What Is Wrong With Me? Reasons And Tips To Deal

What is wrong with me? Why I just cannot let go of the things that are not meant to stay. Or why am I always expecting too much from people that aren’t worthy of my expectations? Why do I feel lonely even when I am surrounded by a group of people?

What Is Wrong With Me? Identify Your Problems

Such questions and many others, make you ask yourself what is wrong with me. Let’s explore more questions.

1- I Am Sinking Deeper and Deeper:

That feeling is when you feel like you are drowning or sinking deeper and deeper into the water.

As there is no way out of here. You are alone and no one is there to help you out.

The more you want to get out of it and the more you panic and keep on drowning.

Maybe it’s not the water but it’s your thoughts and fears that are holding you tight and when you think of escaping it, your fear doesn’t let you do it.

You ask yourself this question “What is wrong with me”?

You are going through a tough phase of your life. Maybe you have lost something very dear to you or it’s the thought of losing someone very dear. Either it’s the thought of getting failed and seeing everything getting destroyed or it’s the aftershocks of the already happened destruction.

In either case, you need to seek professional help. It is important for you to go through some therapy sessions.

When your struggles and efforts don’t make any change or no improvement is seen then it is always recommended to take professional help.

What is wrong with me?

2- My Sleep Span Is Quite Long:

You sleep 12 hours a day and this routine is getting a daily permanent thing. I like to lie down for a long time. Why even after sleeping for this long time, I still feel dull and lazy. What is wrong with me..?

Maybe you are sleeping too much because you stay awake for a long time. Or you are sad and depressed.

Some people become dull or low when they are stressed out. Or you may have some illness that is making you feel all sleepy, low, and dull.

Identify your problem and work on it.

3- You Are Always Having Doubts:

You are always having doubts. This means that whenever you are about to make a decision you become confused and start having doubts about your choice. It takes you a lot of time to pick something on your own.

What is wrong with me?

It could happen for many reasons and some of those reasons are,

You are afraid because for whom you are buying this stuff from is very choosy and doesn’t like things easy.

Or you have such a personality type in which you are afraid of making choices. You are not certain if the choice you are making is right or wrong.

If the first is the case then it will be obvious and easily detectable as you will only be confused and doubtful while choosing stuff for that particular person.

If the second is the case, then you will need to understand your personality type and have to read more stuff related to personality development and how to enhance your personality type.

All you have to do at first is to find out your reason for being doubtful and confused.

4- Body Shaming:

Body shaming is something that is observed in almost every culture. Those who are fat or those who are flat, have to go through this unstoppable troll of body shaming.

People don’t realize how badly this could affect someone’s mental state and how unknowingly they are shattering the confidence of that very person.

The one being affected asks this question what is wrong with my body?

What is wrong with me?

There is nothing wrong with your body unless or until your body is causing any health-related problem or you yourself are not satisfied with it for your own reasons. Any other reason is baseless.

No one has any right to comment on your body. You are beautiful just the way you are.

To be comfortable in your own skin is better than listening to some stupid people making harsh comments about it.

it is very important to own your body if you want to change it then go for it but if you like it just the way it is then let it be.

Be confident and satisfied with it.

People are going to comment on you no matter what you do. So do what you want.

What is wrong with me?

5- I Feel Alone, Even With Friends:

What is wrong with me? I feel alone even when I am with my friends.

This kind of feeling comes when you are with a bunch of people who are said to be your friends but in reality, they are just there as time pass.

You do hang out together but when it comes to personal sharing and bonding, then it is missing.

If you try to talk to them about something personal or sensitive they make fun of you. And if you don’t agree with what they say, they turn their backs on you.

All they do is discuss brands and gossip about others. Such kinds of friendships are not actually friendships but merely time pass.

In this all, it’s not you who is wrong but the people you are hanging out with who are not worthy of your friendship.

6- You Are Unable To Find A Life Partner:

You are unable to find a life partner and You keep and keep on searching for the right one but every time you start to believe that maybe that’s it. He/she is the one. Boom. From that moment onwards you start to have doubts again.

What is wrong with you?

You need to write down the qualities you are looking for to be found in your better half.

The list shouldn’t be so long.

It must only contain the qualities that are your priority. Not to write down everything you think of. There is no one perfect in this world so always keeps your expectations precise and reasonable.

Once you find those 2, or 3 prior qualities in a person, go for it. Take a decision and make them your other half.

What is wrong with me?

Helpful Tips To Avoid Such Thoughts And Boost Your Confidence

Now we will look at the thing that you can do when you are not certain about what is going wrong.

How to divert your attention from such tension and how to pass your time in that situation.

  1. Allow yourself to feel just the way you want to feel. It shouldn’t always be according to others, sometimes you are allowed to feel the way you want to.
  2. There is no need to go into deeper details and analytics every time something wrong happens. Just go with the flow without emphasizing it.
  3. Get comfortable. Wear something that makes you feel happy and easy, and light physically.
  4. Talk to yourself. Share everything with yourself and try to relax by doing this. Show your anger to yourself and then try to comfort yourself.
  5. Relax, close your eyes, and go to your imagination. Think of your happy place. Feel as if you are there.
  6. Give your friend a call and talk to them casually.
  7. Make some snacks for yourself.
  8. Have more and more water and think as you are feeling lighter and fresh. Feel the energy deliberately.
  9. Get on earphones and turn on your favorite songs. Make yourself isolated for a while and enjoy yourself.
  10. Take a walk. Enjoy nature. Look at the beauty around you. See how trees and having fun in the wind.
  11. Watch something that makes you happy. Any movie or TV show, series anything. For me ‘friends’ is my go-to series.
  12. If you are a reader then grab a good book and lost yourself in it.
  13. Ask your siblings, roommate, or mother/father to make you dinner for tonight. It is fine to ask for some favors when you are feeling low. This makes you realize how blessed you are to have someone to take care of you.
  14. If you are at work, you can share your worry/problem with your colleague that is also your friend. Sharing will help your mood to cheer up. And they will also help you cheer you up.

Healthy Activities To Improve Yourself

  1. Make a to-do list. For the chores, you were delayed for the last couple of months, make a list of them and schedule your time to finish all those tasks. This will keep you distracted as well as busy.
  2. If you like to paint then go for it. Draw something that will make you feel free and open.
  3. Use social media. Go to Instagram and Facebook and have some distractions. It does work for me. Once you are about to hit some deep disturbing thoughts, get your Instagram or FB for the rescue. You can watch whatever is trending or you can scroll down unless you find something interesting.
  4. Go to sleep. For some, it works. Go to sleep and let the world do what it wants.
  5. Take a long bath. A relaxing, candle-lighted, scented bath. Even having its thought is so relaxing.
  6. Have a movie or game night with your friends call them over and have a fun night. Enjoy and distract yourself.
  8. Bake cookies. It will be fun and as a result, you will be having some yummy cookies.
  9. Be on your own. Close your room’s door, turn on the music, and dance away. Dance hard. Unless you feel happy.
  10. Spend time with your mother. Watch her doing her work and stuff. Even just watching your mother around you is so relaxing.
  11. Cuddle with your pet.
  12. Go out on a long drive. Turn on your favorite songs and enjoy your ride.
  13. Remember that this too shall pass. This will be very motivating for you in bad times.



Sometimes it is important to recognize what is wrong with you and to work on it. but sometimes it’s just fine to accept that something is wrong with you and to let it go away by doing the above-mentioned activities. Life is short to be so much worried. So enjoy life and spread happiness around you. Have a good day!