Ultimate Guide On Starvation Diet For Lose Weight

 “Is Starvation Diet good?” This question seems very strange to read and believe me it is strange practically as well as it looks. Being obese is a problem that almost every one of the three people is suffering from. There could be many factors behind it. A few of them are naturally fat and healthy, it runs in their family, you are suffering from some long-term illness that results in obesity. i.e. thyroid (in some cases), your diet is making you fat. The last point is where most of our fat people lie. Our diet includes unhealthy snacks, fast food, processed food, junk food, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and so on. These food have been included in our lifestyle and we are so addicted to them so far now. On every corner there are shops, stalls, and restaurants that serve you all the junk and fast food items, then it becomes difficult not to follow the trend. Junk food and obesity have a very strong relationship. say that obesity is the by-product of junk food (cannot be generalized).

Why do People Want to Starve?

If we look at the trends of society from another angle then we will get to know that society is not even ready to accept obese people. This so-called trend and fashion set by the world fashion industry are badly affecting and influencing everyone who wants to have an ideal body size. Otherwise, people will call you fat and body shame you. This behavior of society forces one to go down a road that is damaging to their health and well-being.

Just to get approval from society and to be in their good books, we take such steps as starving ourselves to lose weight. It is fine and understandable if your fatness is becoming a threat to yourself or your health.

If It is advised by the doctor to lose weight then one must go for weight loss, but if you are just doing it to fit in society’s so-called figure chart, then just to let you know that it is not worth it.    

Scientifically Speaking:

The equation of weight loss is calories in vs calories out.” If you take added calories per day then what you burn. you will see an increase in weight”. If you burn more calories per day than take in, then you will lose weight. Calorie control is significant if you wish to see a decrease in scale number.

Lots of people pick the all-or-nothing, die-hard method to weight loss and go for calorie levels far-off lesser than suggested amount, to lose weight.

Starvation diets may get your desired weight, but again at what cost? And is it worth it?

Now let’s look at the human body’s functioning and how it work as long as food processing and its connection with weight loss.

  • Our body consists of two components: Fat and Fat-free mass.
  • Fat-free mass is referred to as everything except fat. It includes water, minerals, bones, blood, and protein (lean muscle and organs)
  • To lose weight you have to change your body composition and it can be done twofold:
  • Decrease fat mass while increasing or maintaining Lean Body Mass.
  • Increasing your lean muscle will help you become thinner even if your scale number doesn’t move.
  • It is because your muscles are more compact than fat. Focusing on your body composition, as opposed to fat loss,
  • It can help you make your overall appearance better and reduce body fat while un-affecting your strength.

Effects of Starvation Diet On Our Body

Research shows individuals who chose starvation diet for weight loss, eat 50% of their energy requirements for three weeks, which reduces their body weight as a whole. They also concentrated their lean muscle mass by 5%. If the condition of starvation is sustained persistently, lean muscle mass and organ size are reduced by 20%.

A study on mice showed that lean mass and lean muscle mass were sabotaged while starvation. Body fat levels were comparatively the same in mice on a control diet research and obese mouse in starvation diet research.

Weight loss done through starving make people lose noteworthy volumes of lean muscle mass and Lean Body Mass. Which includes water, bones, organs, etc. Dropping the mass of your bones is problematic, as this can reduces bone density and your body becomes more inclined to injury. On the other hand, Increase in Lean Body Mass increases bone strength and density.

Another research shows that using humans as study participants showed that dropping major quantities of calories from the diet leads to major weight loss and reduced lean muscle mass. Participants grew back approximately all of the fat they lost, within 8 years.

Metabolism and resting metabolic rates are rightly linked to Lean Body Mass. An individual with greater body mass will need extra power to function day to day, consequently will have a greater basal metabolic rate (BMR). As weight falls, so does BMR.

This shows that you need a significant number of calories to sustain your lean mass. If the number falls, your body will be pushed to break down muscle molecules to create energy. To starve yourself to lose weight has far more damaging effects on your body as it negatively affects your metabolism, lean muscles, bone density, and strength.

