What Makes A Good Leader – Leadership Qualities

The most successful and great leaders are alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence. My research, along with other recent studies, clearly shows that emotional intelligence is the backbone of leadership. Without emotional intelligence, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of brilliant ideas, but they still won’t make a great leader. A good leader is a person who gathered the whole nation in a flag. A great leader who deals with crisis situations effectively and the people in his country have access to convey their problems to their leader. The person who gives importance to small deeds of the country which strong country’s roots. Let us have a look at what makes a good leader.

What Makes A Good Leader – Qualities Of Great Leaders

A leader is a person, on his shoulders depending on the whole nation or any organization. We are not specifically talking about the president or prime minister of any country, we are talking about any leader who has to run an organization, institute, or country. There are many qualities that make a leader good and successful. Let us explore these qualities.

1) Good and Focused Vision

A good leader has a vision. A vision that is focused on the betterment, success, and growth of its people and its country. They not only present their vision but also let you know how they are going to achieve it. The vision is crystal clear and is presented to its people wholly and solely.

A bad leader has no vision or a vague one. They lack to communicate their vision with their people and they don’t have any prior planning done on its execution. They misguide their people and confuse them with their vague speeches.

2) Honesty and Integrity

A good leader is honest and believes in integrity. He/she always tells the truth no matter how hard or bitter it is, this is because he/she knows that people are the assets of the country and move forward by keeping the integrity alive. They stick to their values, ethics, and beliefs and try to be an example for his/her people to follow.

A bad leader is dishonest, corrupt, and self-centered. He/she only thinks for themselves and their benefit. It doesn’t bother them if any decision made by them is against the country’s integrity. As long as their market image is going well, nothing else matters to them.

3) Confident and Clear

When they talk, they talk with confidence and speak the truth. They know what they are saying, they know its impact and its importance. Whenever they come in front of their masses, they are well prepared and well researched with the speech they are supposed to deliver. Each word has power and message in it. When they talk they deliver their message sound and clear leaving no ambiguities behind. They have logical answers to all the questions that are asked by the people or media. Because they are concerned and directly involved in solving whatever the problem is.

A bad leader lacks confidence when it comes to answering people’s questions. When they come on the stage to deliver their speech, they lack confidence and just read the speech written by someone else. They cannot answer the questions of people or the media because they don’t know the depth of the problem. All they know is that they are supposed to read this piece of paper in front of the people. They fail to deliver a clear and defined message. To understand their message people need to look into media briefings or the documents by themselves.

4 ) Inspiration for All

A good leader is one who leads, inspires, and made you follow him/her by setting an example. A good leader first performs by him/herself and then asks you to do the same. Their actions, way of talking, confidence, and conveying a message are the inspiration for all. When they talk people believe them and follow them. As John Quincy Adams quotes, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

A bad leader fails to lead, inspires, and forgets to set a good example. They lack to convince people by their words so they chose power over words. They become more of a dictator than a leader. People dislike them and want to get rid of them. They are self-centered and don’t care about what others think or say about them. As long as they get what they want, all is well for them. Such leaders destroy the well-being of their organization/ country.

5) They Have Amazing Communication Skills

When it comes to motivating they do it so well. A good leader is one who motivates and guides his people in times of crisis. Let’s take an example of COVID-19. Coronavirus is widely spread throughout the world and people were confused and fearful. All the leaders around the world were trying to calm down their people in their own ways. Some leaders are more into telling the dreadful reality of it to the people and imposing strict forced lockdown. Some are not only telling it a reality but also showing empathy as well.

The prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern beat the spread of the Coronavirus in her country by imposing strong leadership qualities and by skillfully communicating with the people.

A bad leader could not communicate well. Because they don’t know how they convince people through words, they don’t know the power of positive words so they chose to be forceful and authoritative there. They become dictators and don’t even let the people have their say.

6) Strong decision-making power

A good leader possesses strong decision-making abilities. No matter how hard the decision is, they talk about it in the interest of their people and their country/organization. They don’t get influenced by negative or false opinions. They don’t think of their image as well. If the decision is in the favor of its people and the country or organization’s interest then it will be taken no matter what. They are not afraid of taking risks. Even if their own well-being is in danger, it would affect their decision

A bad leader will always make decisions that are in his/her interest. They will never put anything else above their own well-being. Hundreds of examples show how countries/organizations suffer so badly just because of one wrong decision made by its corrupt leader. Blessed are those countries/organizations whose leaders are not corrupt.

7) Fair Accountability

A good leader is always ready to get accountable for what he/she has done. They are not afraid to be held accountable for what they have done and the same goes for others. When it’s time to hold others accountable for what they have done, they always demand a fair trial. They believe that if someone has done damage to the country/organization or the people, they must be put forward in court and be answerable. When justice prevails at the top management then its effect comes down to the common community as well. So, the leader needs to be accountable for themselves and the prevalence of accountability in his/her country/organization as well.

A bad leader would never go for accountability. They are so much corrupt that they would do everything in their power to ditch the process of accountability. To save their own asses they take help from other corrupt persons in power and then try to save them all as well. When they are so much corrupt themselves then how one can expect from them the prevalence of justice and accountability at a lower level?

8) Transparent Policies

A good leader always tries to prevail in transparency in policies and programs. A leader can win the trust of his people by being a transparent way of leadership. He/she openly shares all the information and makes every information accessible to all. The act of transparancy will buy the trust of people and then the people will support and encourage the leader’s vision as well. when A leader asks for the funds from his people for starting some program or for helping the people in a crisis like a flood then make all your policies transparent. He let people know from where the money will come, where it will be kept, and how it will be utilized. Not only just tell them verbally but also give access to the information that how much money is collected yet and how it is being distributed among the needy people.

A bad leader does not bother transparency. They don’t have any strong policies. Policies and programs have loopholes. If they ask people for money, people do not believe them and their programs and reject their proposal. Again, they are corrupt as well so how would they offer transparency to their people when they know that they will fail to deliver it?

9) Accepting The Failure

A good leader accepts failure and always learns from it. A leader is ready to make mistakes as he/she takes the risks for the development and growth of his country/organization. They never get angry or frustrated by their failures instead they learn from their mistakes and failures. They don’t go on blaming others for their failure, they know the importance of their time so they always try to grow and move on creating a positive atmosphere.

A bad leader never accepts his/her mistakes. They become angry and frustrated and put it all on their subordinates. They start to play the blame game and swipe out of the situation easily by blaming it all on their team.

10) Always Learning

A good leader believes in the fact that one should keep on learning no matter how big or successful one has become. They learn from their mistakes and learn from their team, They know that the process of learning is from cradle to grave.

A bad leader shows that he/she knows everything and no one can teach them anything as they believe they know everything already. They become offended if someone corrects them or tries to tell them something. They want everyone to work the way they want, no matter how old and outdated his/her method is.

11) Encouraging and Flexible

A good leader is always encouraging and flexible towards his/her team. If someone commits some mistake; a good leader will guide them and help them get out of the problem. He understands the problems and issues of his employees. He/she offers the best working environment and if someone has any personal issue then they understand and support them in this as well. A good leader knows that for his/her growth it’s very important for the team members to be happy and satisfied as well.

A bad leader does not understand the problems of his team members. And if someone commits a mistake he/she insults the employee. They just focus on being the leader without having any leadership crisis.

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Today we have discussed in detail what makes a good leader. We have learned not everyone can be a good leader. A leader is the one whom people follow by themselves, not by force. To be a leader you have to be a human first.