When To Say I Love You For The First Time

When you are in love. The first thing you want to do is to let the other person know about your feelings.

To know if you both feel the same way or not. Now the question that you need to consider before admitting your love to the one is “when to say I love you”.

This part is very important because this will decide your fate. If you have said I love you too soon, it would be a dangerous sign. And also if you will be so late in saying so, it is also not a good sign.

“When To Say I Love You”

All you have to do is to know the right time to say I love you. Because this is something you can never want to go wrong.

The feelings attached to saying these three words are pure and special. Everyone wants to make this moment just perfect.

So, today we will discuss “when to say I love you”

When You Have Been Looking Forward To Saying It For A Long Time

Yes. When you have waited for a good long time for admitting your love to your lover.

It doesn’t mean that you have waited like years but when you think that now you are certain about your feelings and to know that this is the one and only.

Even if you have waited for years to say this, still look for the right time and right way to say it.

How To Say It?

You can arrange a dinner for your lover where there is their favorite food, the décor is romantic. You can say it directly as I love you. Or you can say it through some poetry or anything you find romantic.

When You Refer You Both as ‘We’

When you are at that point in the relationship where when you talk about you both you refer as “we”.

The main part here is that the people you are talking to, about you two will know that what you exactly meant.

Or in other words, they will know that you are talking about yourself and your special one.

Some examples of “WE” could be: “we will come soon to visit you” or “don’t worry, we will take care of your baby cat.”

So, when you are ready to talk both you two proudly as we, then this is the time to say I love you.

Because this shows that your partner also has no issue with being called as we.

You both are ready to move ahead in the relationship so better take an initiative.

When You Think That This Is The Right Time

When you think that this is the right time. When you think that if you won’t say it now, it would be too late then.

Or when you know that you are ready and now your partner is also expecting it from you, as he/she is too shy to say it first, then say it.

How to know that your partner is expecting “I love you” from you?

  • He/she is hinting that they like you that way and want to spend their life with you.
  • They are spending more and more time with you.
  • They call you at night just to say good night. Or send you the text take care good night, every night.
  • They hug you more often.
  • They hold your hand more often.
  • There is a big smile on their face when they see you.

If any of these signs are visible then know that it is the time to admit that you love them.

The number of “Dates” Are More Than “Two”

It is very important to know that after how many dates you should say I love you.

Some people are stupid enough to say I love you at their first date and freak out the other person.

Always remember that if you are dating the person you already know i.e. they are your relatives, family friends, you are classmates or colleagues.

Then it is fine to confess your love at your official second or third date.

But do remember, only do it on the second date when you have the hint that another person is having the same feelings for you or at least he/she likes you a lot.

If you are meeting this person for the first time, i.e. you went to the blind date, your friend set you up, or he/she is your friend’s friend and you both have had a “hello, hi” scene before.

Then in these cases never say I love you on the first two dates. Even the third date is not the right option.

You need to build a strong understanding with each other and should know each other quite well, then take such a step.

Again you have to look into all the factors before confessing your love because obviously, you won’t like it if your other half freaks out or run away.

When You Have Discussed Your Future Plans

Unless or until you both have shared all about your goals, your life’s purpose, your likes, and dislikes, you’re planning regarding the future, and how you want to see it.

Never take the next step of saying I love you. You must have a clear understanding of what you both want from the future.

If you think that you both want the same things in the future, or you can see that your partner isn’t having any firm future goal that you think of as a threat to your relationship.

Then go for it. Say out the three words.

And if you think you both are having different life goals and perceives live differently than not only hold on to those three words but also hold on to your feelings as well.

It’s never the right decision to enter into someone’s life knowing that you both want different things in life.

And also knowing that molding or leaving those dreams behind is not the option for both of you. It is better to part ways before jumping into a serious relationship.

One won’t make such a mistake unless then both are deeply and madly in love with each other.

When You Think That You Are Going To Burst If You Won’t Say It Now

There comes a time in life where you are helpless before your own feelings, at that time it would be very difficult to stop you from admitting your feelings.

Even if I will ask you to stop, you won’t.

So, in this condition just remember and make sure these 2,3 things.

  1. You know that you are going to say I love you in any way, even if it wasn’t out of emotions and feelings.
  2. You want to confess your feelings to them regardless of what the reaction will be.
  3. You will not step back or feel guilty about this afterward.

If you are sure about these three points then go for it.

And best of luck.

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When You Both Have Introduced Each Other To Your Family

When you both have introduced each other to your families, not necessarily in a formal way but otherwise as well.

You both have met each other’s parents or siblings. They know about you two.

When a person introduces you to their family it means that he/she is ready for something serious.

Otherwise one would never make such a mistake.

But remember if you are an old friend that is familiar with your partner’s family then this is another case.

In this scenario, you would have to look for more hints from your partner.

Only meeting your partner’s parents won’t work. Maybe they are having you over just as a friend.

So be conscious and attentive.

When You Both Have Developed A Trust Factor

Trust is very important in any relationship and if the trust is missing, nothing can bind your relationship for you.

So, firstly try to develop a trust factor in the relationship. Also, look for the other elements like

  • You both care for each other
  • You both are there for each other in times of sadness or emotional breakdown.
  • You both are good friends.
  • He/she makes you happy whenever they are around.
  • He/she be on your side whenever you need them.

And many more.

If your heart says that he/she is the one. And you can trust them with your happiness, loyalty, and companionship, then go for it. Admit your love to them and say those magical words. That is. “I love you”.


Love is such a powerful and beautiful emotion. And it must be expressed at the right time and in the right way.

If you love someone and don’t know when to say to out. Read this article and get the ideas.

If you have other ideas as well, do share it with us. We will share those ideas with your name.

Share love and happiness as this is something that our relationships lack at times.

Have a lovely and beautiful day.


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