Is The Starvation Diet Recommended?

Up till now, we have discussed how a person fell prey to a starvation diet. How it affects your body, our body composition, and its functioning. It is quite evident andloud that starvation diet is not recommended. It have some immediate effective results but in the long run, it can be very damaging for your body and its functioning. Proper functioning of the body is way more important than having a fist full of happiness. So starvation diet is not recommended.

 Does it mean that there are no other effective yet safe ways of losing weight?

There are several ways of weight loss those are simple and we are going to share those alternative ways of weight loss.

Alternative Ways To Lose Weight Than Starvation

Let’s have a look at these.

Have a heavy yet healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the king of meals and this is the time when you need most of the energy. As in the morning, you are going to start your day and you are looking for a long tiring day ahead. A heavy yet healthy breakfast is the key to keeping you going. At the same time affecting your body’s fat to the lowest and all the fats and calories you are going to eat at the breakfast, they are gonna get burnt in the remaining day ahead. A healthy breakfast can include anything as long as it gets your tummy full and makes you feel energetic.

Skipping breakfast can make you tired for the whole day and you feel dull and irritated. To get your mind fresh have breakfast.  Breakfast can also be eating dates and drinking milk. This gives you energy that can be maintained for a long period. You can also make a date milkshake. as you find it more delicious. 

A handful of healthy snacksHow to Starve Yourself

Once you have breakfast now you need to look for some healthy snacks that you can hop on. These snacks can include a handful of dry fruits (peanuts, almonds, etc), or some sunflower seeds. These are just a few examples. Whenever you feel low you can go for these snacks for instant energy. These snacks or dry fruits can be taken in summer as well as long as you are taking them in a proportionate quantity and also with milk. The milk lessens the warm impact of dry fruits when consumed in summer

Don’t ruin your diet eating “three W’s”

Your diet can be ruined if you consume the three W’s. The three W’s are Wheat, White sugar, and White rice. These three agents can be a source of weight gain so try is avoid them as much as possible. Don’t just boycott them all of a sudden, first decrease the quantity. They have properties that stimulate fat production.

Choose the right diet plan

Do proper research and calories count of the food you are adding to your diet plan. Make a chart and list down all the food you are allowed to eat and the food you are strictly prohibited to eat. This list will help you choose your meals daily and if you will crave something that is not allowed then you will feel motivated to see those food items under the tag of strictly prohibited. 

Cheat meals

it is important to follow the diet plan, it is also important to have a cheat meal day. The importance of a cheat meal is the body needs some fluctuation in metabolism and for that our body allows us to have a meal which can include anything, a pizza, burger, spicy food, anything. But don’t forget to maintain the portion size in control.

Go for low carb

To lose weight faster low-carb products can make a huge difference. If not permanently, but for initial diet days, you can go for low carb. Once the weight reaches a stable point, you can start having proper carbs. It can have good effects on your skin as well.

Say no to carbonated drinks

You will lose half of your weight if you stop drinking soda. Okay not half of your weight but fizzy drinks have a very significant proportion in your diet to boost up your weight gain. These drinks have lots and lots of sugar and are damaging to you as a whole as well. So, say no to fizzy drinks to get your ideal weight. having one drink a week is fine but if you can fully just let them go, then this would be great for your health plus diet.

Eat good fats

Bad fats are damaging to your body system but eating the right and good fats are very important as well. Nuts, cheese, and dry fruits, are healthy and important for your body’s minerals and proteins.


A diet can alone never do wonders that you can achieve by adding the proper amount of exercise to your daily routine. You can opt for a walk or jogging. It can be very helpful and effective. It can help to boost your cardiovascular activity as well as can be a great source of fat and calories burned. If not walk or jog, you can always go to the gym and do some exercise. It will help you greatly in losing weight in days rather than in months. A proper and balanced amount of diet and exercise can help you achieve your goals. All you have to do is to remain consistent.