What does love feel like? 12 Signs Of Love

Most of us have experienced love in some form or another, but what exactly is it? Is it a feeling? A chemical reaction? Something else entirely? How do you know if you’re in love? It’s a question that has been asked throughout the ages and is difficult to answer. There are many different types of love, and what one person experiences may be different from another. However, there are some general signs that can help you know if you’re in love. In this article, we will explore what does love feel like?

What Does Love Feel Like Physically:

Love is often described as a feeling of strong affection and requires both positive and negative aspects to maintain a balance. The physical response to love has been described as a rush of adrenaline and an increased heart rate. This can lead to butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, and generally feeling nervous. Love also releases oxytocin, which is sometimes called the “cuddle hormone” as it promotes bonding and closeness.

What Does Love Feel Like Emotionally:

When you’re in love, you might feel like you’re on top of the world. Your partner makes you feel special and loved, and you can’t imagine life without them. You might also feel a bit nervous or giddy around them like you can’t wait to see what happens next.
Love is a strong emotion, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. But it’s also one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. If you’re lucky enough to be in love, cherish it and enjoy every moment.

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What Does Love Feel Like?

Let’s explore it today. The signs we will highlight in this article are based on a common man’s experience or thoughts on what love actually is. When to call it love and when to know that the feeling you are having is NOT loved.

1) You just can’t stop thinking about him/her

When you are in love with someone, your crush becomes the most important person to you. You think about him/her all the time. surely consciously but also unconsciously, You recall your conversations with him/her and all the lovely things you both said to each other. You wait for their call or message and if there is any delay in getting their message, you call him/her and ask if everything’s fine. You find him/her in the songs you listen to and imagine yourselves as heroes and heroines. If you experience all of this then this is what love feels like. Enjoy it.

If you are not in love with him/her, then you won’t feel like missing him/her just after one day of meeting him/her. You will go back to your normal routine. You won’t wait anxiously to meet him/her up again.

2) He/she seems just perfect

When you are in love you just cannot see anything bad or negative about your special one. For you, he/she is the best. He/she is perfect in all ways. Even if he/she has some habit that is annoying or irritating, you ignore it and don’t bother it. Even if you point it out and realize some of their habits are not so much loving but you still give your love a plus point and ignore all those flows.

Obviously, no one is perfect. Every person is bad in one way or another, one thing or another. Your intention to ignore their mistakes and annoying habits are what makes you believe in the fact that you are in love with him/her. If you won’t be in love with that person then you won’t let go of those silly mistakes easily. You will find him/her irritating and want to let him/her know that it bothers you so please stop doing so. You will get angry as well at their little blunders.

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3) You become addicted to him/her

Being in love is like an addiction. You feel like having him/her by your side all the time. You become emotionally unstable when he/she is not around. You feel sad, or wait for him/her to come again just after he/she left. You like to have long conversations with him/her. You do silly things like dropping a blank message just to start up the conversation with him/her or watch their pictures for hours. You laugh/smile while remembering the words/talks he/she had with you. You go to their place just to get one glance at them. You do all these silly things because you become addicted to him/her. If you are not addicted to or in love with him/her, you would never do all the silly things. You would be fine if you receive a call or message from him/her but you won’t do it by dropping a blank message to him/her.

4) Intensive attraction

You feel an intense attraction to him/her. You like their smile, their way of talking, their way of walking, the way he/she looks at you, the way he/she laughs when he/she is sleeping or when he/she gets dressed up. You get attracted to him/her even if he/she is sitting on a couch and reading some books. You get that tickly feeling in your stomach when you see him/her and feel unexplainable happiness when he/she is around you. You can watch him/her for hours while he/she is sleeping (although you don’t do it). Love is such a feeling that makes you feel like flying up in the clouds.

If you don’t feel that unexplainable happiness or your heartbeat running faster or feels like watching him/her for long. Then this is not loving. You might just like him/her but it does not love him yet.

5) You plan your future with him/her

When you think of getting married and your crush is the one sitting beside you in your imagination; it is your acceptance of your love for him/her. You start to plan your future life with him/her. Start discussing the places you would like to visit with him/her. Your love for kids and how you want to raise your children with him/her (obviously, it means you want to have children with him/her). When you just even don’t want to imagine your future with someone else is how it feels like being in love. When you are in a relationship with someone but not ready to think about your future with him/her and not ready to discuss your future plans with him/her, then you have not reached the stage that is called. LOVE.

