What Am I Doing With My Life – 7 Steps

I am uncertain about what am I doing with my life. I am confused, Oh, I am unsorted, and I have lost my way. So I feel like wasting my life or not knowing what to do with it. Where to start collecting its pieces.

Life throws different challenges at us and it is we who have to face them and get rid of them. Each phase in life is a challenge that comes to teach you a valuable lesson. You grow a bit wiser, a bit more mature, and a bit more sensible with each passing challenge.

It is easy to say that you will face challenges and you have to fight against them with calmness and sensibility, but when you are in a situation you feel very hard to avoid and overcome these situations. You become worried, stressed, sad, and sometimes lose it all and question yourself “what am I doing with my life”.

what am I doing with my life

What Am I Doing With My Life- Step By Step Guide

Today we will look into the aspects that will help us move in our life when we are uncertain about what am I doing with our life.

1- Acceptance Is The First Step

You should first accept your life is off track. You are not sure why are you living your life and how are you living it. So you are not living your life but are just passing it. It keeps on moving day by day but you are still standing from where you were at the beginning. Accept the fact that you are stuck in one place and need to do something about that. You need to start living up your life. This realization and acceptance are going to take you to the next level that is to work upon it.

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2- Start Questioning Yourself

After the realization and acceptance of the fact that your life is stuck and it isn’t moving or you are living the same life every day, then comes the point where you need to look into your current situation.

Know where you are in life right now? What are you doing in life right now?

Answer these two questions at this stage and try to find out the right and honest answers. In the process of exploring your own life, you will have to be extra honest with yourself. Because you don’t have any other choice if you really want to sort out the strangled threads. The first question is to know where are you right now in life. The answer could be that you are about to complete your studies, doing a 9 to 5 job, sitting ambitionless, and a housewife with the same daily routine, or thinking of doing something productive in life.

3- What Are You Doing In Life Right Now?

About to achieve the goal of life, doing a job that doesn’t help you to grow as a person, or doing a dead-end job to feed your family, just following the same daily routine and watching the time pass by rapidly, thinking of changing the world but don’t know “how”. You can answer both of these questions and then take the puzzle piece to the next level. E.g. I am a housewife with the same daily routine and watching the time pass by rapidly.

4- Make A Future Plan

After answering the above-mentioned questions, now figure out where you see yourself in the next five years. Keep in mind the current life scenario and how you are taking it, how you are evolving in life, and how fast or slowly you are taking the turns in life. Keeping in mind your current position + your efforts + your pace of trying for a change, then spot yourself in the next five years.

You could be a successful person, promoted to the same old job and office, still, be a housewife and take care of children, have started your own business (maybe), or achieve your goals and move on to the next phase of life, which is contentment.

what am I doing with my life

5- Where You Want To See Yourself In Future

At first, you looked into reality as you thought it will turn out to be, looking at the facts, logical reasoning, and an honest depiction. Now you need to find out where you WANT to see yourself in the coming years. This will be based on your motivation, your ambition, your wish, and your power. It should not be based merely on a fantasy or baseless imagination but based on the reality principle. It stays the same as you thought I will achieve.

For example, quit your job and do what you want to do (maybe a business or change your profession and join any club or become an artist), besides being a housewife you may start your own boutique or your own blog that you can run even by staying at home, You should take a risk and start your own business, I can be a successful person if I dare to take a risk and keep on struggling.

6- What Is Holding You Back From Doing What You Want To do In Life?

What is holding you back, stopping you from achieving and doing what you actually want to do in life? Something is holding you back from going in the direction where you want to go. Either it’s your doubts or lack of direction, or someone or some other reason is behind it. You are feeling unsorted and confused and asking yourself this question “what am I doing with my life”?

Now is the time to look into the factors that are keeping you from doing what you want in your life.

  • It is your confusion or your aimlessness
  • Your family pressure
  • Your family’s expectations
  • Obligations
  • Any Fear Or any other thing.
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7- How To Deal With These Barriers

You came a long way in sorting out the problems and now reaching the solution. This is the stage where you identified your problem, realized and accepted the problem, recognized the path you want to choose, and have known the barriers in your way to achieving your goals. Now the only step left is to know how to deal with these barriers.

  • If it’s your confusion or your aimlessness then try to get a perspective on life. For this purpose, you can seek professional help like career counselors or social workers, or you can for help from your friends or family members.
  • If it is a matter of your family needs, a job holder who wants to try his luck in another profession that is close to his heart. But couldn’t decide on it, because he fears that the change of career line can cost a bit of misery to his family. In this case, you can talk to your wife and family about your wish and tell them the expected down curve as well as its expected success in the long run. If your family supports you then go for it. If they have any reluctance then clear it.
  • Your family’s expectations. If you want to choose a career that is against your family’s wishes and expectations then bye some time from them and tell them that if you won’t be able to achieve what you want then you will surrender before their decision. Ask for the time when you think you are ready to prove yourself and the surety of success is more than its failure.
  • Obligations. If you are a housewife and you cannot leave your home for achieving what you want then look and search for home-based work options. In this era where technology is advanced and you have countless options at your fingertips, you can opt for any option you like and start working on your passion from within the home.
  • Your fear. Fear of taking the risk. Fear of failure, fear of losing your reputation, and Fear could be of any kind but the only solution is to face it. Take the risk as sometimes holding back and not taking the risk is the bigger loss.

Let us solve one problem for you all to make it clear how it is going to work. We will take the same example that we picked before.

A House Wife’s Example

There is a housewife who has the same daily routine and in the next five years she sees herself going the same but what she WANT is to do something out of her zone. But the barrier she is facing is she has obligations she cannot oversee by leaving her house. As a solution, she is going to explore ways of doing something creative by staying at home. Like starting her own boutique, making homemade lunch for sale, or starting her own blog.

Note: All you need to do is to clear your mind by answering all these questions and you will start to see the purpose of your life more vibrant and alive.

Further Readings

Tips To Relax And Clear Your Mind

Let’s be real for a second, some things are out of our control.

Take A Deep Breath And Relax

Sit down in silence, take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Just let yourself relax. Once you are relaxed then start thinking and try to see things from a larger perspective.

Don’t Be Panic

Don’t panic when you don’t know what you are doing in your life. Panic will not help you instead it will make the situation worse.

Make A Wish List Or Bucket List

When you feel like you are just letting your life pass instead of living it then go for some adventure and make a wish list or bucket list that will have all your crazy to-do wishes.

Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

A very important point that you need to consider is not to compare yourself with others. You are unique and different in your own way. The day people will realize that every person has a different aptitude, different innate talent. That day many will be satisfied with what they have and will have their own struggle.

Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you have in life. Count your blessings. Look at the things you have, the things you once prayed for.


Life is different for every person and it is very important to know your journey and struggle. Always try to be sorted in life. Keep yourself informed about where you are right now in life and what your target is.