Why Am I Still Single? 10 Reasons Behind It

Why am I still single? The one reason to ask this question is that when society keeps on poking its nose into your life and asks you about questions like. When will you get married? Is there is someone special or you are still single etc.

The other reason is that you are confused and asking yourself this very question. Because you are just not certain why every time you end up alone.

Why Am I Still Single?– Reasons Being Single

Today we will look into the reasons why you are still single and what can be done to get you mingled.

why am i still single

Still Looking For The Right Person

You have been into relationships before as well but it doesn’t work out. Either you break up with him/her or he/she break up with you. You are still waiting for someone who clicks with you instantly. Who are compatible with you. You believe and know that when they will come you will just know that your search is over.

Now how would you just know that?

You both will complement each other’s personality. Will understand each other’s feelings, emotions, and unsaid words. You both will feel comfortable sharing everything with each other. You take care of each other even when you are angry and upset with one another.

So, when you find someone like this do not let them go.

Not Ready To Be In A Relationship

There are two aspects to this point. Either you are not ready to be in a relationship or the one you love, is not ready to be in a commitment.

Talking about both of you altogether. There could be a number of reasons that you don’t want to make any commitment or your loved one is not ready to be in a relationship with you.

why am i still single

Those Reasons Could Be:

  • You are not settled right now.
  •  Want to focus on your career or studies.
  • Can’t take stand in front of your parent to be with you.
  • You are just not ready to be in a commitment.
  • You are scared to ask your lover that you want your relationship to move a step ahead.
  • Just looking for a time pass
  • You are a flirt
  • Not Mentally or emotionally ready to get married and take up all the responsibilities that come up with a commitment.
  • You like and enjoy being single.

All the above-mentioned points are for your loved one as well.

It is fine if you are not ready to be in a relationship and like being single. It is always better to stay single than to be in a relationship that you never wanted in the first place.

Live and let live.

Being In A Relationship Is Not Your Priority

“Why am I still single” it is also because you are just not ready to be mingled. You are focused on your career so much that everything seems secondary to you.

It is possible. There are a number of people who are not into a relationship because they are focusing on fulfilling their dreams. To do a dream job, to be a doctor or something that requires all your attention for the time being. Or you want to build your dream house and want to work your ass off to build one.

There could be a number of reasons that are your priority rather than being in a relationship. Only being focused on a career or job is because being in a relationship can be a distraction. Distraction from your dreams and a hurdle in its achievement.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t flirt or time pass. Some of these people take flirt and time pass as their weapon to enjoy and for pleasure.

These types of people are ready for a relationship once they have achieved what they were striving for.

There Isn’t Anyone Around You To Be In A Relationship

There are some people who are single not because they want to be but because there isn’t anyone around them to get mingled with.

They work in an office where there are only men (like in some factories, etc.) or women (like in some schools or institutes, etc.). And there is no one in their friend circle as well. So such people just go to their office, work, and get back home and sleep.

But remember there are always some options available.

How about trying online dating? It is very common in today’s world. Every other person is hitting on you online.

But be careful online dating is risky and dangerous as well. Because you don’t know if the other person is being honest with you about his/her details or is just fooling around.

So look for fraud while giving online dating a chance.

You Are Shy And Scared To Confess Your Love

Some people are single because they are so shy and scared to confess their feelings to their loved ones. They are scared of rejection. It feels more safe and secure to keep on loving silently and secretly rather than confessing it. Such people keep on watching and dreaming and someone else comes and takes away their loved one.

You need to take this risk of telling them about your feelings.

The following ways can be used to confess your love:

Say it indirectly. Through some forward message. So if it’s a no and they say you so then you can tell them that it was just a forward message or you sent it to them mistakenly.

Seek your friend’s help. Friends are the best source of conveying messages. You can ask them to convey your feelings to your loved one and take a hint of their feelings for you.

Or just say it directly by arranging a beautiful dinner date with them. It is a do or dies situation. But it’s better to say it rather than keeping it to yourself and feel bad about it for the rest of your life.

It’s always better to say it rather than thinking of “what if..”

Are You A Flirt?

Those who like to talk to more than one person at the same time and being flirty with all of them. Such people do not easily settle for only one.

This practice is very common in today’s world where every boy and girl is talking to more than one person at the same time for the sake of “time pass”.

They have been on so many dates that it doesn’t excite them anymore to do something extra or special for the other person.

Breakup is just a call away or a fight away.

If you want to be committed and be in a relationship than take a break from flirting. Decide upon you are looking for something more than a fling and then start looking for the right person. Don’t fell for every girl/boy that comes in your way. Being in a relationship requires passion, patience, and commitment.

You Are Waiting For Your Soulmate

It is believed that every person has a soulmate. We all are born in pairs. We are meant to meet our soulmate and fell in love with them. Some people keep on trying on the ones that come in their life’s journey and some people just wait for the right person to come in their life.

This could also be one of the reasons to be single for the time being.

You Learn From Other’s Life Experiences

You are conscious and know very well that what should be done and when it should to done. So You are an observer. You like to take an example from other people’s mistakes and life experiences. You look and follow what worked the best and worst in other’s stories while choosing the person you want to spend your life with.

This is good to take an example from other’s life experiences but always remember that every story has its own uniqueness.

You Have Had A Heartbreak In The Past

Heartbreak in the past can also be the reason why you are still single. Been in a very committed relationship and then a heartbreak can be very damaging for one’s personality. You develop trust issues, you don’t feel like getting involved again. The thought of love is disturbing and hurting for you. You still remember your ex. This can also be one of the reasons why you are still single.

A heartbreak can be effective for a person’s wellbeing and to get out of that dilemma and shock can take some time. So, its ok take your time before you again think of falling in love.

why am i still single

Better Be Single Than Be With The Wrong Person

Your philosophy is to be alone rather than being with the wrong person. Why to get through heartbreak when you already know that the person you are thinking to get involved with, is not right for you. There could be a number of reasons behind him/her not being the right person for you. Some of them are:

May be They have a history of breaking other’s hearts

They are from some other sect or religion and your family would never agree for you to marry him/her

He is going abroad for studies and you don’t know when he/she will return

They are not looking for a serious relationship.

And many more reasons. The point here is to know, predict the future, and step back before it’s too late.

You Are Single Because The World Is Cruel

You are single because the world is cruel. This phrase means that you are not rich or not pretty enough (according to society’s set standards), are too old or too fat. These all are the rubbish standards set by the society that ruins lives. People become complexed because they are not rich enough and today’s dating standard asks you to be rich. You are not pretty enough for someone to get attracted to you. You are old and have passed the age of dating.

These are merely just the cruel standards of society that are not easy to break. But it doesn’t mean that you are not going to find someone. These people are sometimes lucky enough to find their soulmate without falling in the prey of others.

Always know and remember that you are beautiful just the way you are. And if you ever want to work on your looks then do it for yourself or for the ones who truly love and respect you. Not because of society’s pressure or to fit into its standards.


“Why am I still single” we have concluded that most people are single because they want to be. Surely because of different reasons but mainly because this is how they want to be for that time being. It’s ok to be single but there is no harm in getting mingled “with the right person”.



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