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Girls are quite unpredictable when it comes to what they want. Girls are mostly confused about what they want and are not easily ready to accept what life threw at them. Indeed Girls are dreamy and believe in fantasies, they believe in the perfect world and dream about having the best of all. We are not generalizing the above-mentioned scenario for all the girls but one way or another, one girl or another, does fall into this thinking criteria. There is nothing bad in living in the world of fantasies, it’s just that they must know that life is not like a fairy tale and it’s not always going to have a happy ending where the princess finds her prince charming.

What do girls like? Girls are apparently fragile, delicate, and soft-hearted but when they face the cruelty of life and the world then there is no one stronger, tougher, courageous, and a fighter like them. All that is required, is a little support from family and a bit of belief in oneself. Some support from family is important because family is the first one who allows her to fly or keeps her in a cage. When her family is with her, she is unstoppable but if her family is her main barrier then her struggle and challenges double in number, and not every girl is ready to fight against her family.

girls like to be respect

What Do Girls Like?

Now if we look into what a girl likes in a boy then we will reach into the following characteristics. If you are a boy and reading this article, learn the ways to treat your girl. Respect is the first and foremost pillar in making any relationship. And as far as it is related to your intimate relationship then remember, girls, like to be respected.


Now respect doesn’t mean that you call her name respectfully or tell her that you respect her. But it must reflect your actions.

  • Never talk to her in a loud voice.
  • Never abuse her or make degrading remarks about her appearance, or her thinking/dreams. Some men make degrading and demeaning remarks about a girl just because she wants to pursue her dreams or she is more eligible than him. Just to make her think of herself, he makes fun of her and tries to demolish her confidence and self-esteem.
  • He doesn’t treat her well in public. As he scolds her in front of others, he doesn’t hold a door for her, doesn’t make sure that she is safely moving in a crowded place, etc.
  • He doesn’t value her opinion, her opinion is worthless to him.

If you being a boy do all this to a girl then you are not giving her the respect that she deserves and this is not what girls like.


Girls look for honest boys. In today’s world, this trait is not commonly found. Not only boys but girls also are dishonest at times. Having multiple affairs at a time, or hiding their past. These are the most commonly found lies that a dishonest person uses in a relationship.

Be honest with her. She can listen to your bitter truths but cannot accept you for your lies.

Honesty is the pillar of any relationship. And if honesty is missing, no matter how long the relationship was, it will fall behind. Once the trust is lost, it’s not easy to revive it.

So be honest with each other and build your trust in each other.

Caring and Concentrated:

Girls like to have cared for and to get attention. They want their man to be theirs only. Who gives them all the due attention and all the love and care they want? Girls like to be taken care of with affection and with some soiling. They like to be treated like a queen.

Girls want to get the undivided attention of their men. Especially when they are with each other alone. They want to get listened to and to be understood. They want the man to be loyal and sincere with them when it comes to time management and love giving.

Again, caring is not like to be said in words but should be visible in actions as well.

  • Making little effort to make her happy
  • Taking care of her needs and wants
  • Caring through unsaid words.
  • Making her feel comfortable whenever she is with you.
  • Listening to her stories, and her worries, and giving her attention when she needs you emotionally.
  • Know her likes and dislikes, her favorite foods, the weather, and places to go.
  • Know what makes her sad and what makes her happy.

These little things will keep your girl satisfied and happy. It will spoil her a bit but you will enjoy it.

Knows How To Make Her Laugh:

Girls like men who know how to make them laugh. Who are spontaneous and go with the flow. Who are mature when needed and silly when required. They should know how to deal with the current situation. They know how to turn her sad mood into a pleasant, happy person. Not everyone knows how to behave when the circumstances are not according to how you planned. To behave humbly and to pass it with calmness is a great art that no person possesses. The men who know this art are the ones who are most desirable by the girls. Because a balanced personality proves to lead to a balanced and successful relationship.

