my husband hates me

Why Does My husband hates me-11 Reasons

When someone says “My husband hates me” the pain and worry are quite visible in their eyes.

The relationship between a husband and wife so beautiful yet very unpredictable. You are all loving and caring at one minute and in the next minute, you are fighting with each other like anything. This relationship is built on love, care, understanding, respect, and compromise. And if any of these elements are missing from the relationship then the bond would start to weaken.

Possible Reasons Behind My Husband Hates Me

When a woman says that her husband hates her. She is probably saying this for the following reasons.

Communication gap is visible

Your husband is not very open to you about his feelings and thoughts. He doesn’t talk to you about his personal stuff.

Even sometimes he doesn’t ask for your opinion before making any important decision.

He never opens up to you. He mostly seems uninterested in your stories and even forgets about the stuff you told him.

Now if this happens quite a lot and the reason behind this behavior is not his tensed busy office routine then it could be a sign that something is wrong and needs to be sorted out.

Although some men are not much talkative and do not like others to interfere in their personal matters even if it is his wife.

They behave the same way with everyone else as well then they are like this by nature.

If they show their love and affection by non-verbal gestures to you then this is not hating or anything to be worried about. They are just like that accept them as it is.

my husband hates me

All you both do is “fight”

You both are fighting almost all the time. You both barely decently talk to each other.

Whether it is about something as tiny as leaving the room’s light on. Or as big as anything you can imagine, he never misses any chance to fight it away.

Even when you are in a good mood or have made him dinner and wait for him for dinner.

He doesn’t react happily and surprised. It doesn’t bother him whatever you do for him to make him happy. He is always fighting and complaining.

If his behavior is like this with everyone else in the home as well then he is like that by nature, it has nothing to do with you.

He needs to seek anger management therapy and counseling or needs to work on his behavior by himself.

If this is how he behaves only with you then this is worrying and you must try your best to sort out the reasons behind this.

Being in such a torturing relationship can be harmful to your wellbeing as well.

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He makes no effort in holding up the marriage

Your husband doesn’t make any effort in making the marriage a success. Now it doesn’t matter to him if you are there in the home or not.

It doesn’t bother him when you are crying or hurt (as he used to care about you before).

He won’t apologize, won’t help you in any of home chores when guests visit, he is careless and unworried about the serious matters related to your married and family life.

If his behavior is like this for the past couple of months and before that it was fine then there is something wrong that needs to be corrected.

If he is like this from the first day of marriage and is careless like this in his life as well then it has nothing to do with you.

His brought up has been done this way which he is going to pay for one day or another.

If you think that your talks or your opinions matter to him then you can make an effort to make him responsible and sensible.

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The intimacy is missing from your married life

Initially, when you got married he was so much in love with you but now you two hardly get intimate and that spark is missing from your married life.

You don’t remember the last time you spend the romantic and intimate night. The feelings and passion are missing from your married life.

It could be because he is busy in the office work that the tension isn’t allowing him to focus on his personal life or has some other problem like sickness or burden.

But if the above-mentioned reasons are not the main cause then maybe you are not making any efforts to attract him.

Men need attraction, they like their wives to get ready for them, to look pretty for them.

Most women stop taking care of themselves once they are married they get busy their home and children that they stop looking up for themselves. Which in result affects your intimate relationship with your husband.

If neither of the above-mentioned reasons is the main causing factor then probably your man is not interested in you anymore and this is a thing you need to be worried about.

He gets annoyed from you

If your husband is behaving annoyed and gets irritated when you talk to him then this could be a notable situation. When you talk to him, when you try to get close to him or even when you both are in the same room, his mood gets bad and he feels annoyed.

He ignores you and tries to sneak out of the room as soon as you enter the room.

If it is happening and this wasn’t the case before then it could be a suspected circumstance.

Maybe you talk too much, or you argue and taunts him a lot. You are always complaining or always demanding. These things make a man irritated and annoyed by you and they try to stay away from you or talk less so to avoid that unwanted drama.

If the above-mentioned reasons have nothing to do with the annoying behavior then something is wrong. Maybe he is tensed/has workload or he is avoiding you on purpose.

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Husband is abusive and violent

He is mostly angry and gets abusive on little things. So he is often violent as well at times.

He is emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive. He blames you and doesn’t trust you.

If he is doing all this and then afterward apologize to you but kept on repeating such routine then it’s better to leave him and let him be by himself because in this case your life and wellbeing are in danger.

He is cheating on you

The first and foremost doubt that a wife gets in her mind after observing her husband’s changed behavior is “cheating”.

She thinks that he is cheating on her, he wants to leave her, etc.

When a man is cheating on you he behaves in two ways:

First, he starts to ignore you, gets irritated by you, intimacy vanish from the relationship, fights with you, ignore talking to you.

This is when he wants to leave you.

Second, he gets extra conscious and starts to give you more attention, ignore having a fight with you, bring flowers for you, laugh more with you. This he does when he doesn’t want you to know about his extramarital affair. He doesn’t want to leave you.

Now the signs that he is cheating on you

  • keeps his mobile with him all the time and if you take his mobile he becomes alert and tries to get it back as soon as possible.
  • He is on phone more than he used to be in the past whether calling or texting.
  • leaves the room when his phone rings.
  • smiles while texting or looking at the mobile screen while using the mobile.
  • comes late at home and tells you that he has extra work at the office takes extra care of his looks and appearance.
  • tries to ask about your weekend plans beforehand. And often asks you to change them as you have plans with friends or have some important office work to do (in the office)
  • He encourages you to visit your mother’s or sister’s place and allows you to stay there as well.

These are some of the signs that he is cheating you. If you have more suspicious signs to share do let us all know.

Now you have to be extra alert while observing such changes in his behavior and his routine.

my husband hates me

My husband hates me after children

My husband hates me after children or my husband doesn’t love me anymore. These phrases are commonly heard from their wives after giving birth to children.

The following are the reasons why husbands hate you or don’t love you the same way as before:

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression makes a woman emotionally and mentally disturbed.

The changes in our hormones and chemical changes make us extra emotional and sensitive.

And women start to think as their husbands don’t or won’t love them the same way as before. This is temporary but it does feel like that.

Addition of a baby

Before the birth of the baby, you both were all for each other but after the birth of the baby, it’s all about him/her.

The routine changes and priorities change. The sleep time of the baby is odd. You just don’t get time for each other anymore and initially it’s difficult to digest.

Attention diversion

The whole attention of a mother is onto her baby. She is with the baby all the time.

She cuddles with him/her. Her whole life starts to surround the baby. She unconsciously starts to ignore her husband and which in the end she thinks as he doesn’t love her anymore.

Bodily changes

It is true that after delivery your body goes through some changes and pregnancy fat takes time to shed off. In this period the attraction of husband can be affected.

Whether or not he shows it to you but deep down you both know that this change is not desirable.

Some women take this on the heart and start to feel that their husband would start to hate them now. Mostly it’s just in women’s mind, not the real case.

All the above-mentioned points show that it’s not what husbands opt to do that is “hate” but it is the wives who make them hate.

By Wife negligence, her ignorance, by diverting her attention from the husband. The husband starts to hate you because you don’t love him the same way anymore and it affects them.


The relationship between husband and wife is very pure and unique. Always try to keep it natural and beautiful. Try to ignore the small mistakes of each other and try new things together. Enjoy each phase of life with each other by holding hands and binding hearts.

Love and peace to you all!


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