Why Am I Alive – Why Some People Fed Up With Life

Why am I alive? Do I have any purpose to live or am I just driven by a force? Am I supposed to achieve big and extraordinary in life or should a just go with the flow? Every person is alive for the purpose that he/she perceives. Some people live life to become famous and to stand out and others are ready to lead their life like every other common person. It is on your own self how you want to be remembered and to spend your life.

Hence the answer to ‘why am I alive’ is different for each and every person on earth. For some, it is derived from their religion and their religion teaches them to follow certain rules to live life and fulfill its purpose. For others, it is driven by their cultural and societal boundaries. But there is a whole other kind of people with an extraordinary mindset. Who doesn’t know any limits, who are always ready to face new challenges, who are always ready to give a hard time to live! For them, the purpose of being alive is to be remembered always.

It is not always easy to know the purpose of being born. You kept on living your life for 30 years and if someone asks you the purpose of your life, you would have no logical answer to this question.

why am i alive

Why Am I Alive

There are some of the quotes that are used by the persons who are looking for the reason why am I alive?

 “I am alive, I am here, and I am trying. That is enough.”

“I am still alive but I am barely breathing.”

“When I die, don’t come to my grave to tell me how much you miss me, because those are the words I want to hear while I am still alive.”

“Every step I take, I am alive, and I am life.”

“You may have broken me down, but there is more than enough love left in me, and someday, I will use it to make someone feel all the things your heart could not.”

“I am half alive but I feel mostly dead.”

“I hope I am always able to feel my wounds, what other reason would I have to be alive other than to feel?”

“If you love and care for me, tell me while I am alive. Don’t send me flowers and write a poem when I am dead.”

“Pain is the only thing that’s telling me I am still alive.”

“Today I woke up. I am alive. I am healthy. Can’t ask for more. Thank you.”

“I am alive because I am breathing. And I am breathing because God is great and merciful.”

“I Fall, I Rise, I make mistakes, I Live, I learn, I’ve been hurt, but I am Alive. I am human and I am not perfect but I am thankful…”

why am i alive

Why Am I Alive? What Some People Think

1- The Curiosity

The question that why am I alive is often asked out of curiosity. Why the universe came into being? What was the purpose behind human birth? Are there any dedicated and ascribed roles attached to human existence? What will happen after death? Etc. These are the questions that curious people ask and they also strive hard in the search for answers. Some people find their answers and get satisfied with them but some people keep on exploring till the very end.

2- Hopelessness

Another mantra behind why is I alive is out of hopelessness or being directionless. Some people try hard to achieve something in life but lose hope easily. These are the people who are searching for the reasons for existence but in the context of being hopeless. They believe that they were made purposeless, it doesn’t matter whether they live or die, and the world would remain the same. These people are the ones who are always complaining and aren’t putting in much effort. They lose hope sooner, they fear change, and do not accept failure easily. Upon failure, they stop trying. They need constant motivation and triggers. They are lazy and easily lose hope of a better future. Such people focus more on being judgmental, lazy, and fearful rather than taking challenges and working hard.

These people hardly achieve anything in life and end up staying useless for their whole life.

But there is a sub-category in this form. Those people who are just at the beginning of doing something big and new, also feel directionless. It takes some time for them to find their best-suited route and to work on it. The ones who are dreamers also find life difficult when they enter the real world of hardships and trials.

3- The Resentment

Another type of people that exist is the ones with resentment. When a person loses a dear one to break up or to death, they start questioning life. It is not easy to lose someone close to you. Especially when that dear one dies. The death of a close one is never easy to accept. Death comes with trauma, especially sudden death can take be very traumatic for the other family members. The ways of dealing with grief can be numerous. Some people accept reality and try to get along with it. But some people take it deep down and start questioning why haven’t they died with them or how are they still alive. It feels so difficult to face the reality that they wish to get vanished and away from the grief.

Although this feeling can be so deep and real as time passes this feeling also starts to fade away. As it is known that time heals the wound. The emptiness does stay with the person forever but somehow maybe they learn to live with it, or what else option do they have?

All these three types are the true depiction of what people feel and go through at the time when they are asking the very question of “why I am alive.”

4- Psychological Suffering

If you ever heard someone saying why am I alive or why am I ‘still/even’ alive. These are alarming phrases. The person saying these things can be depressed or can be having suicidal thoughts or can be feeling lonely. This person can be your family member, your friend, your colleague, or someone you barely know. As a person on the other side of the boat, you have some responsibility here. You can be a big help to them. You can console them, can show the meaning and worth of life, or can share a personal or someone’s experience of fighting out this situation. If you think you cannot help them directly, you can always tell someone close to them about your perception of their suffering.

You can save someone’s life, your words can give a new perspective and new motivation to live life. We as human beings can be the light or the utter darkness for someone. It is up to us which way we are going to walk.

why am i alive

Further Readings

5- Professional Help

Professional help can be extremely beneficial in such cases. If you know someone who is depressed or is having a difficult time coping with the pain or failure or any other thing in life. You can always motivate them to take professional help. We are lucky that we live in an era where mental illness is regarded as a real illness and people are ready to talk about it and to go for treatment. Be a ray of hope for your near and dear ones and take good care of them by supporting them especially if they want to seek professional help for mental illness.


We have discussed the different sides of this saying ‘why am I alive? These phrases are used in different situations and can mean a thousand meanings. It is up to you how you perceive it and deal with it. Take good care of yourself and the ones around you. Life is too short to be taken for granted.