What Do Girls Like In Expression Of Love

Hug her:

Girls like to be hugged. Hugged when they are happy, hugged when they are sad, when they meet n greet you or when they want you to stay. A hug is such a heartfelt feeling that connects two people. If you want to make her feel your care, love and affection then hug her. It’s not specifically for boys but friends who are girls can also hug each other. Hug genuinely connects your soul. So, hug her out when you feel like she wants it.

Cuddle With Her:

Again, girls like cuddling. Whenever you are around her and want her to feel contented and happy with you, cuddle her. The feeling of safety and security that a girl feels when she is being cuddled is very special. So, whenever you are with her make sure to make her feel secure and confident by cuddling her up.


Girls love it when you compliment them. Let them know how beautiful they are, how wonderful they are, they are perfect just the way they are. Appreciate them when they do something different, encourage them, and support them. It’s not that they can’t or won’t do it without your support or encouragement. It’s just that your support and belief in them would make them more confident and strong

So, keep on complementing them. Make sure your compliment and encouragement aren’t fake. If you are there for her, be with her wholeheartedly otherwise don’t just be fake. She could maybe accept you for not being vocal but your being fake and unreal towards her emotions won’t be forgiven.

Express Your Love:

Express your love through words as well. Sometimes when you just express your love only by gestures and not by words it also makes it unbalanced. There must be a fair balance between your expression of love through words and gestures. Saying “I love you” never gets old, unless you mean it. It’s something that is always refreshing to hear. So tell your girl that you love her quite often.

girls like to be appriciated

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What Do Girls Like “Being Treated as GIRLS”

Girls Like To Be Appreciated

Girls like to be appreciated for what they do. They want others to accept and appreciate the efforts they make in giving birth to a child, taking care of the child, and also managing the house chores along with it. If she is a working woman she wants to be appreciated and acknowledged for the double effort she is making in maintaining the balance between home chores and office work. Again, it’s not that she can’t or won’t do all this if you won’t be appreciative but your encouragement and acknowledgment can boost their energy and their morale.

what do girls like

Girls Like To Be Heard:

Girls like to be heard for their opinions, their choices, and their decisions. In the Middle East, girls are not given the right to have a say, or you can elaborate it to have a louder and more decisive say. The decisions are taken for her by her parents, then society has set rules/norms for a girl to move around, and she has to sacrifice a lot after getting married. She deserves to be heard and she has all the right to take her life decisions all by herself.

what do girls like

Girls Like To Be Given The Respect And Status That They Deserve:

The respect and status that are given to women by law or by the law of God are very prestigious. The problem is that not every girl gets a chance to enjoy the respect and status that she possesses for being a girl. Girls like to be treated the way they are supposed to be not the way you want to treat them.

what do girls like

What Do Girls Like To Be Gifted

Girls like to be gifted the following things

  1. A branded watch
  2. Branded makeup. Could involve everything or anything that she is obsessed with.
  3. A branded handbag
  4. A nice dress
  5. Jewelry. Could involve a locket set or just a ring or bracelet. Don’t gift her a ring if you are not ready to propose to her yet. Because rings do depict the impression of the proposal. So be careful.
  6. Her favorite perfume or any good perfume
  7. A flower bouquet. Specially made out of her favorite fresh flowers.
  8. Her favorite chocolates
  9. Apple Air pods
  10. Her favorite book. That she doesn’t have already or she wishes to read, or you want her to read. This would be a good gift if she is a reader.
  11. Photo frame or customized photo album. You could make it by yourself as well. Or can have it made specially designed for her that contains pictures of you both or hers.
  12. A customized cup.
  13. Her favorite cake and a birthday party.
  14. Something that she wanted for a long time.
  15. A pet.
  16. A special card made by you or made especially for her, in which all your feelings and wishes for her are mentioned.
  17. Whatever she asked you to gift her on her birthday. If she has mentioned before what she wants as a gift then never gives anything else. Because she is expecting it from you.


We have covered a lot of aspects of what girls like. Have a read and treat them the way they like to be treated.