Things To Talk About To Start a Conversation

When you meet someone for the first time or talk to someone to pass the time, the most difficult thing you feel is that you don’t realize what conversation to have. How to break the silence and how far you should go. These are the problems that make you go all confused, and you end up saying something stupid or staying silent, which sometimes is taken as your rudeness. So, to pass out this awkward phase of filling the silence and having some conversation. Today we will look at the things to talk about just for the sake of discussion.

things to talk about

Things To Talk About For Starting A Conversation

Talk About The Current Scenario:

To talk about the current situation, you both are in. this is probably the best silent breaker. The questions could be: If you are waiting for a job interview, you can say, “Where have you been working currently.” Or if waiting for a bus, “Where you are heading towards.” This is the best way to get into a conversation.

Talk About Studies Or Job

At which college do you study? Where do you work? How long have you been in this industry? What are the timings? This is how this conversation will go on and on.

Talk About The Dress They Are Wearing:

Praise the dress they are wearing. Ask where they got it and tell them it suits them. It’s a good trick to start a conversation and get the attention of anyone. Try this trick particularly when you want to talk with a female.

Current Political Situation:

Discuss the current political situation of the country. It can go like, “do you have any update on the current political scenario?” “Is our president visiting the city today?”

Discussing The Current Sports Event Can Be A Good Option:

Sports is something that binds the bond like no other if it is two boys discussing it. If you both are big sports fans then only a single question will do the rest. No matter if you both would be supporting the same team or not. The discussion would be very interesting in both positions.

Are you into sports?

This is the only question that will give you the leads.

things to talk about

Things To Talk About With A Person You Already Know

Now we will discuss some topics that you can talk about with your fellows. You already know them but want to know more.

Talk About Their Leisure Time

What are your daily life activities? and What do you do in your free time? What thing makes you wish that you had some extra free time?

Talk About Their Favourite Songs And Music

What type of music do you listen to? Who is your favorite singer? Have you been to a musical concert? Have you heard the “____” (any singer you want to ask about) new song?

Movies/ Series

What kind of series or movies do you watch? Who is your favorite filmmaker/ actor or actress? Which series are you currently watching? The last movie you watched at the cinema?


What’s your favorite restaurant? What kind of food do you like to eat?

Do you cook? Are you into baking? What food cannot stand?

Talk About Novels And Books

Whose novel do you like to read?

Which book did you read last? Which book/novel is your favorite? What book would you recommend for me to read?


Which place did you like to go to for the vacation? Are you into mountains or more of a beach person? Which place is on your list that you really wish to visit? The best place that you have visited so far?

Their Interests And Hobbies

What are your interests? Why do you like doing it? When did you realize that you have an interest in it? What hobbies did you have as a child?

Discuss Kid’s Health And Educational Things:

If you both are mothers or fathers, then the best and the top topic of discussion would be your children, and you may end up talking for hours on this topic. This is something that can keep you hooked up as long as you want, and still, you would like to talk more about kids. The things to discuss could include what is your kid’s sleeping routine to which school you prefer for your child. This topic is the favorite when it comes to mothers.

About Pets

Do you have a pet?

What do you prefer a dog or a cat? From where do you get pet food? Which doctor do you consult for your pet’s vaccination? Does your mother allow you to keep them in the home?

Electronics And Technology:

You can talk about technology and electronics. Like: Which mobile brand do you prefer? Which one has the best camera and other features? For how long have you kept the same mobile? What games do you play? Which is your favorite game? Do you prefer playing games on mobile or computer?

Have you played online multiplayer games with your friends? Which game was your worst experience? and Which app is your favorite? Which app was your best discovery? Have you ever experienced virtual reality? How was your experience? Is it worth a try? Are you on social media? Which do you like more Facebook or Instagram? How do you keep your privacy on social media?

Things To Talk about Childhood And Personal History

You can talk about someone’s personal history, childhood, and about their parents. But the fact is you can talk only about these topics when you know them already and you have a good understanding.

About Their Birthplace And More

Where were you born?

What’s your date of birth?

What’s your horoscope?

All About Childhood

Where did you like as a child?

How great was that place for your personality grooming? What is your best and worst memory from your childhood? Which cartoons were you into as a child? What outdoor games did you play the most? What were your hobbies as a child? Which school did you go to?

What kind of student were you in school? Did you ever participate in any competitions at school? Are you still in touch with your childhood friends?


Where do you live? How many siblings do you have? What’s your rank among siblings?


What accomplishments do you have? Have you ever won any trophies? What was the proudest moment of your life?

Goals And Aims In Life

What do you want to achieve in life? How important are your aims for you? How dedicated or motivated are you when it comes to achieving your goals? What is your biggest wish?

Weather And Climate Change:

What’s your favorite weather? Are you a winter person or summer? Which season irritates you the most? What do you think about climate change?

Talk About Facts:

How much you believe in points rather than fantasies and false hopes? What was the most interesting fact you ever heard? Which fact made you not believe it?

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Things To Talk About With A Girl

Another perspective that is very much the problem, especially for the boys, is to know something to talk about with a girl. It is a tough thing to talk to a girl and especially when you know that you mostly end up saying silly and awkward things that a girl either mind or make an excuse. So, let’s explore the things to talk about with a girl.

Talk About Her Passion

When you want to talk to the girl you love and don’t know which topic would make her feel good, you can ask her about her love. This is something that is very close to her heart, and as well as it would be really fascinating if the guy she loves is also interested in knowing her passion in life.

Talk About Family Values And Culture

Start a conversation about your family values and what traditions and culture your family is in to and ask about hers as well. This will help you both know more about each other’s backgrounds, family setup, and values.

Her Craziest Fantasy

Ask about her craziest fantasy. Or something craziest that she already has done in life. You both will enjoy this talk, and you can also open up with her. You both can also discuss the silly and crazy things that you two together can experience. This will help you two bond better.

Meaning Of Life To Her

Ask for her point of view about the meaning of life. What life is, from her point of view. This can be a very deep and interesting conversation, and also you will get to know her personality and life perceptions.

Her Love Fantasies

If you both are quite connected to each other and share a good comfort level, then the question that can be asked is her love fantasies. How does she perceive love and what is the meaning of love for her? Is it physical, is it spiritual, fantasy, or just a normal emotion?

Her Devotion To Adventures

See if she likes to do adventures or not. What is her wildest desire regarding happenings?

Ask About Her Childhood Memories

It would be a great discussion to talk about her childhood and her memories regarding it. It will show her how compassionate you are about her, and connect you both more emotionally. She will feel special because someone is willing to listen to her old stories and is ready to invest his time in listening to those stories.

Her Imaginations Related To Intimacy

If you both are there in your relationship where she is open to you, you can ask about her intimate desires and fantasies as well.

Her Preferred Spot For Vacations:

Ask her about her preferred place for holidays.

You Can Also Talk About:

  • Daily routine
  • Favorite food, book, flower, place, chocolate, etc.
  • Her fears
  • Her comfort zone
  • Expectations from you
  • Expectations from life
  • Her phobia (if any)
  • Dreams
  • Things she dislikes
  • Behavior that makes her upset
  • Her perception of the perfect world
  • And her thoughts about death.


A very long list of the Things to talk about is given in this article. Covered different areas and different perspectives. Enjoy and use these questions that would help you fill the void of silence.