ideas and use to give you credit for them. Also not only was impressed by your ideas used to seek your point of view on certain matters as well. Now all of a sudden he/she is ignoring your input and also degrades and rejects your thoughts. How to know that he is being jealous of your ideas and ignoring and degrading them for a purpose? Other colleagues and fellows just love your thoughts and they even seek help from you with their problems as well. This can be one of the clear signs that your boss is intentionally ignoring your shortcomings.

2- Hold back required information

Another sign to recognize his jealousy is, he/she does not give you all the required information about a particular project and keep you in dark. And when you present your work he scolds you for not listening to the instructions carefully or not writing them down clearly. He/she pretends as if they have explained in detail but you were unable to follow the guidelines and you are dumb to make mistakes repeatedly. Or sometimes he/she does not give you enough importance to brief you on a project and calls your subordinates and tells them about the tasks that your team is supposed to carry out.

Signs your boss is threatened by You

3- Avoids your disquiets

He/she avoids your disquiets and keeps on pending meetings with you to listen to your concerns. This could also be one of the main sign that he wants you to be in trouble and do not want you to have a good time in his office. He might listen to your concerns and give you tells you that “I will look into this matter” but would delay it on purpose and even would pretend to forget it (repeatedly) until you just get frustrated or rest that disquiet completely.

4- Expects overtime from you

There are times when some projects require more focus, time, and energy. A hardworking, passionate, and perfectionist employee does not fear over time. But when you are asked to stay late from time to time and others get relief, then dear this isn’t normal. It shows that you are being exploited and your boss has issues with you. If you believe that you are giving your all to your work and still your boss is being hard on you is either because he has lots of expectations from you or he is simply threatened by you and he wants to drain out your energy. Beware of the category you fall into!

5- Restricts your access to senior leadership

You are not allowed to meet executives and you do not have excess to your Senior Managers, Directors, and CEO. You are only expected to come to work, complete your tasks, meet the deadlines and go home. If you are newly hired then obviously it is understood that you need training and you are assumed to follow what your boss wishes for you. If you are working for a long time now and you still aren’t allowed to do chit-chat (work-related or otherwise)

6- You are not invited to meetings

Meetings are held without you. you are given other trivial assignments or you are told to stay outside as this meeting doesn’t require your presence even if it is related to the project you are a part of. This simply shows that he is intimidated by you, by your ideas, by your aura, and even by your presence.

7- You are tricked into failure

You are often tricked into failure by your boss. He gives you an assignment and asks you to present it to the delegation and on the day of the presentation he tells you to make some major last-minute changes that can cost you a lot. You get confused, all your confidence is shattered, and you make mistakes. Your boss does it often and tricks like these are played by him on and off. These are nothing else but to make you feel low and uncomfortable. If your boss plays such degrading and foolish tactics with you it shows that he is threatened by you.

8- To the point conversations

Your boss is a talkative person and he is mostly having long conversations with his employees whether it’s for work or just casual chit-chat, he doesn’t shy away from spending some time with his employees. But when it comes to you, he is always to the point and always seems to be in hurry. If such behavior is with you and not with others then dear the signals are clear, he is threatened by you.

Signs your boss is threatened by You

9- You are criticized over pity things (Signs your boss is threatened by you)

To work in an environment where you feel suffocated, where you are judged on every single action, where you are criticized for what you are wearing, how you are talking, when are you going back home, why are you efficient, and so on. It feels like you are coming to jail to serve some punishment. Colleagues can be toxic and you can avoid them to some extent. But when your BOSS is the trouble maker then your workplace becomes hell place.

How To Deal With A Boss Who Is Jealous By You?

Signs your boss is threatened by You (Guide)

1- Stop doubting your professional potential:

First and the foremost step is to stop doubting yourself. Stop thinking that you are less of a person in terms of professional abilities. Stop comparing yourself to other colleagues and remember every person has his/her own worth. No one can make you feel inferior when you start to believe in yourself. Give your 100%, keep learning and keep growing professionally. Once you are committed to your own growth no one can take you down.

2- Follow the rules of the company

When you think your boss is taking advantage of you and is threatened by you. He/she is not leaving any stone unturned to tease you, degrade you, give you extra assignments, demand overtime, etc. The one very important thing to do is to reread the rule book. Each company has a rule book that guarantees the rights of employees. Workplace ethics are clearly defined. You need to take help from the rule book and abide by the rules only. Don’t take any extra burden and always quote the ruling when you think your boss is going out of the way.

3- Detoxify after work

No matter how safe you play, a toxic environment and toxic people do leave an impact on your mood and day as well. The best way to keep yourself calm and composed is to detoxify yourself after going out of your office. Go to the gym, go for a walk, do yoga, and spend some good quality time with friends or family. Or whatever keeps your mind off the office.

4- Keep looking for better opportunities

After identifying that your boss is threatened by you and is making your workplace a living hell. Start looking for other opportunities. You can identify the traits which you think are the signs of your boss being threatened by you. Once it is proven, remember the best thing you can do in a long run is to run away from such an environment.

Conclusion ( Signs your boss is threatened by you )

You spend a very significant and large portion of your life working for a living. One cannot survive without earning for their family and for themselves. The majority of the world’s population is doing a job under a boss. Be it in a company, an organization, or a shop. You are to follow the rules and regulations of it. Always try to grow as a professional. Keeping learning and grooming with the passage of time. Take a stand for yourself and choose a healthy work environment.

In this article, you are shown the signs that depict your boss being jealous/threatened by you. You can read these signs and can easily identify if your doubts are true or not.