6) You take out time for him/her

No matter how tired you are, how busy you are. You would take out some time and will talk to him/her. Even if it’s just on text messages but you would definitely talk to him/her. You are never too tired or busy with him/her. If he/she needs your help or wants to hang out with you, you never turn him/her down. Always being ready to help and ready to go out with him/her. You sacrifice your sleep if he/she needs you to be there for him/her (feeling sad or upset) you take care of their needs and emotions. If you are busy or had a long tiring day and you forget to call or text your special one. Or think of it as it’s okay not to even drop a message to him/her, Is not love. If it happened once or twice then it is understandable and acceptable. If this is a normal act then this is not love

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7) You are ready to make sacrifices for him/her

If you got a job in some other city and you’re loved ones live in your current city. You sacrifice your job opportunity just to live close to him/her. Or you travel forth and back on a continuous basis to meet your loved one. Then this is pure love. Life is possible without luxuries and excessive wealth but life is nothing without your loved ones. You both are getting a pet and he/she likes something that you don’t and you want something that he/she won’t.

You make the sacrifice just for the sake of their happiness and smile. (Although sacrifices should be made from both sides, to run a smooth relationship). You are always there for him/her whenever he/she needs you emotionally happy or depressed. You won’t leave him/her alone. This is what love feels like. If you are not there for him/her when he/she needs you. Or won’t let go of your choices even the little ones, then it does not love.

8) You accept him/her just the way he/she is:

As we discussed earlier no one is perfect and everyone lives with their imperfections. We must understand and accept this fact. If you accept him/her with all their flaws then you are deeply in love with him/her. You may feel irritated or even fight with him/her over it. But in the end, you accept that you overreacted and he/she accepts that he/she did make a mistake is how it is supposed to be. But there is a fine line between a mistake and being abusive. You cannot just forgive your partner if he/she is being physically abusive.

There are ways to take professional help in this matter. Never settle for what destroys your life in the name of love. If you are unforgiving or violent, abusive, or extremely angry even at the small mistakes made by your partner. Then you are not doing this because you love him/her but because you are mentally sick and need some professional assistance.

9) You share your every thought with him/her

When you are in love with someone you don’t feel shy or hesitant in sharing your thoughts and opinion with your special one. You develop a strong bond that you can share everything with him/her without even thinking twice.

For me, a true relationship and pure truth are when you are open to your partner in every way.

There is nothing hidden from him/her. Be honest with your partner. No matter how bitter the reality is, try to communicate it with your partner. If it’s your past and has nothing to do with your present or future then it is fine but if it’s your present and could have effects on the future as well then better say it than regret it. If your partner loves you back then he/she will understand. And more importantly, you will feel lighter and satisfied that you picked honesty. This gives your relationship the purity it needs and the trust it requires. If you are dishonest and hide what’s in your mind then you still need to work on yourself and your relationship before you call it LOVE.

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10) You both are emotionally connected

When you are in love you feel emotionally connected with your loved one. You can speak to him/her without saying a word. You can sense their happiness or sadness in their eyes. A hug communicates a thousand feelings, and holding hands can give you immersive strength. Just being thereby each other’s side, you feel complete. This is what we call being emotionally connected. You become friends, lovers, silly bullies, and have stupid fights. This is what love feels like with your partner. If you don’t feel emotionally connected with your partner then love has not reached your path yet.

11) You do silly stuff together

Love is not about being shy and all cautious, it is about getting comfortable with each other. Doing silly stuff together and accepting the naughtiness of your partner and enjoying their naughtiness together.

Love is letting your inner child come out of you and doing freakish things together. If your partner farts or burps in front of you and you both start to laugh at it. Or you just show your partner how you can take your tongue into your nose. These are the silly little things to enjoy with each other and despite all these gross things, your love keeps on flourishing. This is love. To be silly and childish. To tease others together. If you fail to enjoy these little things with your partner and you feel these things as gross or bad. Then you need to find someone exactly like you to fall in love with. Because that is also a way you both will be able to say that you are in love.

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12) You feel his/her pains and happiness

You feel him/her. If he/she is happy, you are happy. If he/she is sad you are sad. If he/she is in pain, you feel their pain. This is true love. Celebrate their happiness and console him/her in their grief and sadness. This is the real essence of love and affection. Let him/her know that no matter what, you will always be there for him/her. If you are unaffected by what your partner is going through in life and you are happy being in your own mood. Then sorry but you are not in love.

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There is no exact answer to this question since love can feel different for everyone. For some, love might feel like butterflies in their stomach or an all-consuming passion. Others might describe it as a feeling of comfort and security. Ultimately, love is something that you’ll just know when you feel it. We have talked about almost all the important points about what love feels like and what is not love.


Love is in the air, Love is in the earth, Love is in your eyes, Love is in your soul.

Love is everywhere and anywhere you can think of. All you have to do is to feel it.